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She is an exception.


Most cool, good looking girls (which is all I seem to be able to get, it actually sucks because I always get bored after a while) don't think much of that stuff, I wouldn't even mention coasters, luckily I have plenty of other things to talk about.

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I attribute my lack of humility to too much testosterone from a weekend of hard training.


Park trips wrote:


I hear discussing the hottest girl in the world works well


Yeah it works awesome if you like being single, if I talked trash like that in mixed company, I'd get killed and deservedly so.


Seriously, girls like all this stuff, but there's usually one that makes them go all gooey more than the others, you must find that one thing:

*compliments - try and be subtle, clever if possible.

*do stuff for them (aka spade work)

*quality time ie pay attention

*gifts (stay away from ones who especially like this)

* touchy, not touchy gropey.

* all girls hate coaster geeks except girls who are coaster geeks


Girls often can't tell cockiness from confidence, but confidence is better. Be generative, take the lead, and whatever you do, don't mention TPR.

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As someone who recently ended a long-term relationship, this thread really jumped out at me. After nearly two years, I had forgotten just how rough it is out there....


I'm trying the online personals right now for the first time in a few years. I'll give you the Reader's Digest version of my typical experience (the full scenario usually takes about a week):


HER: I love your profile! It's so creative!

ME: Thanks.

HER: I love that you travel! You're so interesting!

ME: Thanks.

HER: I love talking to you! You're so funny!

ME: Thanks.

HER: Can I see a picture?

ME: Sure.

ME: Hello? Still there? Hello?


I think I'm going to take the advice a "friend" from college gave me one time and just hold out for a nice blind woman.

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* all girls hate coaster geeks except girls who are coaster geeks


The quote above is so true. This is me and my girlfriend of almost 4 years Kelly. She ended up being a bit of a converted theme park nerd you could say. Before she met me she loved parks, but only visited like normal people would. She actually helped balance out my coaster dorkyness so I don't embarrass myself (well...mostly her) too much.

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There's a really cool cos-play gal who's going to Dragon Con with us in September, who I found out tonight also likes taking pictures at theme parks, LOVES Disney, and has motion sick trouble. Equally scary is that she's also an eccentric creative sort, catholic, and an aquarius. She's 12 years younger, but very cool and she is pretty.


While I'm attracted to her, I'm also well spoken for and currently trying to mend things with my girlfriend who really is trying to better herself and get her life in order.


Ultimately, fate will decide here, otherwise I'm old enough to know where the moral lines are and aware enough not to cross them.


Besides, I'm a complicated soul, so you can imagine what kind of charactor the other person needs to be to put up with me. I've a good heart though.


I have absolutely no idea why I'm even airing these private thoughts in such a public place. It is therepudic though.


Perhaps it's best to keep bettering my self and trust that the universe will unfold as it should. If my current girlfriend and I are meant to be, we shall be. If not, then I must flow with the ocean.

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I should get on topic, my other half has no interest in coasters which I don't mind. I've been a bit on again, off again with her.


She gets really pissed off if I even talk to another girl and she is a cry baby (and she knows that totally plays to my sympathies). Her mum died while I was on the tpr midwest trip last year, and it's going to take a long time for her to get over that obviously.


Haven't worked out whether it's love or just lust yet (my bet is on lust, as usual), that's taken up to 2 years to figure out in the past.


My best advice is learn from your mistakes and your friends mistakes. The thought settling down is of no interest to me.

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I Girls often can't tell cockiness from confidence, but confidence is better. Be generative, take the lead, and whatever you do, don't mention TPR.


This is incredible insight.


My wife can spot cockiness a few dozen miles away. I assure you confidence can be detected over those who are cocky.

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^ Not always. The girl I'm "with" loves roller coasters.


Why the quotes around "with"?


Its b/c they have one of those relationships where he only sees her through binoculars across the street, follows her w/out her knowing, and she has a restraining order on him.




Here’s a tip, basically all you need to do to "catch" a woman is just listen, have a genuine interest in what she is saying, and show some manners. If you are not interested in what she has to say, dont pretend. The money thing is a misconception for most women. If you meet one that is more interested in your money then you, you don’t want to know her.


Good Luck

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^ LOL!


Don't bitch and moan about the prices of popcorn at the movies on your first date. I'm a concessions supervisor for a movie theater and I see it way too often. Not only annoying for the date, but also for me...

Better yet, don't buy popcorn at all. Nobody likes the taste of kissing someone with salty popcorn breath.

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mcjaco wrote:


This is incredible insight


I said often not always.


I think too many guys think the guy/girl thing is the be all and end all (and base all their esteem around it), and get crushed when they strike out - better to consider it a bonus.


I also think too many people think self esteem is about thinking you are better than others rather than self acceptance - make the most of what you've got. If you're an obese ACE'r - quit ACE, get on the treadmill, and learn how to be a human being, it won't happen overnight but it will happen - it just takes a little heart.

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