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Valleyfair (VF) Discussion Thread

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Arrow and Morgan use similar braking systems (including mounting brackets). When Steve Okamoto left Arrow to work for Dana Morgan, he modified the (Morgan) braking systems to work in similar (near exact) specifications as Arrow because parts suppliers were abundant (and it really reduced their costs by ALOT). I think they even use same mfg on the exhaust valves and port systems for the pneumatics as well (Parker Fluidpower).

I believe the magnetic brakes on PR was an original Morgan concept/design, but there was a company that specialized in the mfg of magnetic brake components. If correct, MF uses magnetics on there safety zone brakes-right?

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I just heard about The Wild Thing testing a few hours ago. The sad part is, is that my friends told me about it (and they're not amusement park fans ), before I heard about it. But I guess the newspaper gives the information first, instead of the internet (so I'm not that frustrated that they found out before me). And also, it would have also helped if I hadn't been outside all of the last couple of days. But oh well.


Anyways, this is good to hear that The Wild Thing is testing again. I'm guessing that it will be operating again when I visit Valleyfair! in eight days.

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^No one was seriously injured or killed and the PR people at VF appeared to have a good "damage-control" in (not) having false rumors about the incident. I think the general public is confident that the problem was resolved and believe the ride is safe.

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The markings are quite possibly similar to the BGE 07 project.


Orange markings can indicate either: undergound electrical conduit and/or some sort-of propane lines. The yellow markers may indicate any phone service lines (blue lines are usually water-type piping).


Perhaps the track/supports starting to show up in the B&M (Ohio factory) lot maybe for this ride (or the BGE -ride). A friend told me the track was a "faded" beige-orange color and a couple of supports showed up (painted and unpainted)-some supports showing a grey-silver color (perhaps the primer-base). I stated this on the BAZ site.

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^^ yes, I posted those comments/track-color on the BAZ site. But, I am only making the assumption for the BGE ride. It could be for another park, but based on the timing on the Busch ride (to begin construction) it kind-of makes sense at this point that some track/supports are already in production. I also stated there were a set of dark-blue supports on that (Ohio) site as well, but not sure if that is the color-scheme. The orange-beige track color(s) appear a bit faded, so I can't be sure if that is the final color-coat or a primer-base (and the final color is similar).

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So what are we guessing that this could be. My guess would be that B&M Valleyfair! has always wanted to get. Because from talk around, they say that the roller coaster would be inverted (or floorless), and would be around the water park. Of course, this is just what is flying around.

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Screamscape has reported the rumor was a B&M Invert slated for Valleyfair for '07. But, the report was dated back in '04 and that was over 2 yrs ago.




It would make some sense if that is the case, but I'm wondering if it could be another attraction (flat ride) and the coaster idea is now pushed back to '08 (perhaps it may afffect attention away from CP new "ride/coaster" as well as park attendance. Unless plans are already in place for the mega-pass on the Paramount/CF aquisition).

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In construction, orange marking paint means communications (phone, cable, fiber optic, etc), and yellow marking paint means a petroleum line (natural gas, oil, propane).


Thrillrider15, I'm not sure where you heard that bit about a potential invert working around the water park, because this is the first I've heard of it.


The Minnesota TPR delegation will keep you abreast as we accidentally stumble upon things.


Paul "VF ain't THAT bad" Miller

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  • 2 months later...

Valleyfair Announces Renegade – A New Wooden Roller Coaster For 2007

http://www.valleyfair.com/public/attrac ... negade.cfm



(Shakopee, MN) September 21, 2006 – Twists, turns, speed and the Old West are top features of Renegade – a new world-class wooden roller coaster to debut at Valleyfair in 2007.


Designed by Great Coasters International, Inc. (GCII) of Sunbury, Pa., $6.5 million Renegade combines the best features of out & back and twister coasters. Renegade will be the park’s seventh roller coaster. It is the first all wooden coaster to be built at Valleyfair since the High Roller was introduced in 1976.


“There won’t be a dull moment on this ride,” states Alan Schwartz, Valleyfair’s vice president & general manager. “This will be a lively, smooth ride and an exciting addition to our collection of roller coasters.”


Guests will experience a two minute adventurous ride including a never-before-experienced twisting first drop, a low-to-the-ground high-speed S-turn and a high-speed station fly-by.


Renegade will stand 104 feet tall and will drop 91 feet. It will reach a top speed of 52 mph. It will be 3,113 feet long. Two high-performance Millennium Flyer Trains will accommodate 24 passengers each (four riders per car and six cars per train).


Renegade will be located in the northwest quadrant of the park – back in the wooded area north of the Thunder Canyon water ride. Guests must be at least 48 inches tall to ride.



Renegade POV Video - Quicktime version


Renegade POV Video - MPEG Version


Renegade Offride Video - Quicktime Version

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