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  1. This is awesome! I don't have an iPhone or Apple Watch, but it's so cool to see the graphs you guys are posting. Have you considered plotting altitude vs time, color-coded by -- or overlaid with -- the force data? That would give a sort of stretched-out track profile.
  2. It should be the 2019 poll, because it's conducted in 2019, and there's no ambiguity that it's the most current poll. If it were rating ONLY coasters that were introduced in 2018, then you'd be justified in calling it the "Best of 2018 Poll", but that's not what it is.
  3. El Loco accident victim was a double amputee: https://www.lasvegasnow.com/news/local-news/woman-who-fell-from-circus-circus-roller-coaster-is-double-amputee-report-says/1900365330
  4. Has there been any news about IMG Worlds of Legends? That project sounded amazing, but I'll be happily surprised if it actually gets built.
  5. This was my biggest concern about seeing Hamilton. I'm not a fan of rap, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed those parts of the show. The lyrics are very well written, with a few really clever rhymes. I was also happy that I was able to understand and follow most of the lyrics without having heard the soundtrack, but I agree that the soundtrack would help someone decide if they'd enjoy the show. Thanks for the review, Robb!
  6. I finally had a chance to ride StratosFear at Knoebels, and it's even better than I remember the other ones being. Instant lift off the seat, but not "ejector" airtime where your shoulders bash into the restraints. After a second or two, just when think you should be back in your seat, you keep falling, and then finally you slam into the seat when it hits the brakes. This is the most thrilling model of drop tower, bar none. IMO it's better than every Intamin tower (including 1st and 2nd gen) and definitely better than S&S towers. On this trip, I rode SFA's 2nd-gen Intamin tower the day before Knoebels, and Hersheypark's new S&S drop tower the day after. There's simply no comparison. Larson/ARM wins every time.
  7. Looks very nice so far! I'd love to have an alphabetical list of parks, or maybe be able to sort the Massive List of Coasters by park.
  8. LOL it looks like you're trying to put on a brave smile to hide your terror, but failing miserably! I think I was actually grimacing, but it's hard to recall after receiving a beating like that. Totally agree, that was probably my first enjoyable Boomerang ride. I hope to see more parks using these new restraints.
  9. Praise Jeebus for those new restraints on Hyperspace Mountain! They look like a huge improvement to what was previously a painful ride. For comparison, here's my onride photo from last year:
  10. Thanks for the review Robb, I hadn't heard of these events before. Does it work like a buffet, where you go to each food/wine station? Is there any limit to the number of times you can visit the same station?
  11. Thanks for the report, Robb. Did you use TKTS for all the shows you saw, or did you buy any tickets in advance?
  12. Robb, how would you rate the "completeness" of the park, compared to the other Disney parks? Do you think they have enough rides and attractions to justify a trip?
  13. Some people are totally unable to deal with moderated discussion forums. But with all the abusive comments that get posted, I think it's extremely valuable to block them from this forum and TPR's other social media.
  14. I agree, the last three paragraphs are identical in both articles. The standing 19-year-old rider was the fatality on the pirate-ship ride, not on this Top Spin-style ride.
  15. Thanks for the report, Robb! STK should be a great addition -- I love the one in Vegas.
  16. In keeping with the "historic" nature of this announcement, I hope Mean Streak is history. Give it the RMC treatment.
  17. Maybe we should have played with Alicia's naughty bits to try to get her turned on...
  18. I totally agree with Robb that Medusa is a top five coaster. I think I'd even call it my #1 woodie, just a tiny notch above Outlaw Run -- and that's comparing daytime Medusa to insane nighttime rides on Outlaw Run. I can't even imagine how awesome Medusa must be at night. And yes, I'm calling Medusa a woodie. I know it uses I-Box track instead of Topper Track, but screw it, it just FEELS like a woodie, unlike New Texas Giant and Iron Rattler. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give Iron Rattler a 6, New Texas Giant an 8, Outlaw Run a 10, and Medusa a 10+. (I haven't ridden Goliath yet.) Do whatever you can to get down here to Six Flags Mexico. It REALLY IS that good. And with a Platinum Flash Pass, you can ride it ten times with just a short wait inside the station.
  19. Looks great, thanks for the photos! Do they have any estimate on an opening date?
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