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Walt Disney World Epcot Discussion Thread

P. 118: Guardians Cosmic Rewind opening May 27th!

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A new ride in the UK pavilion is greenlit, Coco to the Mexico pavilion in about 2-3 years, and Brazil getting closer to locked in are other things happening too.

Wait, huh? Maybe I missed something, can I get a source on all this?

Source are in the threads over at the WDWMagic forums: https://forums.wdwmagic.com/forums/wdw-parks-news-rumors-and-current-events.4/

There's a great thread that's been put together by a member over there that sums up all the currents rumors/hints/confirmed happenings that has a source for each of the bullet points: https://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/rumor-and-timeline-tracker-v-2.934137/

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Tonight we attended one of Epcot's "Party for the Senses" Food & Wine events. The official event information can be found here:



Basically, the easiest way to describe this event is "high end Epcot Food & Wine Festival." This event takes place only 4 or 5 times during the Food & Wine Festival, often times it has a theme, other times it is a collection of higher-end food & alcohol offerings than what you get around World Showcase.


There are different tiers for the event pricing, and new this year is the 'everyone has a seat' options meaning that instead of the venue having various tables & high-tops for people to mingle at, everyone will be assigned a seat, and this seems to have been very positively received.


The food itself is just wonderful! We had celebrity chefs, Disney high-end resort dining chefs and some of the best from Food & Wine. The items served during Party for the Senses are very different from the rest of Food & Wine and often times are exclusive to that one evening!


Here's a few photos of the fun we had from the event...



Tonight we are Walt Disney World Epcot attending a Party for the Senses event!



Just in case you forgot what the event was called (there's a lot of alcohol...it happens!)




We have only just sat down and we already have food!




Just had a delicious rabbit taco from Hell's Kitchen season 5 contestant Chef Paula Dasilva!



I don't normally eat little cute bunnies, but when I do, I prefer them in tacos!




NYC Graffiti Restaurant owner & Next Iron Chef runner-up Jehangir Mehta is here serving a wonderful Wasabi Avocado Duck! YUM!



This thing was spicy & wonderful!



This right here is Beef Nigiri Sushi and it was seriously AMAZING! Wow!!!




The grapefruit beer is featured at the Party For The Senses and I love it! One of my favorite "adult beverages" at WDW!





Chef Terry Letson's short ribs melted in your mouth!



Because coffee is always better when you add that Disney touch!



That is a red velvet donut with bacon and peach cobbler. Both fantastic!





Party For The Senses makes great use of the event venue between Canada & UK Pavilions at Epcot.





The food, wine, desserts, & atmosphere at PartyForTheSenses was all wonderful and high-end! We strongly recommend this event!



And yes, we were even able to take home this cool Epcot 35 wine glass!


We strongly recommend this event! Be sure to check out the website for more details:


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Avoiding these food tours you do, is totally useless. Can't avoid them.

And this one is no exception. What a spread of eatables they served up!


Great idea for a ticketed event during the Festival itself!

Thanks for sharing the pix of the various chefs too, Robb. That was

neat to see, especially with what they had created, to serve you.

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that latest update looks absolutely incredible.


glad you had such a great time, and such good food.


(oh how i wish I lived close to Disney World. . .I'd probably be at Epcot every night for dinner, and blow the budget at Food & Wine offerings (not to mention the MK special parties too)).


thanks for allowing me to live vicariously thru y'all so much!

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Does it work like a buffet, where you go to each food/wine station? Is there any limit to the number of times you can visit the same station?

Yes, and no! It's a great way to try different foods & drinks, and when you find one you like, you can keep going back as much as you want!

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Epicurean extravaganza indeed! Such a perfect way to indulge the taste senses with exquisite, elevated samples by top chefs! (And you get to go back to "reload!!") Alas, I didn't see any Doggy Bags on the tables. Looks like you two had one heck of a 'swell' evening!



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Thanks for the review Robb, I hadn't heard of these events before.


Does it work like a buffet, where you go to each food/wine station? Is there any limit to the number of times you can visit the same station?


In addition to visiting more than once, when it was less busy I would go back and ask for double or without something or with extra something and they were happy to oblige!

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  • 1 month later...

It's after Thanksgiving so that means it is time for the 2017 EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays! The Gardens are nice and Food & Wine is fine but I think this the EPCOT Festival that is most festive! In addition to the Christmas trees and decorations there are musicians, food booths, storytellers, fireworks, and of course the famous Candlelight Processional.


Today let's take a look at the Storytellers. These short (5-10 min) shows around the World Showcase introduce guests to holiday traditions and customs at the various countries. Walking around the world (with a hot spiced wine) watching these shows will get you into the spirit of the holidays.



Epcot gets special holiday displays


The EPCOT tree features greetings in many languages


The "Joyful" group sings gospel music at the Future World stage.


In Mexico the new margarita stand has opened and seems very popular


A bit of a color has appeared over the street. I really like it. It's a little detail that makes this small part of the street a little more interesting.


A closer look shows that the flags are scenes from Disney/Pixar's Coco.


There are now two competing mariachi bands for two competing holidays. El Mariachi Coco de Santa Cecilia plays music from Coco which celebrates the Day of the Dead.


Meanwhile the regular Mariachis play traditional Mexican music with a Christmas flavor.


Learn the story of the poinsettia gift at this performance


Over in Norway we meet Sigrid who explains the local Christmas traditions. But she is interrupted by a mischievous gnome she cannot see called Julenissen.


With the help of the guests we help her believe in Julenissen, just in time for Christmas. This is my favorite of the holiday shows and I highly recommend you check it out.


In China two acrobats perform the lion dance for good luck in the new year


A non-holiday detour in Germany... they've added some more trains to the model layout. It's not 100% authentic though... the Golden Pass is in Switzerland!


No Nutcracker show in Germany this year but you can get custom ornaments


Inside the American Adventure there are gingerbread monuments.


You can also enjoy Christmas carols as sung by the Voices of Liberty. This is another highly recommended show.


In Japan you will learn about Daruma dolls and how the Japanese celebrate the new year.


Celebrate Hanukkah with "Mostly Kosher" and their Klezmer music.


In Morocco the band and a belly dancer entertain guests


This is advertised as a holiday how in the guide map but there isn't very much more than the normal show


Speaking of which, you should know that most of the regular Epcot entertainment is still ongoing during the holiday festival. Good news for us since there is even more to see. Not so much for this poor guy who keeps getting in precarious situations.


Giant ornaments in Paris


The Arc de Triomphe too


Even Belle is dressed for Christmas in France!


And a good thing she did because Pere Noel is just a few feet away explaining the holiday traditions of rural France


In the United Kingdom Father Christmas will tell you about various traditions from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. He will also guide everyone in singing some UK Christmas carols.


A lucky young volunteer can help him and will get a small magic gift to take home. This is another show that you shouldn't miss.


In Italy we have La Befana the gift giving witch who visits children on the eve of the Epiphany.


Finally it wouldn't be Christmas at EPCOT without mentioning the Candlelight Processional. This show dates all the way back to Disneyland and Walt himself. At EPCOT the show goes on 3 times a night every night with local high school choirs, a Disney orchestra, and a celebrity narrator.


Good night from EPCOT. Thanks for reading!

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I've been strolling thru various online web reports, where there is constant questioning about WHY Disney has put the entryway to the France pavilion's new Ratatouille attraction, at the side of the country's current buildings (that hold the movie and the eateries and shops), and then around the back of it and towards the new attraction's show building. And all of the back part will now be themed, including the back of the current show building.


My take on why, is the new gondola system will be above and passing by France, when it descends towards the station at the International Gateway, the side entrance to EPCOT. And it's probably too close for Disney to let the riders see all the backstage stuff, etc. So they decided to "create more of Paris" which will look more pleasing to the riders as they head towards the station.


That, and it was probably too costly, to go through the gift shop to it (a more direct route).

And the back part still had to be themed to make the new attraction work.


My five cents.


P.S. I also realize that they want to give the new attraction it's own "entryway" rather than through one of the existing buildings in France. And literally, going around the existing buildings appears to be the only way to go, to make it right. Which IMhO makes it a neat way to work with the existing show buildings and make the country more "atmospheric" to wander through and around. Besides it's attractions, and shops and eateries. And my All Time Bucket List Attraction Wish for the Showcase, is an actual (finally) second Alice In Wonderland ride for the UK. And I mean The Original Disney Alice, not the Tim Burton one. After all these years of the original ride in DL being still open and still ridden...why not another one? It's the one true attraction in the Disney Parks Universe that's never been repeated in another Disney park - ever.


This could be "the view" from the gondola, descending towards the Int.Gateway Station. Ratatouille's in the back there.

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^ I love the decision to do the new Entryway for Ratatouille. It will certainly be popular so the queue will be needed, but also it's one of the very few things going in to the Orlando Parks that literally won't be replacing anything. It's just all-new!


That said, ride is a bit overrated, I hope our version has more set immersion vs the more modern technique "replace everything with big movie screens".

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That said, ride is a bit overrated, I hope our version has more set immersion vs the more modern technique "replace everything with big movie screens".

I would agree with that. I came away from the ride liking it more than I thought I would, but I honestly went in with low expectations. If anything I think it will serve as a well needed addition to World Showcase and the trend to bring more actual rides to that part of the park continues. With everything else going on at WDW: Star Wars, Tron, Guardians, etc, I feel like Ratatouille will be a solid "B" ride compared to the rest and part of me wishes we were getting whatever the new Beauty and the Beast ride will be at Tokyo instead, but I'm still very happy this is making it's way to Epcot as we need more rides there.

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What's this? We have another "festival" event at Epcot? That now makes FOUR festivals annually if you include Food & Wine, Flower & Garden, International Art, and now what used to be Holidays Around the World has now been plussed up into what is being called "Epcot International Festival of the Holidays." Trust me, I am *NOT* complaining in the least bit because Epcot festivals are IMO some of the best times to be had at Walt Disney World and we are getting closer to Epcot having year-around festivals and I am not upset by this in the least bit!


This year's Festival of the Holidays takes the past Christmas events at Epcot and amps them up quite a bit! There are new "Holiday Kitchens" around World Showcase (the Food & Wine booths that so many of us are familiar with), new entertainment, new food & beverage offerings, and overall just a really awesome time to be had during the holidays at Epcot!


Here's some photos & videos from the first TWO days I spent at the event!


NOTE: This update was originally posted live on our Twitter:



Good morning from @WDWToday #Epcot! We will be checking out #FestivalOfTheHolidays all day today!



Chip n Dale fans rejoice! They are the mascots for Epcot’s #FestivalOfTheHolidays!



Grab your event guide and get ready to explore the holidays at Epcot!



The Odyssey has been transformed into the "Festive Center" for the holidays.




If you’re a fan of Chip n Dale you can watch their classic Christmas cartoon in the Festive Center!



“Holiday kitchens, entertainment, and merchandise have been expanded for this new #Epcot International Festival of the Holidays.”



We are about to make you very hungry as we sample some of the new Holiday Kitchen offerings!




Yes! The Cheese Fondue is back and it is WONDERFUL!!! Highly recommended!





The new Holiday Kitchen in Canada has two new offerings this year! The Tourterie was wonderful!









You’ll find Holiday Markets around World Showcase for all your Christmas Disney merchandise needs!



Two #Epcot icons in one shot!





We are currently looking for Chip n Dale’s around World Showcase! We found one, but we won’t tell you where this is!



Here are the Chip n Dale themed button sets you can choose from when you complete the scavenger hunt!



OMG! I love Belle in her red Christmas dress!



It wouldn’t be a Christmas event without Santa & Mrs. Claus! You can meet them next to American Adventure!



If visiting Santa isn’t your thing, there’s also the jolly, jolly, jolly British version Father Christmas over in the England pavilion!



I’m not sure if cheese fondue and grapefruit beer is officially a good combo, but we think it’s delicious!





There are more Holiday Kitchens around World Showcase this year and #Epcot’s new holiday event feels more like one of their seasonal festivals! We love it!






Yes... this is a Chip n Dale themed holiday event and we think that is AMAZING!!! More Chip n Dale merchandise, please!




Chip n Dale fans! You an get this new #FestivalOfTheHolidays shirt and they will sit right on your back shoulder!








I thought these Christmas decorations over in the France pavilion were pretty cool!





Wow! The French Canadian Tourtiere was wonderful. That and the fondue are so far my “must haves” of this event!



Tonight's Candlelight Processional host!



Loved tonight’s Candlelight Processional hosted by @AnaGasteyer! She was fantastic! Watch the replay of our live stream:






If you’re a fan of the Candlelight Processional, booking a dinner package is the way to go! Here’s some info on options and pricing.





Look, I am not a “religious person” at all, but that doesn’t stop the Candlelight Processional from being a GREAT show filled with wonderful music!






Here are more of the cookies from the “Cookie Nook!” They are all good, but that cream cheese ginger snap... OMG!



The #EpcotHolidays Christmas tree lit up at night!


The last 60 seconds of Holiday Illuminations is just bonkers! Watch this clip over & over!





What a fantastic day @WDWToday #EpcotHolidays! The new Festival of the Holidays is just a wonderful time to be here! In fact, I’m coming back tomorrow!



I said we would be back today and we’re back!





Starting out with two items I didn’t try yesterday.. Mongolian beef bun & pork rice bowl! I I recommend both!



Of course @ElissaAlvey is already sucking down all the Potstickers! Good luck getting any for yourself!



Because one fondue isn’t enough for @ElissaAlvey! Seriously, the fondue is the highlight of @WDWToday #EpcotHoliday Kitchens!



We just found Chip n Dale in #Japan! Won’t give away the actual location but we hope they sell this one at some point because we love it!


Thank you again for reading and to those of you who followed us LIVE on Twitter during this update! Now please...



Edited by robbalvey
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So, with a TON of Chip & Dale stuff available..... how's Elissa's wallet doing?


And out of all that glorious-looking food available.....what the heck is "Canadian ketchup"?

Is there maple syrup in it, or something like that? Never heard of a specific kind, like that.


Awesome TR, Robb! Thanks for posting all of it.

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