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I've been on this board for quite some time now, so the only right thing to do is to introduce myself.


I'm Maarten and I live in the northeast of Belgium, pretty close to Walibi Belgium, Bobbejaanland and Toverland (Nl).I used to consider Walibi my homepark, but I spend a lot more time in Toverland on the amazing GCI woodie Troy and in Europa Park or Phantasialand.


I'm 22 years old and I'm graduating as a master in business communications hopefully in June or September. I already have a bachelors degree in journalism and throughout my studies, even now in my masters year, I taught my teachers and classmates a lot about theme parks and rollercoasters. Besides playing and teaching tennis, my main hobby is travelling and exploring the world (including theme parks). I've already visited quite a lot of Europe and this September I'm making my third trip to the USA. Together with my girlfriend, I'll be exploring the natural wonders in the Midwest (returnflight Las Vegas). Last year we did a roadtrip on the East Coast and in 2009 we went to Chicago and the big cities on the West Coast. I guess I'm in love with the USA, although this is going to be our last trip to the USA for the next few years.

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"Hi!" I´m Marco from germany.

I am following "TPR" since 2005.



My interests beside the amusement industry, are:


- "no limits rollercoaster" part 1 and hopefully part2 - too (if it is ready).

- maybe RCT 4, if it will be possible to release.

- and music.


I love this planet on which we are living and the nature, where we were coming from.


..and now,.. back to the fun

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Hi everyone. Been checking out the pictures for a while, but just finally decided to sign up. I'm from Connecticut, I love coasters, but of course where I live you dont get to ride them all year long


Either way, I'm super excited to start up here

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Hi All,


My name is Tom, from Bear DE. Huge roller coaster and Theme Park fanatic.


Being from Delaware, we visit Dorney Park, Hersheypark and my favorite park of all time, Knoebels, quite often. And now that I have two brand new granddaughters, we'll be heading back to Dutch Wonderland in a few years.


My son who is 10, is now getting into the bigger roller coasters. So I hope to get back to Great Adventure soon. Kingda Ka is calling my name.


I visit Theme Park Review on a daily basis, sometimes more than once per day. I've been coming to Theme Park Review for about 5 years now. I know, "What took you so long to get on the forums?" I don't know, maybe because I'm stupid!


I'll ride pretty much anything, except spinning rides!!!! I can not spin! Elissa, you know what I'm talking about.


Rob and Elissa. You guys run a great web-site. Keep up the great work.

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Hi, I'm Luke from the U.K. I have known about TPR for about a year or two now and just thought i would sign up now to the forums.

The closest Theme Parks to me are either Thorpe Park, Alton Towers or Drayton Manor. I love theme parks and rollercoasters, the park i most want to visit is going to have to be Cedar Point because they have some amazing coasters there.

I have never rode a ride outside of the U.K yet, so this will have to change soon However my favourite Theme Park so far is Thorpe Park.

I'm fine with most rides, even spinning ones

I also like games(PS3), everything Apple and Music.

ThemeParkReviews trip reports are the BEST i have ever seen, they are filled with cool theme park stuff, in a funny and unique way; and give you a great insight about the parks before you visit. So keep up all of the amazing work Robb&Elissa.

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Hello all.


My name is Dan; I've been browsing TPR since 2002 and I thought it was high time I sign up to the forums.


Rides...to be honest, I haven't been on may coasters, and I would like that to change. I did live in Richmond, VA, but never really got the chance to go to Kings Dominion or even less so, BGW. Spinning rides? I'm fine with spinning coasters though the only ones I have been on were Reverchon Wild Mice.


Closest theme park near me would be Six Flags New England, which I am about 30 or so miles away from.


I'm a huge RCT2/RCT3 junkie. Tried NoLimits and it was wayyy too out of my league unfortunately.


I really appreciate the hard work that has gone into the trips, website, reviews, forum, and everything TPR. You guys make it awesome, and if it weren't for Robb and Elissa.

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Hello Folk's

My name is Christopher and my nephew got me hooked on Theme Park review a few years ago.

Been a big coaster fan for year's and ride them when ever I get the chance.

Tho I don't get to ride many due to not being able to fit on some( Not to many out there built to handle a 6'8" 300 lb guy)

I ride what I can and enjoy ever min of it.

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Hi there everyone at T.P.R. My name is Dave. I live in the UK and have been interested in Roller Coasters, Theme Parks and Fun Fair since I was about 4 years old. Not being lucky enough to travel much I,ve not been able to visit any major Theme parks or ride many Coasters but have been to Parks in UK..eg Alton Towers, Chessington and Thorpe Park. I collect books about Coasters and Fun Fairs and Fairground Art. I have also made a complete Scale Model Fairground using just paper, card and glue. If there is a way to get pics on here I could send one or two. There thats a little about myself...Not sure what esle to write at the moment as I still getting use to being on here. Anyway if you need to know more ..Please ask..Take care....All the best...Dave.

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Hi, I'm Rue!


I've known TPR for a while now, but after reading the hilarious report on the Efteling recently I decided to sign up! I've only rode about 111 different coasters and Alpine-coasters, but I hope to make a difference in that number! Too bad I only seem to go to themeparks about once or twice a year lately, but I'm also planning on changing that.


My local park is De Efteling. My best Themeparktrip ever was to Orlando (Disney/Universal/Sea World/NASA/swamps) a few years ago!


Beside Themeparks I work about 60 hours a week as a policy officer in laws concerning benefits and pensions and the few hours I've got left I spend on Bellydancing, Snow Boarding, Via Ferrata, Star Trek, New Experiences (anything as long as I haven't done it before) and learning new languages.


I guess I will be a reader mostly, but who knows what the future will bring...

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Hey everyone!


I'm Amy and I'm from Scotland which unfortunately makes my local park M&Ds. Joy!

So far in my short life I've not been on enough coasters, but I've still time yet to redeem myself.

My favourite coaster's Nemesis at Alton Towers, love it.


Generally I spend my time sewing, attempting to beat Bowser on Mario and annoying my poor boyfriend by trying to make him dance/go on a rollercoaster - neither of which he likes. Alas.


Not sure what else to put here, so I'll just leave it as is!



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Greetings everyone.


I've been here before, but it was quite long ago (pre-divorce), so I thought I'd drop in and say hi to everyone. I noticed that there's a Theme Park Review hoodie in my closet that I'm not quite sure where it came from. I suspect it may be a product of said divorce.


At any rate. I live in West Virginia and Disney parks are my passion. I enjoy roller coasters and travel to parks whenever I get the chance. I'm pretty close to Cedar Point and Kings Island, so those are two of my favs. My top coasters would have to be The Beast, Millennium Force, Aplenguiest, Diamondhead, Dragon Challenge, and Expedition Everest. I also think I'm one of the few who believe that Mission: Space (which has a green and orange team) also needs a red team that goes even faster.


I work in Tourism (imagine that) and often make a theme park stop during a business trip whenever I can.



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Hey there! I'm new too, figured I could also start posting trip reports and not just read them. Might be of use here as well My name is Natascha and I'm a complete fanatic when it comes to Rollercoasters and Theme Parks. Some people could say I'm an addict.

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