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Six Flags Magic Mountain Tatsu Flying Coaster

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Hey, who cares about the new coaster, Thrill Shot is up and running again! Saturday was the first day it was open in the last 4 months or so, I decided after it was running all day with guests, that it'd probably be okay for me to hit it.......it was great. Nothing of the ride quality has changed, I was just a bit thrown off because it's been so long since I was on it. Maybe next week I'll do an onride video of it, my camera's batteries dumped after doing an onride Dive Devil one so I couldn't.

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Try Bungie Jumping or Sky Diving.


Sky diving especially feels like your flying. You don't even feel like your droping at several hundred feet per minute. It just feels like your floating. It's awesome!


Bungie Jumping on the other hand feels like a controlled fall. From a real high tower. It's bueno cool as well.


Guy "anything for a shot of adrenaline" Koepp

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I like Colosus. We go way back. It was my first ride over 100' tall. I still ride it with a twinkie in my eye. (I actualy jam a twinkie in my eye because I tried eating one on it once and actually jammed it into my eye.)


Sorry, I meant twinkle. I can't wait to take Jarett on it. He's only 4.5 inches away from his first trip.


Now if I could somehow get them to remove those GD MCBR's. That double down was awesome. A huge pop of air on the 2nd down.


Ahhh, good times. Good times.


Guy "Travelin' down mammory lane... I say Mammory because riding Colosus was like gently resting my head upon an ample... Sorry, I drifted off there for a sec." Koepp

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I'm looking forward to this flyer, partly because I've never ridden one and partly because ours will be different from all others. Better? I can't say, but I think it'll be fun.


I should have gone up to Samurai Summit last Saturday to check out construction and stuff, but Diana and I just didn't feel like it.



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We're getting a new ride? Cool! Anybody have any idea what it might be? I hope it's a CCI woodie up in Rapids camp. MM realy needs a Great wooden coaster. Especially since Knott's put one in last year. Ghost something or other?


In other great news, Alana is pregnant and is Due in June. If it's a boy, we'll name him Jarett Wolf. If it's a girl, then January Rose.


Guy "Proud papa!" Koepp


Oh... wait... Sorry, I meant to post this 6 years ago. Oh S***! My kids have been in day care for 5 years! I guess I better go pick them up.


Guy "Lost in 1999." Koepp

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