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Tommy Tutone?

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It must have something to do with the "868-5309"* that everyone is putting in their posts...


I mean, I know it's a song...and I assums that Tommy Tutone sung the song? I dunno, I haven't brushed up on my old-school music for quite some time now It must be some inside joke...


*PS- I replaced the "7" with an "8" because, well, just see what happens when you type it in

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That's because it's an MP3.


*~* Jon "I do NOT enjoy sex with people dressed up as animals" Roost


Hurr!!! My bad. Usually something like that is video. I didnt bother to see it being an MP3.




I accually dont see anything wrong with that. As long there is human underneath that animal suit, that is all that really matters. I think it would be kinda fun!!

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Do we have to have a topic every time this forum has a name that doesn't end with the word "Donkey's"?

Do we ALWAYS have to talk about theme parks & roller coasters?


If the name of the forum is "Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, & Tommy Tutone!" then it's TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE to have a thread about Tommy Tutone!





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I think that Wes ought to change his name to "I ENJOY SEX WITH PEOPLE DRESSED UP LIKE ANIMALS."


Hey, this is not what I wrote!


I wrote:


Wes should change his name to "Wes 8 6 7 5 3 0 9."


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