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Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

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It's nice that they're building a new ride, and it's all well and good to make the name of the ride be a different language, but reading that name, all I(a person who doesn't know Latin) can imagine is a bunch of fat guys spontaneously combusting... Either way, I'm sure the ride should be good.

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^ I haven't been since '08 and I never got the SLC credit. They've rearranged a lot of things between '08 and now, so I don't know about space issues. They do have PPR and the POP was pretty expensive from what I remember.


Pay Per Ride is very expensive, at something around $0.70 - $0.85 a ticket and the major coasters are 8 tickets each. The Pay One Price was $45 last year but I always go on a Tuesday for their special, they have Pay One Price Wristbands for $19 or $20 each the catch is they expire at 6 pm.

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So I'm guessing it would be a flat then?


It could be, but in '08 there was a fire, damaging a moderate sized portion of that pier. They did replace the damaged bumper cars with the bumper cars from a different pier, but there was also some extra room and a smaller kiddie flume that I don't believe was replaced. It could very well be a dark ride. It could even be a family coaster if they got rid of the crappy Zyklon with OTSRs.

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The attraction's blog, http://5292010.com/blog/, was updated on January 28th. Here's the post:


So i haven’t been to the construction site in awhile and much to my surprise there was a big development, a large section of deck was torn out, The workers are working on what appears to be replacing the deck, but there was something more interesting that I noticed…


Survey marks have been painted on the deck outside the golf course, they are near the Go Cart stairs. What appears to be a 40-45 foot radius marked out in spray paint, is this part of the new attraction or something un-related. The more intesting thing is that the circle encompasses the stairs for the Go Carts and there is some writing that is difficult to read but appears to say ride 35 fence 45…..hmmmm


Here's a picture of the writing on the deck:




You can also get a closer view on the pictures from the link. Here are 4 of the pictures, not including the one on the link posted above (You have to see a larger version to see the writing):


Notice the pirate props in the background




The rest of the pictures

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Beware of Arrows on the Boardwalks! They never lead to anything good!

Honestly the piers don't have a lot of room so my bet would be some kind of flat ride, perhaps a 3D shooter since most of them have moved off the Wildwood Boardwalk now.


...also remember to watch the tram car please!

(Yes, I still hear that in my nightmares)

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We never miss a trip out to Wildwood. More so since my Mother-in-law lives right in Egg Harbor Township and we normally are looking for something fun to do at night.


Oh yes, to quote my husband "Wouldn't a remake of the old Castle Dracula be AWESOME". That's apparently the one that burned to the ground at some point, though that was before my days over in Wildwood.

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