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PTR: Hector's 2008 adventures!

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I have a lot of fun things planned for the next few weeks so why not do PTR for all of them since I love taking pictures and showing them off (mucho praise please lol) Anyway, To start it off was a trip down to Sea World San Diego to get my Platinum Pass.


The last time I went to Sea World was before Wild Arctic opened, so I had a lot of fun new things to epxolre and remember. the pictures really speak for them selves so I'll just get to the 108 I'm posting. As always I hate using flash on a camera, as it washes out a lot of color, and I don't have a tripod, nor want to carry one, so some of the darker pictures are a little blurry and I apologize.


ooo what's in there?


bear in a bucket


Three of them in this pic


Beluga Whales! Not Shamu but still awesomely large.


Right hand blue!


Lafet foot red!


Right foot blue.


Next up was, also new to me, Wild Arctic!


not too bad, we sat in the back and didn't get too wet.


Tee hee


The dolphin wants a kiss. awwwwww




Our chariots await.


left foot blue


It's kinda like DDR, or Twister


The underwhelming station which can load three boats at a time.


*insert another "busy park" joke here*


Reverse 69? You're doing it wrong.


*insert busy day joke here*


cool little waterfall that went right into a vent in the ground


Enough pictures, let's ride!


*Splash* *Littel kid runs away before she can get wet* lol


*Spalsh* *little kids run away before they can get wet*


Dolphins pretending to be Shamu!


Atlantian symbol?


Can you spot the speaker in this picture? It had semi-decent theming for having to deal with Donna Fry


"How wet will I get?"


not the best ride ever, and I couldn't undertsand one word that was said before or in the elevator, but it was definitely still a fun ride.


ooo it almost looks like a complete building from here.




the Observation tower, Didn't go on it this time around as the friend I was with didn't want to pay $3 for oneride. And it was such a beautiful day we decided to go cool off over at Journey to Atlantis.


Otter-ball awwwww.


I want one for my pool.


Quick stop to the outside kiosks to get my pass "processed" and it's off to the Sea Otters!


Random Bridge for those bridge enthusiasts. I have no idea about it, but is pretty.


After about two hours of sleep, it was off to San Diego! For those of you who live in Southern California and had to deal with the construction of the 91/215/60 overpasses they're finally OPEN!

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WHhat are you looking at?


Dave Thomas is practicing with ducks on this poor unsuspecting Flamingo for his world takeover


If I could do that I would never leave the house


Pink Flamingos (highly disturbing movie...)


Clyde and Sam show up late.


The pre-show Mime


Clyde and Seymour's set for their show "risky Rescue"


This one looked dead.


This guy got up but the one in the bak was all "F' it"


These guys would rather nap


Feeding time for the Sea Lions and Seals


I dubbed this "too much f***ing chocolate"


I dubbed these "Corkscrew flowers"


more pretty!


ooo pretty!


Hello San Diego!


It's much easy to tell in Humans. most of the time...


People feeding tube for the Sharks




I "count" one penguin in this picture ;)


If i knew these guyswere outside i wouldn't have spent so much time trying to get that many pictures inside, it really stunk in there.


I'll be there next week!!


You are here


HR Puffin stuff


Happy 25th anniversary Penguin Encounter!


It's kinda like Happy Feet


Hi Jahan!


Bears always seem to be attracted to me.


The Beluga's from below the water level


Those don't look like Polar bears to me...




what are these?


Left hand Polar bear?


"Heading South" is that like going down?


The walruses from below the water level



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Last of the pictures for Sea World San Diego.



Park-wise, the next two weeks have me visiting Disneyland, Sea World Orlando, Busch Gardens (Africa/ Tampa Bay/ Dark Continent), Walt Disney World and Six Flags Magic Mountain for West Coast Bash . It's my first visit to those three Florida parks so expect literally hundreds of pics in the next few weeks!


Shamu Rocks is definitely a must see show if you happen to be at Sea World.


The Show's finale with two of the Orca's back flipping out of the water


I really liked the show and would to see it again!


I'm pretty sure this was during "Let's Get Loud" by Jennifer Lopez


The screens also spun.


I was definitely more mesmerized by the screens then the Whales, but both definitely got their dues in this show.


The show was really fun! Basically it was the Whales performing their "behaviors" set to music from around the world. VERY colorful and none of the sappiness that is sure to come from the daytimeshow "Believe".


The big screen is actually made up of four different high def monitors that could move around independently


The amazing screens and yet anothe rof the orca's swimming aorund


We then went in to find our seats at about 6:30. the Soak Zone was pretty empty lol You can see someof the Orca's in the bottom right of the tank.


Patrick aso had a dipped chocolate chip cookie


The best pic of Ulises I got


My friend patrick was hungry so after that chocolate thing he had earlier, he then had a choclate eclair while taking a look at Ulises, one of the Orca's, in the tank behind the stadium.


It's finally dark outside YAY!


Free beer! of course it was a busch product so *blech*


We went back to JtA to kill some time until Shamu Rocks and I got a bit more wet then last time.


Dolphin show set called "Discovery Cove"


Silly Rainbow Fish they were all. "if we don't move he might not see us."


Lick Me


I'm telling you, the lack of landscaping really hurts the park.


Fake Palm Trees


Haven't ridden it yet as it was way too cold, but I got my pass and it will warm up.


Th epiano has the runs as it kept squirting people. You can also see the turtle tank right next to the ride just to the right of center of the picture


They have the Sea Turtles in two tanks that the ride runs right through


Shipwreck rapids has these really really good water canons (the kind bystanders pay $25 to blow a load in your face) so it was a definite skip this time around


OOO make me the sydney opera house!


"Screw them come hang out with us, we don't bite."


jooooiiiinnn uuusssssss


I sssseeeee yoooouuuu


I can not help but think of the Little Mermaid


instead they look like this *blech*


I wish eels really were that cute


My name's not Steve, please don't kill me


Eel on Eel action!


My biggest complaint for the park was the lack of landscaping. I'm so disapointed with the park (yes, that was sarcasm)


This guy totally posed all nonchalant for me

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Sweet stuff. As far as the Sea World's go, I think San Diego's is the most laid back, but it also really fits the lifestyle for the area. Nice to finally see the inside of the Arctic exhibit, as every time I've been there it's been in rehab. And hooray for free (crappy) beer!


Can't wait to see your Florida TR!

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$25 dollars? I've heard of parks overpricing, but this is insane!


Anyways, I love these pictures. The captions are quirky. And the line for JTA is a little vague, as if Cedar Fair designed it (insert switchback joke here). I guess it's true that Florida does it better...

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Help! All of Hector's pictures are crashing my virtual memory!


The dolphins at Journey to Atlantis look like they're living in a supervillain's secret base from an old James Bond movie.


"Do you expect me to talk, Flipper?"


"No, Mr. Bond--I expect you to die!"

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Dave Thomas is practicing with ducks on this poor unsuspecting Flamingo for his world takeover


I've moved on to cats with laser cannons in my quest for world improvement, given that ducks are just not all that threatening.


Awesome photos. I haven't been to the San Diego Sea World in a very long time. Looks a lot different from when I last visited.



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Thanks for the kind words everyone! I'm really excited for the rest of the stuff I have planned.


Sweet stuff. As far as the Sea World's go, I think San Diego's is the most laid back, but it also really fits the lifestyle for the area. Nice to finally see the inside of the Arctic exhibit, as every time I've been there it's been in rehab. And hooray for free (crappy) beer!


Can't wait to see your Florida TR!

I definitely got that vibe from the place. I'm excited to see the difference between here and Florida (same as with the Disney parks!) and it was my first time in the arctic exhibit so I had no idea what to expect really, I think they did a good job giving the animals a place to live (you know, for not being in the wild anymore)



$25 dollars? I've heard of parks overpricing, but this is insane!


Anyways, I love these pictures. The captions are quirky. And the line for JTA is a little vague, as if Cedar Fair designed it (insert switchback joke here). I guess it's true that Florida does it better...

Oops, missed a decimal, and most of these captions just seemed to write themselves when i was taking the pictures lol!


The dolphins at Journey to Atlantis look like they're living in a supervillain's secret base from an old James Bond movie.

I loved the Commerson's Dolphin, they are one the smallest dolphins so I eventually plan to steal one of these and a sea otter for my pool.


I've moved on to cats with laser cannons in my quest for world improvement, given that ducks are just not all that threatening.

Hmmm those ducks have seem to gone rogue then. better warn those cats of yours.


Much love goes to you for the bridge p0rn.

I knew there was at least one person who would like that.


Seaworld is pretty awesome, glad you had a good time. Good choice not to ride Shipwreck Rapids, that thing gets you absolutley DRENCHED!



yeah, we walked over to that area and saw all the soaked people and decided against it. I figure my friend and I both got our passes so when it warms up we could go back to ride if we really needed to ride it.

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I'm glad you had an awesome time at Sea World! I cant complain too much from my last experience of the park, which entailed a quick drive around the parking lot once discovering JTA was closed!



I shake my fist at your penguin picture, but there were some great shots! When you "count" past the one penguin, a lot more in that photo begins to unfold! On the bright side--it wasn't a fire alarm.





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So As I'm packing to head off to Florida (SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!) I decided to put up some of my pics I took while at Disneyland yesterday (and some fillers from previous trips lol I didn't take nearly as many as I should have!). The goal of the trip was just to ride the favorites and to compare my favorites from Disneyland to their counterparts found at Walt Disney World, cause I'm definitely a dork like that. I'm also the kind of Disney Dork that is much more into the "behind the scenes" stuff of How they did that more then the "magic" of the place, so I'm looking for differences in lighting, efects, general silliness, and where that little extra it of pixie dust landed. (was that corny enough, can you pay me my $50 now Disney?)



Anyway, I leave for Florida in a few hours so this will be it for a quite a few days as I don't have a lovely little laptop to take around with me (yet). Hope you enjoy and I'll see some of you at WCB!!


Goodnight dead body hiding under Tower of Terror's stairs freaking me out everytme I walk by you.


Goodbye tiny Castle


Bye Adventureland


There are actual boobies in that mural (not pictured)


Time to leave, but not before one last ride on Indy!


Since Fantasmic wasn't playing, you could take night rides on the Mark Twain


It seemed really dark in the park. (look at me, I'm a regular Dr. Suess)


Haunted Mansion looks so plain without all the hallow-ristmas decorations


Fun with photoshop


and of course the night shots!


I sat behind the hot teacher/ advisor


Get soaked on Splash Mountain!


That msut mean one thing, and one thing only...


oooo the lights came on


Back to DL


Trash talking


Dumpster: The Ride!


I'm thrown for a loop *rimjob*...er....*rimshot*




POV and Construction shot all in one, damn I'm good.


Building the permanent Churro carts


Yes, I admit it, I watched the little High School Musical 2 parade like show single float thingie they had. mostly cause they cast hot guys for their singers (hey guy on the left) and I like the music.


Indiana Jones is by far my favorite ride in existence!


This is also an acceptable wait time


Dream Suite my butt.


It was a gorgeous day out! A welcome change from the stormy weather that past week


I count three attractions in a row from here, will it be the same at WDW?


I have to smell better then that guy in the middle


I took a shower why won't anyone ride with me?


This is an acceptable wait time for Space Mountain


YAY the castle didn't blow away with the last storm


This is one of my favorite pictures, EVAR!


The drive down to my friend's was beautiful!

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^ Funny enough Patrick did mention you would be the only one actually registered to know him when I told him I was putting his picture on the internet lol.



^^ I'm pretty sure it's under Bravo's exit Stairs (the middle shaft) it's actually really hard to see unless you have some sort of light source (such as a really bright flash and people to scare when it goes off lol) to shine on it. It's half hiding behind some boxes so be on the look out.


Thanks for the kind words! Like I said, I really liked how these shots came out. I'll be back sometime after WCB to finish off this part of the year.

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"Dumpster: The Ride" sums up Mulholland Madness perfectly. The only real bummerabout Fantasmic is that you can't ride the river after dark (which is the best time to do it).


Did you check out the Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer's (sort of) Island?

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I'M ALIVE! But sadly now my vacation is over That does mean I get to edit all my pictures down and post them (including a few videos) Stay tuned cause I'm lazy and have to start back at work tomorrow lol.

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Awww... Hector is looking all cute after getting wet. I don't know if cuter than the Polar Bears getting all wet... but close! Just joking.


I actually had some family that lived in Oceanside CA which I think isn't far from San Diego... We visited some and I LOVED it.... I just couldn't imaging the weather being too cold... maybe too cold for water rides though!


Nice TR Hector! :0)

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