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  1. not sure what i would like, but i will really be happy to have the following - samsung galaxy s phone - new renovated room - new clothes - an ipad - able to go on a trip to australia/us or europe
  2. true. but i guess due to universal studios hollywood space constrains, maybe some old rides and show will really hav to go for new ones to come
  3. vekoma's roller coasters at universal studios singapore was closed 5days after opening
  4. however, i really love the mac interface!!!! windows 7 is like a 2nd prize
  5. but are majority of the programs compatible for mac? I heard my friend said that lots of programs are mac incompatible, and thus he recommend me not to buy a mac.
  6. I would recommend a hp pavilion. Been using mine for almost 2.5years now, and not a major problem has occurred yet. on the other hand, sony's computers are quite fragile
  7. i think pizzas at theme park cannot beat those at popular restaurants at malls, such as pizza hut
  8. i think pizzas at theme park cannot beat those at popular restaurants at malls, such as pizza hut
  9. was at the park on 26 nov and it was extremely crowded! not much new stuff going on at madagascar crate adventure, can only see the queue area, and transformer attraction entrance was per normal. hollywood and new york area were decked with christmas deco and christmas music was played. there is also a christmas tree in front of lake hollywood. the only thing that is disappointing is that there isn't any christmas merchandise. ADMIN EDIT: Link removed. You must have 50 posts before linking to your own Web site or blog as per our Terms of Service. This is your second, and most likely final warning. Do not post this again. Chuck
  10. try going to google maps and find directions to go from china to japan. see the directions and you will see one line 'swim across the pacific ocean'
  11. I'm currently using sony hx5v. A great camera. Although its essentially a compact camera, the shots taken are comparable to that of a dslr. I personally like the anti motion blur function, as it can minimize blur in photos when one is taking shots in low light. Plus the 10x optical zoom is a big plus point as well
  12. can't access the page. they say survey is closed =(
  13. i love the cute characters. but the storyline is sometimes quite gory and irks me out
  14. I prefer using google chrome to firefox and internet explorer. Internet explorer 9 - slow at times, and lags alot. Firefox - sometimes have the same problem as internet explorer Chrome is fast, even with extensions. Plus the simple user interface makes it my no 1 choice.
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