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^ "Coming up on Mythbusters! Is there a difference between a ball filled with helium and a ball filled with air? We'll find out! YEEEEAAAAHHH!"


That is BY FAR my favorite show ever. I can't get enough of the one with the ejection seat, just popping out of the roof with a little 'ploomp'.

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I got to see them in person at the Pabst theater in Milwaukee. It was sort of a question-answer thing, and they did the cooling a six pack myth. ^As for the mentos and coke myth, they broke the world record for highest coke spray(they also had fun and did a lot of other things). Jamie ACTUALLY laughed!! LOL!!!!


I like how Adam is always seasick. It's really funny! Also how they gave Adam a shock with the two golden angels. And how about the Jamie impersonation by Adam, with the fingers around the mouth like a mostache? Hilarious! Bottom Line: Mythbusters ROCKS!

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^Doesn't seem to be working for me, but it's up on Youtube now.




...Anyway, I've loved the show since Day 1, but unfortunately I no longer get Discovery. My friend and I watched one today at his house, though; Buster was put in a plane fuselage to test the myth of a flight attendant surviving a 33,000-foot fall. (Rated "plausible", by the way.)

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Yeah love this show, the episode with the dead pigs in the Corvette was my favourite and then they actually ended up selling it for the parts. Just to experience what the smell was like.


Also Kari makes it easy on the eye to watch too .

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one time i went to go and find the building and found when luckily


Adam, Jamie, Grant, Tori, and Kari were outside


I hate you... Mythbusters is my favorite show!


^^ No matter how much that show makes me want to sh!t myself I am still atracted to it. It is my 2nd favorite.

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I think its a pretty good show, though I think they could improve their scientific method in some cases. A lot of the time when they do stuff properly it's really good, but sometimes it's just a case of making some weird contraption that destroys stuff so they sometimes dont "bust" myths properly.

When I was in the US an had access to cable I watched it all the time.

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