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Well, to no surprise of my own, our October tour date of "Jesus Christ Superstar" has been pushed to November .... of next year!

Broadway in New York, is going to start live theatre again in the early Fall (hooray), but I figured that touring shows would take a bit longer to re-organize and get themself touring again.

So the delay for this one was expected. And that means "Anastasia" will be our first touring show, in January, 2022.

... Of "whatever" this season is, LOL. 🎭

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Tempted to go check this out for my birthday because the design looks fantastic. I've seen a lot of Korean versions of musicals here but they've nearly all been of musicals I'd previously seen in English. I think the only one I saw in Korean without previously seeing an English version was Aida, and I was totally lost. I'm assuming the musical doesn't stray too far from the movie so I should be fine for this though, anyone who has seen the Broadway version can cofirm?

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Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS) here in Vancouver just announced their two shows, scheduled for next summer.

Hopefully, everything will "sort of" turn back to normal.

It's two musicals I know of, but am wondering how the general public will take to them...

"Something Rotten" and "We Will Rock You", that latter of which has music by Queen.

Should be a very interesting summer, next year. 🎭

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Been a long, long time coming. And yes, I still enjoy the thrill of holding a Cast CD Recording in my hands, etc. ..... so ....

Now available on CD! https://www.ghostlightrecords.com/little-shop-of-horrors-new-off-broadway-cast-album.html

Now the other one I want to get on a CD (and not digitally) is Ride The Cyclone which I saw a production of here in Vancouver in ...... 2013?

Anyway, those of us who still enjoy cast recordings in CD format, will enjoy this one. Got rave reviews, I remember.


Now available on CD!

EDIT TO ADD: Now if they finally put "Ride The Cyclone" on a cd, AND put together (somehow) the original Revival cast of "On A Clear Day, You Can See Forever" (which got everybody to notice Jesse Mueller and a TONY nom for her part, I would be genuinely supremely happy! I mean, c'mon guys. I've seen musicals that lasted less than one week on Broadway, get cast albums done! ("High Fidelity" is one to name a few...) "Clear Day" ran for at least six months! Just get the leads together, and get a chorus rounded up. P-p-p-p-puhlease?


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And this awesome, unexpected announcement!!! And this comes out, while I am still watching Beanie as Monica Lewinsky in the current "Impeachment" series by Ryan Murphy.

The whole article is here: https://www.broadway.com/buzz/201383/the-greatest-star-heres-a-first-look-at-funny-girls-beanie-feldstein-as-fanny-brice/

And these are the two images posted in that article. Woo hoo!


The poster says it all - except that it's happening next year.


The Funny Girl to be, herself - Beanie Feldstein! So looking forward to hearing her sing!

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