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Alien War is comming back!

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Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, but it is a walk through (or is that run through?) attaction. I figured better in here than in random.


Does anyone remember the old Alien War attraction that started in Glasgow in 1992 and closed in London 1995? It returned again for a run about 7 years ago. It was the best of the best of the best of the walkthroughs I have been on. People were literaly wetting themselves. It was properly terrifying.


The news is they have announced thats its comming back. Beginging in its spiritual home in Glasgow this summer, it then travels to London, through Europe, and this time going to the states as well. Details are scarce at the moment.


I highly, highly recommend this to anyone. If youve been before, you will know what im on about. If not, then you are in for a treat.

The sets are taken direct from the Aliens movie. The previous runs had sets and effects, costumes etc actually built by a team from Pinewood. I cant stress enough how awesome it was. And now I cant wait. I hope its as good as I remember it.


Ill feed more details as I find them.

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This is absolutely fantastic news !!

I thought 'Alien War' was just fantastic & was really sad when I found it closed.


I think I went to the 1 at the Trocerdero In London at least 4 or 5 times, with various mates & work colleagues.


Please post some more Info as soon you/if you can.


EDIT: I found some info on AW on Wikipedia


Paul "Will always remember being attacked by Alien" Chapman

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I also can't stress enough how cool Alien War is. I remember getting absolutely scared in the Arches back in 1992.


Then they did it at the Irn-Bru Carnival for a couple of years before it disappeared. I was gutted when they stopped it. It was a bit of an annual tradition for a few years.


I imagine they're doing this to capitalize on the upcoming AVP2 movie.


Any word on where abouts in Glasgow it's gonna be this time?


And Paul -you got attacked by the Alien?!? *So jealous*

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^ This info has come from two sources. First is a collectors website for Alien memrobelia and related junk.


The other is one of the DJs at the Cathouse club in glasgow used to be heavily involved in it. In fact he got interviewed the other week for a documentary about the Alien Wars Show. He says he does know more, but cant divulge anything at the moment.


He did say there will be auditions for the cast. As soon as I know when they are, i will post it up.

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I remember when it was at the Troc in London, It looked very good, I happened to walk past and a couple of the actors came out of the set doors, they started walking round in the Basement.


They looked much safer to be with than any english policeman, esp with those guns over their shoulders


Post the info when it comes to London again, I will def have to try it even though I will get totally scared.


The Troc was a great place to hang out, it's a shame it did not take off with Sega's arcade machines and the "drop tower" (now at Southsea, Hants).


If "Alien War" is a Perm attraction this will boost the attendance.

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And Paul -you got attacked by the Alien?!? *So jealous*


Yes I sure did, on one of the occasions I went to Alien War I was at the back of our group. There was just one marine with us who was at front of the group.

We had to run down a corridor which led to the exit.


As I was at back I couldn’t run too fast as I would run into others in the group. Next thing I remember is an ‘Alien’ arm across my face & the other grabbing my leg.

By Instinct I just elbowed the ‘Alien’, I then looked back to see the Alien just standing there.


In hindsight it was awesome, but at the time I was really scared!!

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This sounds sweet! I would LOVE to see something like this permantly installed somewhere in the states; however I can't see the actual Alien interaction thing going over too well with stateside audiences.


^ How far were the actors allowed to go in terms of "capturing" guests? Were you given any restrictions or instructions before you entered?


Slightly off topic.....does anyone remember Terror on Church Street in downtown Orlando. This thread made me think of that attraction.

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Ooooo, I hope this walk thru is set up close to us when it comes to America. Sounds brilliant. Reminds me of "Alien Encounter" in Niagara Falls (now closed!!! ) where you could choose either the "yellow path" which was milder... or the "red path" where the aliens would actually grab you and attack you with feather dusters in the pitch darkness. Good stuff, really.

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This thread made me remember that I had a photo from Alien War.

One time they had the Queen Alien inside the attraction & the next time you could have your picture taken with it.


Sorry for the poor scan, I had to re-size it to get it under the 140K limit.


I'm on the right & Mr Cllinns on the left, I've also scanned in 3 ticket stubs.


Paul C


PS Sorry Nick for showing everyone the semi-embarrassing photo


Alien Queen, my pet :)

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That sounds so exciting! I can't believe i hadn't heard of it before. I told my mum about it over the phone (both of us Alien fans) and she was just as excited.


I hope (if it happens) that it is all upgraded themeing wise becuase googling it and looking at the pics i can imagine it looking a bit dated if the reused the old sets.


The story is fab though.

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I absolutely love that this attraction might be coming back.


I remember first hearing about it about 10 years ago while I was in college. I think Discovery Channel ran a story about it and they were offering a contest to go and see it in London.


It looked amazing! I really do hope that it comes to the states. That would be great!


PS. I do remember Terror on Church Street. Living in Orlando, I had been to it many times. In it's heyday, it was a FANTASTIC attraction. I'll never forget my first trip through it. TERROR-fying!



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Still no new news yet. There may not be for a while, but I did find this.


As I think I mentioned before a documentary is being made about Alien War. Looking at the site for it, they have a little teaser video which has some (breif) footage from inside the attraction. Might be worth a look for those who have never experienced it.



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Seems there is also a MySpace set up for Alien War. Here is the link for those who want it.




The latest from there is that the Glasgow run will be two months for the attractions 15th anniversary before the show moves on to London, Europe, then finally the USA.


An official site should be along in a while.


It seems that there will not be a permanent installation at the moment.

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^ I think that's being a bit presumptive. I don't think H&S would affect Alien War to any great extent. If anything, it should be better now that there is a chance to improve the attraction.


Are we in any more of a "nanny state" now than we were back in 2000? Because when I visited AW at the Irn-Bru Carnival back then the actors were right into it and were touching away at people. Hmm, that didn't sound right, but still I'm pretty hopeful the attraction should match up to what it was in 2000. Not quite what it was in the Arches, but still a pretty close replica.

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There is a new interview with one of the creators which has been linked on the myspace page. It reveals a few little bits of info. Glasgow opening is planned for July.


Through some contacts, I have found out that the auditions for the Glasgow show will likely take place in May, so keep an eye out if your interested. Especially since they will likely be taking on some staff to join for the whole of the European and US tour.

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