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The Looping-Slide strikes back!

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OK, maybe it will add something.


I just don't see how you keep every single person from stalling out. The chance of injury and then additional bad news for the industry seems awfully high with an attraction like this.


Will I ride it? I would cetainly give it a shot.

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Surely there would have to be some kind of weight restriction for riders so no-one valleys!


Would the weight restriction go in both directions? I know that my wife goes a lot slower down the slides than I do and I've always figured that it was due to her tinyness.


Yes, smaller people are generally slower, BUT they will also need less force to go upwards. So basically a weight restriction would not make too much sense. Of course, someone that is too fat might get stuck though

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I'll def try it, looks great, wonder which park will buy the design 1st..


Does that pav the way for inline twists and more camelbacks on a waterside.


Probably not. Unless the tube was only semi-circle instead of a completly enclosed tube (like that would ever happen) it would be pretty hard or impossible to make it any different from straight track or an airtime hill. A Corkscrew on a waterslide is more plausible.

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