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"N" Is For NBC and Netflix!   

Heads up, for the next few days on TV! Tomorrow night, is an NBC production of "Dr.Seuss' The Grinch" musical special! Starring Glee alumni and Broadway fave Matthew Morrison as Grinchie. Starts around 8pm ET. (Look it up on your local schedules, etc.)

Next up is Thursday's "One Starry Night" hosted by TINA FEY, and featuring musical numbers of Broadway shows, shut down by you-know-what. This is also on NBC, starting at 8pm ET.

Finally, the long awaited Ryan Murphy's treatment of the Broadway fave hit, The PROM. With a nice mix of Broadway and Hollywood leads (Meryl Streep! Andrew Rannells! James Corden! Nicole Kidman!). Starting Friday on NETFLIX.... and "Select Cinemas." 🎥


Ho, Ho, Ho!

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Fun, fun, fabulous fun!

They just put together a drag queen lipsync sendup of Meryl Streep's Big Number in THE PROM, "It's Not About Me."



Manila Luzon as Dee Dee Allen from "The Prom". (Photo: Netflix/YouTube)

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Sad news today...


Rebecca Luker, a celebrated actress who lent her crystal-clear soprano to a variety of roles on Broadway, has died, according to The New York Times. Luker revealed in February 2020 that she had been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a progressive neurodegenerative disease. The three-time Tony nominee was 59.

She was married to Danny Burstein, who was recently in "Moulin Rouge." She originated the role of Lily in the first Broadway production of "The Secret Garden". She also played Magnolia in the Harold Prince revival of "Showboat."

More can be read about her at https://www.broadway.com/buzz/199025/rebecca-luker-golden-voiced-tony-nominee-of-show-boat-the-music-man-more-dies-at-59/


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5 hours ago, Nrthwnd said:

Jolly,Jolly! 🎁


Can you name all 11 Broadway shows here, sledding and sliding?


Hmmm. Starting from top left going clockwise... Lion King, Cursed Child, Wicked, not sure, Aladdin, not sure, not sure, Legally Blonde?, not sure, Hamilton, not sure.

My Broadway knowledge is sadly limited beyond Disney... I've been waiting for a Wicked movie for years because I've never gotten to see it live; I loved the Phantom of the Opera movie, partly because I was finally able to see a version of the musical that way!

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Ha! The blanks to fill in for your "not sures".... Chicago, Tina:The Tina Turner Musical, The Temptations Musical, Six, and Evan Hansen. 😉 Great effort.

I remember Universal "sort of" announcing (last year) a year end, this year, film of "Wicked", and then..........nothing. So...now we wait. I also remember that STEVEN SPIELBERG was going to be involved with it. But now....who knows?

I liked the movie version of Phantom. But we REALLY ENJOYED the (then) recent live tour of the production, with this amazing set design, that was literally a "huge wide tube" that revolved and had parts that opened for certain scenes. Including this cool set of stairs that would suddenly extend from it for key scenes. It was wonderful!

Personally, NOTHING beats live theatre, right?

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21 hours ago, Nrthwnd said:

I remember Universal "sort of" announcing (last year) a year end, this year, film of "Wicked", and then..........nothing. So...now we wait. I also remember that STEVEN SPIELBERG was going to be involved with it. But now....who knows?

I know Spielberg's directing a new adaptation of West Side Story, but having him involved in Wicked too would be amazing as well.

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^ Yeah, "West Side Story"'s pretty much done. But of course, with "current conditions" the release of it has been postponed. Same goes for Lin Manuel Miranda's film version of "In The Heights". Ready to show, but not doing it until near Spring. Very much looking forward to that.

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Saw my first musical of 2021 today....



For $5... it wasn't bad. icon_razz.gif.e48652d99e5dee1748c4728b4bb796eb.gif

It was impressive how quickly it all came together and the cast they got. I don't know anything about the tik tok stuff or the background of it, that's all my wife, but it was entertaining enough and an alright way to spend my night. lol.

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^ I was interested in that, but hadn't decided whether to 'buy' a view or not. The showing ends tomorrow, so I may do a last-minute thing and order/see it.

In the meantime, I finally ordered a copy of this French-produced, but 99% English in dialogue and song, version of FOLLIES. It's gotten reviews from One Star to Five Stars, so I guess I'll judge it for myself when I see it.

But at this point in time, it is The Only DVD of a full production of Follies, available. I really wish the original 1971 production had been recorded on film etc. As well, the 2017 London production (it got rave reviews, and there was a broadcast of it on the big screen, which we got to see a couple years' back) would be cool to have in a DVD, too.  Ah well, we get what we can, when we can get, it, LOL!

EDIT TO ADD: I just "checked in" about seeing "Ratatouille" online, and found out I have to join Facebook, to see it. Ah...not gonna happen. I do not belong to any social media groups such as Facebook, or Twitter, etc. etc. I do not feel like letting everybody know what I am up to, minute by minute IMhO. So with that, I won't be seeing "Ratatouille", sadly. Unless it gets posted at Netflix, HBO, etc. Or clips of it show up on YouTube.


Available from Amazon.com

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Listening to a newly recorded cast album, of the new 2019 revival of MARY POPPINS, in London.

Great cast, and especially, finding PETULA CLARK ("Downtown"?) as the Bird Woman in this production.

Great listen. And it's done properly LIVE, with the applause where it should be, and the laughs, etc.

The singing and orchestra aren't constrained by bad microphones. Brava, Bravo! 👏


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I'm now listening to a rare 3-Act Broadway Musical, truth! "Anyone Can Whistle" is one of a very few Broadway Musicals, that are actually in three acts. Very rare for any musical. Not so much for a lot of plays. This was a recorded 1997 session, of "Anyone Can Whistle," in London. The Narrator was none other than acclaimed director, Arthur Laurents ("La Cage Aux Folles" ~ RIP). And the main male lead was a very well know "Captain" from Doctor Who....John Barrowman. Long known as a talented musical theatre actor/singer, before his recent TV stuff  (like "Arrow"). The newly released CD is available on Amazon.com . It was never released, that 1997 recording session....  until 2020, in celebration of (then) Sondheim's 90th Birthday. Awesome! ~ Happy Birthday Mr. S ~

Anyway, I looked up "3 Act Musicals" elsewhere, and found a very interesting list, including a couple of musicals I did not know were three acts!

Here they are: Anyone Can Whistle / The Apple Tree / No, No, Nanette / Porgy and Bess / Peter Pan...


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And speaking  of delays... and yes, it's true... the opening date of the film version of WICKED  has been pushed back.... again.

Here's the first mention I found somewhere, about it's original release date. No cast mentioned then. Or now. Hmmm.

...and P.S. I am also really REALLY hoping, that there will (eventually) be a film version of Sondheim's FOLLIES, too. I am casting Meryl Streep singing "I'm Still Here" as Carlotta Campion. 😀

, Wicked01.png.707814028e3b76fc164a06cbd370ce58.png

I am pretty sure we've gone waaaay past that date, LOL! Now aiming for... Spring, 2022? We shall see.


Yvonne de Carlo sang it first (1971) but Meryl could sock it out of the park, too.

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  • 3 weeks later...



"Tony Awards Date Will Be Based on Broadway Reopening; Voting to Begin in March."


That means after May 31st, which is when (for now) theatres are allowed to re-open. More news to follow....

Now here's a test: Try and remember all of the plays and musicals that got Tony-nominated, back in mid-October! 🎭

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Sad news to report.... Christopher Plummer has passed away at the age of 91.

He is known for a lot of his stage work in Canada, as well as several films, over several decades.

He won the Oscar for Supporting Actor, playing a father dying of cancer, coming out to his son. Much deserved.

BUT - he also had won  the 1973 TONY... for Best Actor... in a Musical. TRUTH! He played Cyrano in the musical, "Cyrano."

I have copies of the show, both in CD and Original Cast LP. An actually great show to listen to, and he's no slouch, bless him!

He was a true Canadian Icon, and an amazing Acting Legend.


Early stage work - Othello.


What he won his Best Lead Actor-Musical TONY for, in 1973.


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I still find it amazing to believe, that these two artists share the same birthday, today. Nonetheless...

Happy Birthday Stephen Sondheim & Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber!


(And I forgot to add... Happy Birthday Mr. William Shatner, too!)

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Hey all - I just watched an amazing concert, of an annual New York event called Broadway Backwards which features Broadway artists singing songs from shows that are usually sung by the opposite sex. This year, they did it via online feed, and the results are a-may-Zing! Quite moving too, in a few of the numbers. You only have until through this Saturday to watch this, in it's entirety.

Enjoy. https://www.broadway.com/buzz/200577/watch-starry-broadway-backwards-in-its-entirety-right-here/



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Oooo yes!

I just (Birthday) treated myself, to a seat for a showing of "Come From Away" when it heads back our way ..... in 2022!  :b

Our Subscription for our "current" musicals season, didn't include this one. They always have an "add-on" for every season.

David was fine with seeing it once, in a past season we had. But I always considered seeing it again. It really was that good AND powerful.

So be it. I bought it, LOL! 🎭 Same row and seat, I usually have, too. Cost me $160 Cdn for it. But worth it, I already know.


No intermission, and it's nearly two hours of intense musical emotion.

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I just ran across a CBC Television Special, I was a dancer in.... it aired in Dec.1975! I was 22 at that time.

Called "The World of Ivor Novello" it was a look back on his career and music, especially operetta musicals. Had a few well known (at the time) opera singers in it, and all of the dancers (& choreographer) were people I knew and had danced with in a lot of musicals produced by a good number of amateur theatre companies, at the time in Vancouver.

Here's the photos with me in them. And don't judge on the tights and slippers in the last pic! It's European! 😋 If you want to read more about this special, and see other photos, here's the link to it: http://www.stationbreak.ca/photo_gallery/index.php?SCRAPBOOK-THE-WORLD-OF-IVOR-NOVELLO-1975-272 BTW, these shots were taken, in between tapings.

It was also re-aired in Australia a couple of years later! And I got a small residual cheque for it. Cool! 💰


That's me in front, in the lighter blue jacket. Luxurious costumes they were!


All of us, on the stairs. With Judith Forst at the top.


In Dance Ready Mode, with  our Choreographer JEFF HYSLOP standing behind Mary Costa, checking our positions. (o;


Us dressed to dance something "Tyrolean". I forget which European country we were, lol.

My partner for the whole special (right) Lorraine King, was my choreographer

for the musical "Seesaw" when we did it in 1976. She featured me, and I loved doing it! 🎭

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We saw Working tonight livestreamed from the Theatre and Dance Department at Missouri State University. The kids did a great job! Still super missing live theatre, so I'm glad our local university found a way to give the kids some show experience and bring the arts to the Ozarks safely.


I don't have any photos or screenshots or anything, just a little shout out to some hard working (pun intended) college students, and a reminder that if you got some arts going on where you are, keep supporting them!

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There's a cast recording coming out, of a musical I saw nearly ten years ago locally .... Ride The Cyclone.



A macabre little tale about a high school chamber choir ....... who ride a roller coaster ..... and die on it. In the afterlife, they are offered one spot to "come back from the dead". And the one offering this chance, is The Amazing Karnack in his little contained fortune telling booth. It's got some great songs in it. and the cast I saw in Vancouver, were amazing! The show had played all across Canada (twice!), and then eventually made it to Off-Broadway in New York.

I was always hoping there would be a cast album of it, and Ghostlight Records is offering it, but only digital at this time.  So, I wait and (REALLY) hope that a CD of this, comes out as well. Here's the link to Ghostlight's listing of it: https://www.ghostlightrecords.com/ridethecyclone.html



My program of the musical, in Vancouver.



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Hope this announcement is one that stays true....

Broadway's Biggest Night Is On! The 74th Annual Tony Awards Sets September Date.


..... And it's on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th. CBS.


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