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Six Flags America (SFA) Discussion Thread

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Went to the park today and it was rather dead. Longest wait was about 5 minutes for Batwing. Everything else (including Superman and Apocalypse) were a walk on. I did notice that only the wooden coasters had their second train on their transfers. Mind Eraser's second train was in pieces under the station and Batwing's second (or third) train was in pieces in a picnic pavilion with people working on it. Superman did not even have the blue train on the transfer, it was just gone. They were not needed but its kinda weird that the woodies had their trains ready but none of the steel ones had theirs ready. Maybe its because PTC services the wooden ones.


Other comments were that in the morning Joker seemed like it was running very fast but by the afternoon it had been slowed down to its normal speed. Roar was brutal in the seat I was in but my friends in another seat said it was running better then usual. Mind Eraser was also brutal but what else is new. The rest of the coasters were all running well. Superman and Wild One were running surprising well for the cold weather. At first I was worried they wouldn't open Superman or Batwing because of the wind but they opened Superman by 11 and Batwing by 11:30 (Then it promptly broke down for 15 minutes but its Batwing so that's expected) I think I finally realize why I prefer the Vekoma Stingrays to the Superman Ultimate Flight models, they are so intense. Its a shame that they had to be so unreliable because they are just better. Finally I rode Apocalypse for the first time. That was seriously a one and done, it wasn't as bad as Mind Eraser but it wasn't much better. Themeing was decent though.


Overall the park does look nicer then last year and the staff were being friendly and efficient. The minimal wait times also made it an awesome day and probably the best day I have had at SFA in a while.

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It's about time... brings tears to thine eyes LOL. Never thought I'd see the day Now just needs them to put the new generation flying trains on this ride (the ones seen on Stingray at Suzhou Giant Wheel park) and new trains on Superman. Some new trains on Mind Eraser (Either the new Generation Vekoma SLC trains like at Morey's or the new Kumbak ones at Movie World Australia) and lastly new vest-like restraints for Apocalypse (like a new style hybrid cross between the system used on B&M flyers and wing coasters)

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