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Well, to no surprise of my own, our October tour date of "Jesus Christ Superstar" has been pushed to November .... of next year!

Broadway in New York, is going to start live theatre again in the early Fall (hooray), but I figured that touring shows would take a bit longer to re-organize and get themself touring again.

So the delay for this one was expected. And that means "Anastasia" will be our first touring show, in January, 2022.

... Of "whatever" this season is, LOL. 🎭

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Tempted to go check this out for my birthday because the design looks fantastic. I've seen a lot of Korean versions of musicals here but they've nearly all been of musicals I'd previously seen in English. I think the only one I saw in Korean without previously seeing an English version was Aida, and I was totally lost. I'm assuming the musical doesn't stray too far from the movie so I should be fine for this though, anyone who has seen the Broadway version can cofirm?

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Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS) here in Vancouver just announced their two shows, scheduled for next summer.

Hopefully, everything will "sort of" turn back to normal.

It's two musicals I know of, but am wondering how the general public will take to them...

"Something Rotten" and "We Will Rock You", that latter of which has music by Queen.

Should be a very interesting summer, next year. 🎭

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Been a long, long time coming. And yes, I still enjoy the thrill of holding a Cast CD Recording in my hands, etc. ..... so ....

Now available on CD! https://www.ghostlightrecords.com/little-shop-of-horrors-new-off-broadway-cast-album.html

Now the other one I want to get on a CD (and not digitally) is Ride The Cyclone which I saw a production of here in Vancouver in ...... 2013?

Anyway, those of us who still enjoy cast recordings in CD format, will enjoy this one. Got rave reviews, I remember.


Now available on CD!

EDIT TO ADD: Now if they finally put "Ride The Cyclone" on a cd, AND put together (somehow) the original Revival cast of "On A Clear Day, You Can See Forever" (which got everybody to notice Jesse Mueller and a TONY nom for her part), I would be genuinely supremely happy! I mean, c'mon guys. I've seen musicals that lasted less than one week on Broadway, get cast albums done! ("High Fidelity" is one to name a few...) "Clear Day" ran for at least six months! Just get the leads together, and get a chorus rounded up. P-p-p-p-puhlease?


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And this awesome, unexpected announcement!!! And this comes out, while I am still watching Beanie as Monica Lewinsky in the current "American Crime Story: Impeachment" series by Ryan Murphy.

The whole article is here: https://www.broadway.com/buzz/201383/the-greatest-star-heres-a-first-look-at-funny-girls-beanie-feldstein-as-fanny-brice/

And these are the two images posted in that article. Woo hoo!


The poster says it all - except that it's happening next year.


The Funny Girl to be, herself - Beanie Feldstein! So looking forward to hearing her sing!

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Now running in London. It opened (and got put "on hold") just as theatres around the world were shutting down, due to you-know-what.

But it's running again, AND there's to be a cast recording of it, to be released next Spring.

And .... I would kill to see how they do "the car" onstage, etc.

The musical "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" had the same thing to deal with. A car that can fly onstage. And.... it did!


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This is insanely awesome! There's this company called the American Dance Machine, and what they do, is re-create classic musical theatre ensemble dance numbers ... like it's keeping for future generations of Broadway Dancers, etc. Very cool idea. Here's the link to the latest they've done....



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More Broadway Musical Goodness!

The cast of Mrs. Doubtfire did a number from their show during one of the morning tv shows. It's great that they're now NOT shying away from showing what their Mrs. Doubtfire is looking like, thanks to Rob McLure as the divine Mrs. D and a a pretty awesome cast. Here's the link to the performance clip.....




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And from the Ohhhhh Myyyyyy Gaaaaaawwwwd Dept....... An all-male version of SIX!

And this is NOT a lipsync thing. They are SINGING just as much as their female counterparts.


Totally awesome! And very trippy at the same time, as they are Really ~ GOOD ~ Singers!

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Among the many many tributes Stephen Sondheim will be receiving, this one must have been intensely emotional.

COMPANY RE-opened on Broadway, Friday night, November 26, the day that Steve passed away, that morning.

This is the director Marianne Elliot, giving a pre-show speech to the audience. And the cast shows up, too!

It's an amazing Youtube. Enjoy.


And I really, honestly believe, that in over 1/2 of this video, was the audience standing & applauding, for Steve.


P.S. On Wednesday, December 08th, the lights will dim on Broadway, 6:30PM ET, for one minute, to honour Steve and his legacy.




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A couple of musicals now have their Original Cast CDs released...


Now re-opened on Broadway.


An Off-Broadway gem. I saw this in 2013 in Vancouver. It's really great!


And a couple of musicals' original cast recordings, to be released next year.


The LONDON Original cast. And yes, they made a musical out of it!


First revival of this musical on Broadway. But it opened in London first, not long ago.


STILL TO COME: "Flying Over Sunset" An LSD-based Musical {truth} about three know people who never met each other, but "meet through their LSD Experience." I kid you not, And it was just reported, they are going to record the show, and release the CD in March. Fantastic! And I am really, REALLY HOPING for a Broadway Revival Cast Recording of "Company." They released the London Cast cd of it back in 2018, but I am hoping that with such a group of well-known actors in the Broadway version (...and still keeping Patti LuPone from the London gig), will yield their own Revival Recording. And remember this is the revival that "switched gender" of it's lead character, AND features the "Getting Married Today" couple. as a gay couple tying the knot!

That's my Holiday Broadway Wishes. 🎁


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If you have a musicals fan in your Holiday Gift List, may I suggest this wonderful holiday CD

put together and produced by the cast and crew of the 2019 TONY-winning musical, "HADEStown".

I believe this might be The Very First Holiday album, produced by a Broadway company. Huh.

The CD was released in 2020, but it's a really beautiful to listen to.



Available through Amazon.com 🎁

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so my hubby got me/us for Holiday/Anniversary (coming up on 1/23) tix to the touring show "Hadestown"

I'll be super disappointed if it gets cancelled or postponed due to Covid stuff. . . but fingers crossed, as our tix are for 3 weeks from today (1/15)

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Harvey Evans, 80. Actor, dancer, singer. One of the original "triple threats" of Broadway.

He was in the original Broadway productions of "West Side Story," "Gypsy," "Follies", "Hello, Dolly!" .... what was called the Golden Age of Musicals.


Harvey, with the late legendary Barbara Cook, during rehearsals for a concert of "Candide." (2004)


In "Follies" with the original cast. (1971)

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Well, gee whiz, I didn't expect THAT to happen ........ not.

Once again "Broadway Across Canada" has decided to cancel the upcoming late January performances of the tour of "Anastasia."

And the touring production has been penciled in (ha) for coming back to Vancouver in March .... 2023.

Geez, and I thought the postponement of "Jesus Christ Superstar" to November in 2022 was bit of a stretch in time! Not to be, it seems

The Good News is, I haven't spent $$$ for any BAC season (or any live theater) since 2019! And my credit cards are "almost" paid up! Truth!


P.S. The new musical "Flying Over Sunset" is going close in a couple of weeks.

But they're still going to release a cast cd in March! 🎭


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This just in! (c/o Broadway.com)


Anything Goes, Starring Sutton Foster, Set for U.S. Cinemas

Two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster, who is currently starring opposite Hugh Jackman in Broadway's The Music Man, is heading to the big screen. A live recording of Anything Goes, filmed at London’s Barbican Theatre, will sail onto more than 700 U.S. cinema screens on March 27 and March 30. Starring Foster and directed and choreographed by Tony winner Kathleen Marshall, this revival, finished its West End run on November 6, 2020.

I am hoping that it will shown on Canadian screens too. They have Vancouver, Canada listed. But no dates for any city have been posted just yet.

Here's where you can find out, for yourself https://www.anythinggoesmusicalcinema.com/?utm_source=Press release&utm_medium=Link&utm_campaign=USAnnouncement

This is really cool, as this is the second production, with Sutton Foster in it, that has been taped. The other was Shrek:The Musical.


This is a recording from one of the London shows, that Sutton starred in.

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Musical POP QUIZ Question!

I just found this out, so try and answer w/o looking it up, etc.

For the Broadway Musical Candide, Leonard Bernstein wrote the entire score, there's no question about that.

BUT - how many lyricists has "Candide" had, over the years? No peeking, ok? 🙂 More than one, I discovered.

And as a bonus...... Stephen Sondheim was one of them.


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Okay. I will admit it....

Who thinks that ENCANTO would make an Amazing Broadway Musical?

The house set and effects alone, would be worth the price of a ticket, lol!

And then there's that song .... "there's that song about Bruno, no, no. no". 🎶



Just saying....

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.... and .... THIS JUST IN! There was another revival of Sondheim's ASSASSINS recently. And now Broadway Records is releasing the third (along with the original 1991, and the TONY-winning first revival in 2004) cast recording of this musical. Produced Off-Broadway this version had an amazing fist rate cast...


Assassins features Adam Chanler-Berat as John Hinckley Jr.; Eddie Cooper as The Proprietor; Tavi Gevinson as Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme; Tony nominee Andy Grotelueschen as Samuel Byck; Bianca Horn as Emma Goldman, four-time Tony nominee Judy Kuhn as Sara Jane Moore; Steven Pasquale as John Wilkes Booth; Tony nominee Ethan Slater as Lee Harvey Oswald/The Balladeer; Tony nominee Will Swenson as Charles Guiteau; Wesley Taylor as Giuseppe Zangara; three-time Tony nominee Brandon Uranowitz as Leon Czolgosz; and Brad Giovanine, Whit K. Lee, Rob Morrison, and Katrina Yaukey as members of the ensemble.

More info can be had here https://www.broadwayrecords.com/offbroadway/assassins-the-2022-off-broadway-cast-recording-cd

Physical Release on April 15. Digital Release on March 18.


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