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Well I thought I would get a quick post up before I head off to Orlando for the IAAPA convention. Look for coverage of the show here in my thread next week.


With the announcement of the new trains from Gravity Group I thought it would be fun to take a look back at this old PTC catalog. This is short and sweet but it pretty much covers all their products: Trains, Brakes & Gates.


See ya all next week!








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IAAPA Re-Cap: Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc.


Well I am back from spending last week in Orlando at the IAAPA convention. Along the way I took lots of pictures and most importantly picked up product portfolios from several of the major manufacturers in the industry.


I know this update strays a little from the "Retro Formula" that Shane's Amusement Attic is known for and I hope my thread doesn't "jump the shark" with this week long look at what the industry has to offer now.


There is some good stuff from companies like: Intamin, Great Coasters International, Huss and more...Lets start, since we finished off with PTC.









PTC product catalog 2008

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Loved the Kennywood pics, Shane, especially that sweet Jack Rabbit shot.


And in the Bonus Material #1 -- at 3:21 -- there's a quick glimpse of the Thunderbolt's now-removed speed bump on the inner leg of the newer section. Today, this area is relatively flat like the outer leg. Though I didn't ride TBolt until 1980, I've heard from those that experienced it in the first season (1968) that this hill was quite turbulent and pushed the lateral Gs to the edge of what the rolling stock and riders could endure.


Does anyone know if the current mid-course trim brake (that occurs just before the third drop into the ravine) was the same length as it is today, or did the removal of this speed bump allow the entrance to the brake to be extended?


Here's a pic of the hill that was removed not long after the TBolt opened. The alteration was mentioned in one of the KDKA segments.




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I would like to see a Huss Delirium constructed. I finally realized that it's like 3 Frisbees with water.


Also, what happened to the new style of PTC trains that were possibly going on the Ravine Flyer but did not to make sure it hit deadline? I believe they were tailored, 1 row per car and longer like Millennium Flyers.

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I believe it got postponed to 2009. When TPR was at Bobbejaanland, I looked over/through the construction fence, and they were still in the foundation stages of construction.


That is correct. Opening is now scheduled for April 4, 2009, which is also opening day for the 2009 season.

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What exactly does the Delirium ride do?


I would love to see more Giant Topspins and Jump 2's built. The Crypt is an incredibly thrilling ride, and Sledgehammer (while not as thrilling as it looks) is fun, too!


I think both would be very easy to market... What are HUSS' prices like?

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Land of Giants would be awesome for Magic Moutain! Remember that great Huss Flat Ride themed section of Heide Park? I guess that is the same idea just made up of Huss's small flats.


IMO thats better than the Land Of The Giants. It's too bad HUSS stopped making alot of their "older" rides. They were the best.

I can't imagine how much that Land Of The Giant's package as a whole would cost. HUSS rides are expensive, and if I remember correctly, they are a pain in terms of maintance and reliability.

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Huss is one of my personal favorites! Growing up, it just seemed coincidental that most of my favorite flats were Huss rides, my all-time favorite being Rainbow.


I wouldn't get too excited about Delirium. It's geared as a family ride, and I personally think it too elaborate mechanically for a family flat to ever be sold.

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My favorites growing up were the Troika (triple play at Marriott's Great America) and the Swing-a-Round (Big Top at Marriott's Great America) But as far as the Enterprise goes, I think the Schwarzkopf model is much better than the Huss model!

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IAAPA Re-Cap: S & S Power


Always innovative and cutting edge is S&S Power. I am really intrigued with some of their new concepts. I wonder if they will ever be able to scale down the 4D concept so more parks could afford them. Get to work on that Stan!



looks like a kiddie screaming swing



the Free Fly Coaster. This concept looks ver interesting. Hope it works out, I would love to see the suspended coaster revitalized



This ride looks really fun to me. To those who have ridden it...how is it?






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