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Hey people, I'm Jason from Cleveland,Ohio. I've been viewing this site for some time now and finally decided to climb on board. The TR's are always entertaining to read and amusing. In my opinion, I still haven't found a coaster tall enough nor fast enough for me! Looking forward to getting to know some of you on here.

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Hi, I'm Bradley from England, you know the place with the great weather!


Anyway, my local park is Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes (well its the nearist) and i have only just been able to start going on big Rollercoaster's. I love playing computer games! and i study Ict at College. I'm a member on numerous coaster sites (small ones so some of you may know me) My Favourite Park is Alton Towers and my Favourite Coaster is Nemesis at Alton Towers.


Ive spent the last year looking at this site but only just though to sign up

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Hey Everyone. My name is Robert. I'm 21 years old and live in Dallas, Texas. My home park is Six Flags Over Texas. Mr Freeze is my favorite ride there. My favorite coaster of all time is the Matterhorn Bobsleds. My favorite dark ride is a tie between Indiana Jones Adventure and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. I have been on 63 coasters total. My dream job is to design and plan rides, restaurants, hotels, etc at a Theme Park. I would like to help turn Six Flags Over Texas around into a world class park on the level of Disney and Universal. Send me a message if you wanna chat or hit up SFOT sometime. Shout out to the Dallas crew from the 2009 Texas Trip, Michelle and Phil.

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Realised I didnt introduce myself.


I'm Tom from ThemeParks-US.com - I try to get to as many theme parks & rides as possible over the year but sometimes i just don't get time! Nice to find out more about the coasters I haven't tried yet and put them on the list for next time I vist the States!


Well done on the forum btw, I enjoy reading the numerous reviews and views posted. Keep up the good work!





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Yo TPR! I live in the UK and im on most uk fan sites... for some reason nobody seems to like you on the uk fan sites. Because of your sense of humour... the thing is not many people like me on the UK fan-sites either... because of my sense of humour so yeah I basically thought I might be more welcome here.


Little bit bout me, im 14 and im called monsterdan5 everywhere I design websites for cash and make games bit of a computer geek tbh obviously im obsessed with theme parks (especially chessington - lovin the behind the scenes tours!)


B&M at Thorpe Park in 2012 FTW!


Anyway that's me, reason peeps don't like me over here is cause of my silly 'stunts' which you will probally learn bout, see you around!

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Hello, I'm VelociRaptor, however feel free to call me Nick. I'm an amusement park enthusiast from the depths of Ohio

I've made many visits to Cedar Point, Kings Island, Geauga Lake, and many other amusement parks with family and friends over the years, and I look forward to what the industry has to offer in the future


A few interesting things about myself: I draw, I write, and I multitask. Yes! That means that I enjoy engaging in the act of eating last night's leftover Chinese food while enjoying a good ride on Millennium Force! I also work at a grocery store part time- the best I can do being a high school student. It isn't nearly as badass as working at an amusement park, but a bit more lethargic. I grab ahold of your food in a total death grip and drag it across a red light.


So. YUP. Get to know me, LOL.

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Greetings TPR,


My mother decided to call me Marcus one beautiful spring morning back in '75. She decided to raise me in the great city of Fort Worth, TX. If you didn't know that's the city 30 minutes west of Dallas (hence D/FW) with the quaint skyline and county seat of Tarrant County (the county where the Beautiful Cowboy Stadium now sits waiting on my Dallas Cowboys to do something). Yeah there!


Down the street from that beautiful stadium mentioned in those parenthesis stands my home park SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS! Yes this is where my love of roller coasters began, once my friends peeled me off the pole I was wrapped around and holding on for dear life! Those double loops on the Shock Wave frightened me! After the back to back ride, I was hooked! Oooon to the Flashback I yelled! Six Flags was also my first job!


I've visited Six Flags Fiesta Texas several times, shout out to Superman there! Six Flag's Astroworld (RIP) in Houston was a park I visited several times. Out of state, I've had the pleasure to visit Six Flags Over Georgia (just for the Batman, there's a story behind that) And Easter day of '08 I FINALLY made it to LA and visited Six Flags Magic Mountain ... where was everyone? We walked on every ride !! Thanks !!

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Hello all, I'm an amusement park addict just like the rest of you! I actually registered on here a long time ago, but around that time, my comp blew up and didn't have one for a while. Once I built a new comp, I completely forgot I had even regisitered and for the longest time was trying to figure out why it said my e-mail was already used..... after a while, I finally got it all figured out.


Anyway, I've worked in the amusement industry for 6 years now and I still can't get enough. I have been to 31 parks and counting. I have been keeping up with trip reports and a few other things here on TPR for about a year now and decided i really needed to get my registration fixed.


This site is amazing and looks to have an amazing group of people..... I'm glad to be here.....

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Hello TPR Users


I am just joining this site after my roommate Jakizle told me about this site and got me into coasters more than I had.


I was born in Ft. Worth, TX so I have south in my blood,


I am a drummer and have marched in the 2008 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, CA and played at Carnegie Hall in NYC with my high school band.


I havent been to many theme parks in my life but how I do love rollercoasters and the feelings you get from riding them.

Look forward to getting involved in TPR and all its activities



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Hello TPR,


I've been reading the site for awhile and finally decided to join. I've worked at Valleyfair! in MN the last few years (going back for my 4th year this summer), and at one time in my "career" at the park, I was a dippin dots guy, which explains my username.


My two biggest interests are rollercoasters and music. I play classical piano, the Hammond B3 organ, and keyboard. My summers are spent at work and at amusement parks, and my winters are spent in school and jamming.



I look forward to being more involved with TPR in the future!




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Hi. My name is Alex. My coaster name is Coasteral, Al being short for Alex. I am a Huge theme park fanatic. I love rollercoasters and rides. My home park is none other than Chocolate town U.S.A, HERSHEYPARK. They are building a HUGE 2012 Rollercoaster project. Im excited. I am friends with Matt or HP CRAZY is his coaster name. I think youve heard of him.

Im excited to get to know you. THANK YOU

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Yeah, I say "Hi"!

My name is Dominik Wieland and I come from Southtyrol in Italy. I decided to registrer me at tpr, because I read the news and trip reports from your page and I am pretty happy about these awesome articles!

You can also find me at "coasterfriends.de"!

I visited following parks: Wiener Prater (I rode only the Boomerang, because I forgott my money ...thats a long story ), Gardaland and Mirabilandia.

Alright...(I love AIRTIME AIRTIME)



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Name is Vaughan. I joined way back in 2006 but until now my PC would never let me log in. I get a Mac and what do ya know? I can log in.


Well, I worked at BGW from 2008 to 2009. Learned a lot of stuff from that and have always loved roller coasters and theme parks. I have posted for years on BGEscape and BGWfans.com

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Hello TPR, I'm Micro. I've been lurking here in the roller coaster games section since August and finally thought to make an account. Although I haven't been to many theme parks it's still awesome to see what awesome stuff there is out there.

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Hi everybody,


My name is Simon and im from Cologne in Germany.

So please don´t be to strict with my english. xD

My favourite Parks in Germany are Europa-Park, Phantasialand (quite near to my house-20 mins with the tube) and Hansa-Park.

I have many Saison passes for: Phantasialand, Europa-Park, German Merlin , UK merlin, Movie Park.

My favourite coaster in germany is the Fluch Von Novgorod in Hansa-Park.


So I hope we have a great time together in this Forum an maybe some members are coming to germany in next months and we could maybe visit some parcs.

with greetings


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