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TPR Nominated in Poll

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With my vote, TPR is now exactly 1 vote ahead in the "Best overall site"



ThemeParkReview.com (44%, 154 Votes)

Screamscape.com (44%, 153 Votes)

RollerCoasterPro.com (7%, 26 Votes)

CoasterBuzz.com (4%, 15 Votes)


To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what "interactivity" means to a roller coaster website, but if someone out there thinks we're "interactive"...then GREAT!


If you count the TPR Trips as an "interactive feature" then there's no doubt that TPR has the best interactivity.

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Come on now, I think Lance does a really good job with Screamscape. I know that I check it out at least once a day.


I like Screamscape too--but is it truly "most dissevering of an award"? Has Lance stopped "severing" appendages from people?


EDIT: Hmm--just looked up "dissever" out of curiousity. Seems that it has basically the same meaning as "sever" (that is, "to disunite"). The English language is so screwed up.

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I voted for TPR in most interactive and best overall site.


RCPro got favorite forums and design.


CoasterCapture got favorite new site of 2007, and best photography (if you havent seen it you should really check it out).


CoasterCritic for best blog.


Kevin and Nate Show for favorite podcast.


Dorney Online for best park specific.


RCDB for knowledge based content.

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The bigger question is...has anyone ever heard of the site conducting the poll?

No, but to their credit, this poll will give them the exposure that will now make people have heard of it.


--Robb "Who ever heard of Mitch Hawker before he asked people what their favorite wood coaster was?" Alvey

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The Results as of Thursday, October 25 are


Best overall site


* ThemeParkReview.com (62%, 1,056 Votes)

* Screamscape.com (27%, 455 Votes)

* RollerCoasterPro.com (7%, 120 Votes)

* CoasterBuzz.com (4%, 66 Votes)


Total Voters: 1,697


Favorite Forums


* ThemeParkReview.com (80%, 1,088 Votes)

* CoasterBuzz.com (8%, 112 Votes)

* RollerCoasterPro.com (7%, 91 Votes)

* Coaster-Net.com (5%, 62 Votes)


Total Voters: 1,353


Most interactive


* ThemeParkReview.com (77%, 634 Votes)

* CoasterFanatics.com (11%, 92 Votes)

* Coaster-Count.com (9%, 72 Votes)

* ThemeParkCritic.com (3%, 25 Votes)


Total Voters: 823



I think TPR is going to win by a long shot in all the catagories. Remember, you still have untill Halloween to vote.



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Theme Park Review is the big winner, earning three different awards including; most interactive, favorite forums, and best overall site. TPR is a huge site with some of the best content out there. They have the most active forums, unique content, and offer trips for every coaster loving geek. I can’t really say too much more about TPR, but congratulations to Robb and the gang on their big win.


Straight from http://www.coasterdom.com/coaster-web-awards/2007-coaster-web-awards-results/


Best Overall Site


Most Interactive


Favorite Forums

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