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Forgot to mention, we did see (my 2nd time) the truncated LIVE version of Disney's FROZEN, onstage at the Hyperion Theater in DCA. Three years ago, it was Fast Passes and ending up in the upper upper balcony that time. This time, we only had to just show up and be there a rough 1/2 hour before they let us in. Filled up fast, and we ended up in "center orchestra seats"...... "on the aisle" Great show to see and hear again, Everybody was great, especially the two actors playing Anna and Elsa. Big powerful voices for such a version of this show. And the whole thing played as fresh as it did for me, three years ago. Bravo!


But - boy they turned down the heat for the "snow effect". We used seeing this show, as a way to cool down a bit from the heat outside. But, really! This was turning the other way for us, and we were getting slightly "chilled". Fortunately, it didn't last that long. Whew!


Sept.10/19. The 5-pm show.

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I benefited greatly by having the Rent soundtrack for a few months before I got a chance to see the show. . so was very familiar with the songs.


I'm very surprised that folks hadn't seen the movie tho. .it puts the songs into context (with most of the original broadway cast!), and really helps clarify some of the lyrics.


I found the film a bit too.. . wide? Didn't care for the world being opened up that much. . . but once again, the musical is about the songs, which are BRILLIANT. my fave musical.

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^"For the record" (ha) my fave is still the original "Chicago" Broadway cast album,

with Gwen Verdon (Roxie), Chita Rivera (Velma) and Jerry Orbach (Billy Flynn).


And it's mainly because I did get to see it all on stage in New York, way back in...1976? Visually, it took my breath away, and book wise, it was hysterical...really! And course, Verdon and Rivera in the flesh, 15 rows away...



A book which used a scene from "Chicago" on it's cover. It's the Cell Block Tango!

And that's Chita up front, and centre. (o:

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^"For the record" (ha) my fave is still the original "Chicago" Broadway cast album,

with Gwen Verdon (Roxie), Chita Rivera (Velma) and Jerry Orbach (Billy Flynn).


And it's mainly because I did get to see it all on stage in New York, way back in...1976? Visually, it took my breath away, and book wise, it was hysterical...really! And course, Verdon and Rivera in the flesh, 15 rows away...



Memories! WOW! Wouldn't it be toooo cooool to find a Time Machine and relive those incredible '70's shows and astonishing performers!



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^Totally agree on this time machine idea, lol! As old as I am now, I still remember that first trip to New York in March, 1976. I remember that there was still smoking on an airplane, of which I still did. And we had to circle a couple of times around New York City, because we "needed to burn fuel off" I somewhat remember, heh. The good old United Airlines days!


"Chicago", as well as "A Chorus Line", "Pacific Overtures" and even "The Norman Conquests" were original first-time Broadway offerings for me, that first visit. And I remember seeing Richard Burton in "Equus." And Vanessa Redgrave in Ibsen's "The Lady From The Sea".


What a first time visit, that was!

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I do want to mention I took in the truncated live version of FROZEN, in the Hyperion Theater in Disney California Adventure (Sept.10/19). This time with David along, his first time seeing this. My first time was three years ago, in the upper UPPER balcony back in 2016. Tower of Terror still looked like it did, before the Guardians started to take over a few weeks, just after I left!


This time we were at the back of center orchestra, by the left aisle so I could stretch my left foot out, if small pains crept up. That's why we're "on the aisle" back home here at the Queen E for touring shows, etc. Anyway...


WONDERFUL to see it LIVE, this time so much closer! The special effects were still great and Elsa's Big Unveiling was still great to watch and see if it goes right. It did. And David enjoyed it too, and especially enjoyed the two actresses as Anna and Elsa. I enjoyed how everybody was in fine voice for such a fast paced version of this.


And....it's been around so long, Fast Passes weren't necessary any more! (o:

You still had to be there fairly early, but not like before. This was easy to queue for.

We saw the 5 pm show, which perfectly fit in with our seeing World of Color later that night!


Sept.15/16. From the Hyperion's upper UPPER Balcony entrance way. RIP ToT-CA.

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Broadway Rants: Take.....Whatever.


Two things that still annoy me to this day...


#1 In the new TONYs CD for the 2018-2019 Season, they include a number from King Kong: The Musical. But so far, no original cast album has been announced, etc. What gives King Kong Company? Grrrr.


#2 Second rant is an older one. First "She" got her first TONY nom for this musical. And "she's" sill a great musical actress is, Jessie Mueller is. So what gives with no "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever" CD? I have bought cast cds on shows that lasted less than one week. This musical revival went on for several months, before it closed. AND that TONY nomination, hmmm? So...? Grrrr.


EXTRA Rant! Kiss Me, Kate! has been streaming for - e - ver! When's that CD coming out, HMMM?

(The Best Number on this year's TONY CD Collection... Truth! Along side KING KONG's one number, included.)


The Harry Connick, Jr. REVIVAL of "...Clear Day...". With Ms.Mueller (not exactly) front, and center.


Something from KING KONG is on this annual CD, but other than that....?

"Too Darn Hot" from Kiss Me, Kate! is also on it. But soon....a CD? Please???


The TOO DARN HOT number was awesome on this year's TONYs!


A BIG REMINDER cd wise...

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For anyone that missed out on The Spongebob Musical, they will be presenting the show with most of the OBC this December on Nickelodeon. It is being filmed live sometime supposedly next month. I'm super excited as this was a fantastic musical that got cut short too early. It is also on tour right now though I've heard mixed reviews regarding the cast. (I'll be giving them a chance in March when in come to Denver.)


This is also somewhat of a historic moment as it will be as far as I know only the second musical to be aired on a major broadcast network other then PBS who mainly shows less known musicals and plays. Hopefully this is a breakthrough moment and we'll see future things like this.



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EHhuIEzXkAEN3b3.thumb.jpeg.831f5fc025f673cf305464863050943c.jpegI have seen Les Miserables about 100 times. Seriously! It's true! When I lived part-time in London, it was my "go to" show on the West End and I'd pick up single tickets 20 minutes before the show next to nothing. I fell in love with it early on in my theater going life and I still, to this day, hold Les Miz in my list of "top favorite shows!"


1564702180_04_LM_TOUR_MasteroftheHouse-PhotobyEvanZimmerman.thumb.jpg.5e9df0fc265b4146772d6355079658fb.jpgFast forward to 2019 where the current "anniversary" production has now been playing for about 10 years and I personally think it is the BEST production of Les Miserables ever! Yes, some of the "purists" will miss the turntable (let's be honest, every other Broadway show now uses a turntable in their staging so it's no longer unique) and many may not care for some of the newer, slightly more faster tempo arrangements of the music, but I personally LOVE IT.


1338092445_05_LM_TOUR_OneDayMore-PhotoMatthewMurphy.thumb.jpg.a8af0eb03f3ca58b02fdd7a9bd7617a3.jpgThat combined with all the newer staging using more modern theater tech and dropping the "serious level" just a slight amount, this is a more "modern" Les Miz that plays perfectly to today's theater going crowd.


191137590_03_LM_TOUR_2385_NickCartellasJeanValjean-PhotobyMatthewMurphy.thumb.jpg.eb2e0f3baa4dc4b512e7d4bf25a151c9.jpgThe newer staging just blows me away with the use of projections, more larger set pieces and automation, phenomenal lighting, and at no point during the show do I ever miss the turntable in its staging, in fact I had seen the original production in London a couple of years ago AFTER seeing the Anniversary version, and honesty, the original just felt "dated."


49490047_12_LM_TOUR_JimmySmagulaasThenardierPhotobyEvanZimmerman.thumb.jpg.878beecb5c43b97558d1e0914d73151a.jpgDo I need to talk about the story? I'm assuming by now most of you know that Les Miserables is all about Jean Valjean, his struggles with the law, a little girl named Cosette, and a French Revolution. And it all unfolds in one of the most epic, 3-hour long productions ever put on stage! This show pulls at every heartstring possible! Like I've said I've seen the show 100 times and I still laugh and cry all the way through it! If you don't know the full story, that's all you're gonna get it! Go see the movie or the show!


75132751_15_LM_TOUR_3091_JillianButlerasCosette-PhotobyMatthewMurphy.thumb.jpg.054b8fa966d33998305272a1976d8856.jpgThe cast in the tour is simply wonderful. Every single member of the cast, from Jean Valjean to the ensemble just kills it! This is actually the 3rd time I've seen this cast and everyone is perfect for their role. I honestly have nothing bad to say about any of the performers!


Les Miserables plays at the Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando through Sunday, October 27th. This show kicks off an amazing Broadway season in Orlando with shows like Miss Saigon, Mean Girls, Aladdin, and My Fair Lady. For information about tickets, please visit their website: https://www.drphillipscenter.org/

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Tonight we were invited by the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts to check out Escape to Margaritaville. Kristen and I know NOTHING about Jimmy Buffet outside of his restaurants and a few songs so we were interested to check it out.


The website describes the musical as: “Welcome to Margaritaville, where people come to get away from it all—and stay to find something they never expected. Get ready for a hilarious and heartwarming musical with the most unforgettable songs from one of music's greatest storytellers. USA Today calls it “A little slice of paradise!” and Entertainment Weekly raves, “It will knock your flip-flops off!” So don't let the party start without you.”


Ok, so let the party begin!



Still love that we have such an amazingly nice, new theater facility 20min from our house!



Before the show and we're excited!



Ran into Adam (huge Jimmy Buffet fan!) and Maddie trying out one of the signature Margaritas for the show tonight!



We saw LOTS of people dressed in their best Jimmy Buffet attire...



Hey! And it turns out we know that guy too! =)



We're in our seats it's time for the show!



They didn't send us a stock photo of my favorite part (the random tap number!??!!?) so here's a snap from the Volcano song which I actually almost know!



Equally famous Cheeseburger in Paradise song...also did I mention that a goodly portion of the musical is set in Ohio!?!



Without giving too much away, this is towards the end and shows off all of the leads. KT and I both thought the dancing and songs were fun, but the story was a bit odd. Go see it and tell us what you think!


*Some photos provided by Dr. Phillips Center


Escape to Margaritaville plays at the Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando through Sunday, November 17th. This is the second show of an amazing Broadway season in Orlando with shows like Miss Saigon, Mean Girls, Aladdin, and My Fair Lady. And don’t forget Robb’s favorite Les Mis which kicked off the season last month!


If you are a local to Orlando we highly recommend getting season tickets, or if you are in town for the theme parks, be sure to check their schedule and add a Broadway show to your vacation plans! All the info you need can be found on the website: https://www.drphillipscenter.org/

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"Follies" Film in the Works; James Goldman/Stephen Sondheim

Musical Classic to Be Directed by Dominic Cooke




I hope it all works out, and that it's as big a success as 2003 Best Film "Chicago" was. Here's hoping.


The recent version in London, which apparently convinced Sondheim, it was possible for a film version. Finally!

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Just listening to....


"I Don't Wanna Fight No More" (Act 1 Finale)

...followed by "Private Dancer" (Act 2 Opener)


From the new Broadway Musical (London CD) TINA: The Tina Turner Musical.


Sung by Adrienne Warren as Tina Turner. It's really amazing (and exhausting)

how much of Turner's Songbook this actress has to perform...6 Performances A Week!

Thankfully there's a capable Tina Alternate who does the Sat. and Sunday matinees.


And after finishing listening to the entire cd, and knowing of (so far) one other lead actress in

the musical category (Karen Olivo in Moulin Rouge! which I also finished listening to)....Warren's

The Tony WIN. I would be shocked if she didn't. And then again, this is only two new musicals, so far.


But for now..... it's Warren > Olivo.


The London Cast Recording. Adrienne Warren repeated her role as Tina on Broadway.

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Nearly finished listening to HADEStown and I am very very impressed. Much better than I expected.....


And I nominate Patrick Page for the part of Elder Cohen, in the New (my thought up) Broadway Musical


Leonard Cohen In Two Lifetimes


It's actually two Acts of Life - 1st is his younger days - 2nd is his later years' successes.


Hmmm? How about that casting idea?


EDIT: And I just remembered! Have newly Tony-ed Santino Fontana as Younger Cohen! Easy!


Great orchestrations and much of the southern style of music.

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New (IMhO) Truth: Moulin Rouge! is the Ultimate Mash-Up Queen of Jukebox Musicals. Any Jukebox Musical.


So - many - many - many - honestly amazing mashups.


And with all the new songs added in from recent times,

I honestly am loving this Musical (cd) more and more!


Karen Olivo as Satine in the New Broadway Musical MOULIN ROUGE!

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New (IMhO) Truth: Moulin Rouge! is the Ultimate Mash-Up Queen of Jukebox Musicals. Any Jukebox Musical.


I mean Mamma Mia! has been playing on the West End for over 20 years now, so...


In all seriousness jukebox musicals have an extremely tough time professionally so lets see how much luck this one has. Then again looking at the future musicals coming to Broadway, it might not be too hard.

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^ I meant that Moulin Rouge! is using all available pop songs etc. to mash up.

Mama Mia! was just using ABBA's songbook and that's all it could use.


Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Pardon for the mislead.

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^ I meant that Moulin Rouge! is using all available pop songs etc. to mash up.

Mama Mia! was just using ABBA's songbook and that's all it could use.


Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Pardon for the mislead.


Fair enough.


Also, The Spongebob Musical has it's release date on Nickelodeon, Saturday December 7th. Can't wait even though I've seen it live. Also planning on seeing the touring production when it comes to Denver in March.

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^ I never got the chance to see it live onstage. And I love the Brdwy Cast Recording of it! Seeing this will help,

and maybe in a future touring season, Vancouver will get to see it LIVE onstage, too.


And Hey Robb!.....this is coming your way in a week or so...and for everybody else who is interested... it's not live onstage, more "Live ONSCREEN", but it still boasts a pretty stunning lead cast for it.




These three male leads are all phenomenal singers; only Fletcher(Fantine) is the 'unknown' voice, for me.

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...And I might as well remind everybody about SpongeBob too....

Best Day Ever! "The SpongeBob Musical: Live on Stage"

Sets December Airdate on Nickelodeon ~ Broadway.com


Saturday, December 7th ~ 7pm ET




^ The LINKed article also has a great little preview video of the broadcast, in it.


Ethan Slater (SpongeBob) and his onstage gang do a TV version of The Broadway Musical! (o:

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Tonight we got to see the third show of the 2019/2020 Broadway In Orlando series - "The Play That Goes Wrong" at the beautiful Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando. This show won a Tony Award for "Best Scenic Design In A Play" in 2017... and the set in many ways is the star of the show!


From the official website: "What would happen if Sherlock Holmes and Monty Python had an illegitimate Broadway baby? You’d get The Play That Goes Wrong, Broadway and London’s award-winning smash comedy! Called “a gut-busting hit” (The New York Times) and “the funniest play Broadway has ever seen” (HuffPost), this classic murder mystery is chock-full of mishaps and madcap mania, delivering “a riotous explosion of comedy” (The Daily Beast). Welcome to opening night of The Murder at Haversham Manor where things are quickly going from bad to utterly disastrous. With an unconscious leading lady, a corpse that can’t play dead, and actors who trip over everything (including their lines), it’s “tons of fun for all ages” (HuffPost) and “comic gold” (Variety)—sure to bring down the house!"


While I am generally more of a musicals fan, I do enjoy seeing an interesting play now and again. If you love slapstick comedy, laughing out loud and some pretty interesting stagecraft, this is the show for you! It essentially is a "show within a show" and the cast is incredibly talented at pratfalls and physical comedy. The stage itself is an "actor" in many ways and you find yourself wondering what it is going to do next!


"The Play That Goes Wrong" is part of the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Broadway series, which you can find more info about here: www.drphillipscenter.org/ Tickets are available in Orlando through December 8th.


And if you're interested in seeing the show while on tour in another part of the country, Off-Broadway or in the West End, you can visit their website at https://broadwaygoeswrong.com/ . It is on tour through May 2020!


Every time we visit the Dr. Phillips Center, we are reminded how lucky we are to have such a world class performing arts center in Orlando!


Obligatory photo!


I like that the program has the "story within the story" for the show!


There were quite a few funny moments in this show!


The entire cast was very talented!


The show really showcases physical comedy - if you are a fan of that, you will be happy!

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^ That's great! We really don't get many (if any) touring plays that are mainly in the U.S. I would welcome the change if Broadway Over Canada offered a play or two in the selections.


A suggestion for a plussed up jukebox musical. Now that Jagged Little Pill is open, and the cd cast is a-may-ZING, does this one make it possible, to weave a proper Book-written-worthy musical, justifying the songs that are used, usually all of them...?


>>> Adele's 21. She admits it was her break-up album. So...possible story in there?

And it doesn't have to be biographical, either.


Just a future musical thought. By the way, the current 3 CDs that are available right now from Broadway, are not original scores. Moulin Rouge!, David Byrnes On Broadway and Jagged Little Pill. And I go hmmmm, too.


Awesome cast and sound to it all! I was astounded by this cast!

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Just got this one via Amazon. Listening to it right now. My Birth Year's CD Series. Musicals that opened in "The Year I Came To Be", heh. Presented as a cabaret evening, with lots of interesting trivia about each musical. They have only a few more "years" available, but I am happy with my year's cd.


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Last weekend I saw BEETLEJUICE on Broadway. Didn't know anything about it other than seeing the movie once, and I thought it would be terrible, but I really enjoyed it! I was laughing throughout (not since Book of Mormon have I laughed as much) and the set design and transitions were on point! Definitely my "style" of show. I think it's one of those shows that you need to see in person to appreciate, as I don't think the soundtrack would carry over well without the context of everything.


Oh! And I also saw Les Miserables in Buffalo the week prior and thought the cast did an amazing job! Considering it was only the second day of the "new" Jean Valjean and Javert performing on the tour, I thought they were fantastic and you would never know just by watching.


Still a novice to the scene (and Beetlejuice was my first broadway show in NYC), but I've really been enjoying all the theatre I've been going to lately!

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