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Hello Everyone!


Well I stumbled on this website a few days ago and decided to make an account. I am currently living in Japan (specifically Kansai area). I am a huge rollarcoaster enthusiast. However, thus far in Japan I have only visited universal studios Japan in Osaka (I live about an hour away from the place). Tomorrow I am planning on heading towards Nagashima Spa Land and ride the infamous White cyclone but more importantly the Steel Dragon 2000.


The most "extreme" coaster I have ever been on had to be Kingda Ka but my most enjoyable coaster, my all-time-favorite has to be Nitro. However my favorite type of coaster is actually wooden. I like the added sensation that it feels as if its going to break any second. Good thrills.


Also if you guys ever plan to visit Japan and hit up some coasters, let me know. I am always up for another coaster.

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hiii , i used to be a silent reader, now im trying to post a reply

im from indonesia , im such a huge fan of roller coaster and thrill rides,

so far i made myself to go to theme park nearby, and im a bit disappointed when i went to USS cause u know, the duelling coaster still broken, and now im trying to get there cause they just opened about month ago

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Hi guys! My name is Joel & I'm new to the forums but I've read some of your trip reports & I love seeing all the unique parks you guys have been to. I live up in Canada & the local theme park for me is Canada's Wonderland. It's always a real treat visiting in the summer & riding my favourite coaster Thunder Run. Outside of theme parks, I love writing & enjoy reading horror fiction.


Hope to see you guys on the threads sometime!

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Well, I'm a long time lurker, and I do post quite a few. However, I think it would be nice to actually introduce myself.


My name is Andrew Finn, and I reside in Land O Lakes, FL. I'm 17 years old on May 9th and a junior in highschool! That's about 15 minutes away from Busch Gardens Tampa. I constantly have fun visiting my "Parks within driving distance: Universal, Seaworld, Busch, Disney". I've been a insane coaster addict for a horribly long time. Well, maybe not that long, since I'm sure Robb and friends have been fanatics longer then I've been on this planet. Regardless of such, I plan on becoming quite active on the site. (And, once my paypal verifies, I will purchases my Club TPR membership!) Even so, I figure this would be a proper time, if any, to introduce myself.


Word of warning, and I expect discrimination from this, I'm a furry. Har.


Like I said, I've been a LONG TIME lurker on this site, for the updates. I really want to be active on this site now. Thanks, and I look forward to having many wonderful conversations.

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Hey guys! I'm Tyler, a "newer" enthusiast. I am currently up to 84 for my coaster count, but should hit 100 by the end of the summer! I also work for Kings Dominion, so if anyone is planning on stopping by let me know and we may be able to meet up somewhere! Obviously, one of my favorite coasters is Thunderhead at Dollywood, and I dare to say that it was better then El Toro :O I just returned from Dollywood this past week and had a complete blast. I have been to Kings Dominion, BGE, SFA, SFDK, SFOT, SFGAdv, Carowinds, Hershey Park and Cedar Point! I also plan on a fantastic Dorney Park, Lake Compounce and SFNE trip for this June!



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We call dawa and yoyo and we're fans of roller coasters and we live in Switzerland.


We have 40 years and we have made ​​140 coaster in 4 years.

This year we will make the biggest park in Europe and we will go to China in 2013 if 2012 gives us alive ...


Rob, you make us want too but thank you, you can not live without envy.


We have a very comprehensive site on our trips (in French) and we have fun

with an application that is used to record the roller coaster (like Rob) and a system of innovative banners.


I still have great difficulty with English, thank you google translation


We would soon come live in Canada, if I find anything to do


Good day to you all.


(Rob, excuse me messages without introducing myself)

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Hello everyone! Thunder here, (prefer not to use my real name, lol), recent coaster lover!



Well not recent, more like since 2002 when I got Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. Ranks in my top five favorite video games, and is the reason why I love roller coasters, from Thunder Run at Kentucky Kingdom to Flight Deck at King's Island!


But the only recent part is being on major coasters for me, only been to a few parks, namely Beech Bend Park, which is close to where I live, home of the Kentucky Rumbler and the Dragon "Oh-my-god-this-thing-is-gonna-fall-off-the-lift-hill" Coaster. (Seriously though, it feels like it is about to tip over on its curved lift hill! )


I actually have viewed the site for a while, it seemed cool so I decided to join! Hope to have lots of fun here and meet cool people! (And show off my RCT2 parks... Hey, still awesome after 9 years! )

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Hi peeps!


My Name's Tom, I work at Alton Towers as a Ride Host


Been on here for a a few months now, had a few RCT3 parks on the forums but other than that I haven't really posted, so I thought I'd introduce myself properly!


I've been a coaster geek since I was a kid, earliest coaster memories are of a Swarzkopf Jet Star 3 at Alton Towers and now I'm hooked!


Anyway, enough oddness! I'm off to do other important things, like draw random pictures of elephants...



...there, I'm done!

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Thanks tiger01! I can normally be found hosting on Air, although I do dabble in Nemesis occasionally...and the other week I was giving out leaflets whilst wearing a labcoat...odd, but true...

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My friends call me Chris Danger, but you can call me susan if you pay enough I kid, I kid...


Heres a little bit about me:

Age: 34

Location: Dallas, TX

Occupation: IT/IS analyst/Internet show co-host/Media Junkie

Hobbies: Film, TV, Comics, Gaming, Riding Coasters

Marital Status: Married

Why Im Here: I like coasters and theme parks, plain and simple. I enjoy the thrill of riding coasters and taking pictures of ACErs feeding in their natural environments (Buffets, AYCEs, Hog Troughs). Im also looking to meet some cool people I share some common interest with...So give me a buzz and lets chat accordingly...

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Hello everyone! My name is Tim, I live in belgium just near Brussels and my hobby is to visit as many as possible theme parks in Western Europe. From the tiny to the big one's, I love them all. I give a lot of criticism when necessary and try to talk with parks to say what needs to happen. My favorite park is 'Europa park in Germany. But beyond that I visited many theme parks, I'm also a fan of making onrides. At this moment, I have more than 150 onrides.


Oh, I'm not english So forgive my poor english! Nice to meet you all!

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hey guy's, well i've been following for quite some years but never decided to join the forums i guess i was a little shy but anyway i love theme parks or anything related to it and i love reading the trip reports that TPR are doing !! (sorry for being such a stalker haha:P).. also i love the RCT games ... i was in the atari forums but since it's pretty much dead there i decided to join to this forums since it's more "active"

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