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Movies, Movies, Movies.....


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^Ugh. Those parody movies are just dreadful. They aren't even parodies! Just references to pop culture and ad placements.


Watch this:



Sums up those 'parody' movies perfectly.


Unfortunately, they are coming out with a "Disaster Movie" and a "Sci-Fi Movie" soon too. The writers of these films need to take a hint! They aren't funny!

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Not seen any notable new films recently but watched some of my older favourites recently;


Goodfellas (1990) 10/10 - Based on the true story of Henry Hill, directed brilliantly by Scorsese. De Niro is great as always, Ray Liotta in his best career performance (imo) and who could forgot Joe Pesci who got an Oscar for his role. Probably my fave film of all time.


Scarface (1983) 9.5/10 - Brian De Palma's classic portrayal of Tony Montana's (Al Pacino) rise to the top of Miami's criminal underworld. Powerful, violent stuff. Say hello to my little friend!!!!


Office Space (1999) 9/10 - Gets better everytime I watch it! Maybe it helps if you've worked in an office before but I feel I'd enjoy it regardless. Top comedy from Mike Judge.


Stand By Me (1986) 9/10 - Hadn't seen this since I was a kid but still really enjoyed it. Really took me back to being a kid too lol. This coming of age story is based on the Stephen King novella The Body and stars River Phoenix, Corey Feldman and Kiefer Sutherland among others.


The Shawshank Redemption (1994) 9.5/10 - Prison drama which follows Andy Dufresne's two decades in Shawshank State prison for a crime he didn't commit. Awesome performances from Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman in particular.


Bad Taste (1987) 8/10 - Really low budget, crappy special effects, really cheesy acting but soooo funny and sooo entertaining Peter Jackson showing his brilliance a long time before he went mainstream.

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I have been home sick with the flu the past few days and so I saw some random movies. First, and don't ask why, I watched the new Nancy Drew movie. Wow, that was HORRIBLE!!!!! But I did see Flushed Away yesterday and I thought that was cute. Did anyone else see the crapfest Nancy Drew and realize how incredibly bad it sucked?

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^Ugh. Those parody movies are just dreadful. They aren't even parodies! Just references to pop culture and ad placements.

Superhero movie is actually better than most of those _____ movies.

It wasn't created by those guys, but by the people who did airplane, and naked gun.

This one actually had a story, unlike those other ones, and I actually got a few laughs out of the movie, unlike the other _____ movies.

I'd rather take a cheese grater to my face, and then cover it in lemon juice, than watch meet the spartans again!

But superhero movie had some great jokes, and I enjoyed it!



"We are gathered today to say goodbye to Lucile Adams"


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According to the Friday estimation, The Dark Knight is a sure-win in its second weekend. With an estimated $25 million yesterday, the movie is right now heading for a $70m + second weekend, which is of course, one of the best second weekend ever. Based on how the movie runs, the movie has a strong chance to surpass $400m mark and even pass Shrek 2's total cume for no.3 domestic all-time.


Complete analysis: http://news.fantasymoguls.com/originalcontent/2008/07/dark-knight-wit.html

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Alot a people hate the mini-trailer for the new Harry Potter film. For some reason I love it and have seen this trailer 20 times.


Here it is:





...maybe people hate it because it's just the title?? I like it when movie studios do this. It hypes the film up even more, and it doesn't give away anything! I'm very excited to see the new Potter film!

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Step-Brothers- 9.5/10

This might be the funniest movie I have ever seen. Given that it stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, I figured it'd be pretty hilarious, but this went above and beyond. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

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I haven't seen any new movies recently but the latest movie I saw was 3:10 to Yuma and it was awesome. I also have tickets to see the screening for the movie Swing Vote on Wednesday when it comes on Friday.


I also just got tickets to see the sneak preview screening of the new Mummy movie on Thursday.

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My mom's new boyfriend : 8/10


This was a pretty entertaining movie with a nice storyline.


I couldn't however help staring at the upper lip of Meg Ryan everytime she was on camera : that thing isn't moving a bit. At first I even didn't recognize her to be honest. What the hell did she do with her face ?

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The X-Files: I want to Believe (that this is a movie!)

I'm quite a fan of the series, and while I still need to catch up on the last season, I've seen most of the episodes.

And that is what this movie was.

An episode.

And a good episode, but just an episode.

When you bring a movie to the big screen, you need to go bigger, which is what the first movie did, but this one did not.

They could have easily showed this on TV.

Only two characters are back from the TV show, and I'm sure you know who they are.

Acting is decent, but nothing special.

I'll put it this way, there is only one action scene in the movie, and not a single explosion, so if you go in not expecting that stuff, you should enjoy it!



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Did the last XFiles movie have much action because I remember a very somber movie along with a very somber series.

I do want to see the movie despite the lackluster reviews. I hear the Mark Snow score is quite nice and eerie on the big screen.

That movie starts off with a huge explosion, to set the tone.

This one starts with people walking across a field!

If I remember correctly, the first one had several action scenes, culminating in an epic (to an extent) finale.

This one has one action scene, period, and it's a small chase in the streets, on foot.

And the finale, if you can call it that, just ended, when it was getting decent.

I don't care if there is action in a movie, but this was fox's biggest movie of the summer, and it had nothing.

The series had it's share of action.


I think I need to re-watch the first movie today!


The score was decent, nothing special, but it was great hearing the original theme on the big screen.

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X-Files 3.8/5.0


I agree that this felt more like a 2 part TV episode than an actual movie, but it was still cool seeing Mulder and Skully together again. Overall I enjoyed it, but again it just didn't feel like it should have been on the big screen.

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Here's the trailer:


(sorry for the bad quality)






Normally, I am really against remakes but being a fan of the series, I gladly welcome this new movie. The first Friday the 13th film wasn't that great IMO and I'd like to see Hollywood make it into something new and fresh, all while keeping true to the original. Just hope it doesn't turn out to be like the new Halloween film...

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The Dark Knight. Greatest action/superhero movie ever made?


I've seen it twice so far (once in IMax) and it is amazing. One of the most gripping, memorable, kickass movies I have ever seen. Ledger made the greatest movie villain of all time in this. I've never wanted to say lines from a movie so much before!


If you haven't yet seen the Dark Knight, Go NOW!

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