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Valleyfair (VF) Discussion Thread

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Status, or what we know of it:

Wild Thing: Closed, obviously.

Steel Force: Currently testing.

Mamba: Open.

Phantom's Revenge: Open, as far as we know.

Quicksilver Express: Open, as far as we know.

Santa Monica West Coaster: No idea on this one. I'm fairly sure it uses the same type of train, but it's a very different coaster.

Steel Dragon 2000: Closed, of course.

Steel Eel: Unknown.

Superman el Ultimo Escape: Unknown.


To answer your question, Kumba9, Phantom's Revenge does not use Morgan trains.

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There are 2 conflicting reports here.


One site/information is saying that the chassis is Arrow and Coaches are Morgan and another site is saying the chassis/coaches are Arrow.

I sent a message to C-M to get a confirmation on which is which, so I'll hopefully have an official word by end of the week.

I'm still sure the chassis are Arrow, but the coaches look similar to Morgan. I would even say Vekoma coaches, but will await the answer from the mfg.


From the pics on RCDB, the chassis/axles are Arrow. But, the knife-blade assembly will be the same (including the mounting brackets).

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Wow, I'm sorry guys, I thought I remedied any hard feelings my post may have created with the bit at the end, but maybe not. I apologize if my sense of humor isn't the norm, but hey, was raised on BBC comedies and South Park, so I blame the media!!!

-James "Thanks others for realizing my post was more jovial than serious" Dillaman

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No hard feelings, I actualy enjoyed reading your insights about the workings of the coasters undercarriage. I worked on the beast crew here at PKI for about a season and a half, but all I did basically was press buttons and find excuses to test ride the coaster every hour, lol.


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Pioneer Press


Sunday's Valleyfair rollercoaster accident that hurt 15 riders resulted

from a malfunctioning mounting bracket on the track, the amusement park

said today.


The bracket damaged the rear axle of the fifth car in the roller

coaster train, causing the sixth car to come uncoupled.


Those who were injured were riding in the sixth car, and they suffered

sprains and other injuries when the car came to an abrupt stop and

tilted on the track. The riders were able to climb out of the car and

take a catwalk back to the boarding platform.


The incident happened as the train was nearing the platform at the end

of its three-minute run. In that section of track, brakes slow the

train - which reaches speeds of 74 mph - and then stop it at a

platform where riders board and climb out.


Valleyfair officials did not say what caused the mounting bracket to

malfunction. But the park said it and two local engineering firms "will

thoroughly inspect and test all aspects of the ride and will make the

appropriate modifications to the ride."


Once those changes are made, the ride will be re-inspected and tested

before it re-opens, the park said.



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Whoo. Good Job with the update post!


There were reports of the ride having some problems the day before with e-stopping and other operation downtimes. I'm curious now if the proximity switches are located on this bracket (maybe the bracket was loose from vibration) and that the loose/broken bracket caused those downtimes the day before.


I'm just glad no one was seriously hurt or killed. I wonder why the bracket failed in the first place since that should be a required daily inspection on the morning maintenance. Perhaps rusted bolts (and the vibration of the track as the trains pass by finally caused it to break loose). I can imagine the other Morgan coasters at the parks will have the brackets inspected now, even though that is supposed to be a required daily inspection (even on B&M coasters).

Thanks for the update!!!

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Ya. I'm asking the same question here. My guess is that it is what hold up the block brakes (lol. I don't know. just a guess. ).



Thanks PKIDelirium for the report. My question is what caused the bracket to fail (but the park has not released the info. on that yet).

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Am I crazy or is a bracket failing a lot better than maybe a Morgan wide coach problem? Because isn't a bracket failure a maitenence oops? I don't really know, but this seems like something that can be quickly fixed and easily prevented from happening again.

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I was going off the original press release on this post. The second post (news report) was clearer in describing that the two incidents (Sat & Sun) were not related. The original press release did not state anything about if they were related or not so, now I know. Thanks for the second news report.


I've tried looking over those accident pictures posted here and cannot see the bracket they are talking about. Assuming this bracket is part of the proxi-switch(es) mounting plate.


Generally, those brackets (if they are holding the proximity switches) are mounting along the brake run and just used to secure the switch units (quad-sensors some call them). The sensors determine the speed of each train and trim or stop the train in the brakes (depending on what the computer is programmed). The only other bracket I could "possibly" see it a bracket actually holding the brake (air) lines and/or electrical conduit piping along the track.


All in all, I am completely mystified on how this was (perhaps) missed in the first place. Assuming the report was stated where they had inspectors perform the routine inspections and so forth. Or, this could be a freak incident of pure metal fatigue and just may have been overlooked.


Quote>>>Every winter, rides are taken apart and the integrity of the metal components is tested, officials said. There are also monthly, weekly and daily checklists that staff inspectors go through, said Tip Harrison, the park's physical plant director. The daily checks are made in the morning, before the ride opens, and at an afternoon shift change. <<<< Startribune site (http://www.startribune.com/462/story/454833.html)


Oh well, at least they found the problem and just goes to show how a part like that can really create a serious situation and the pics and show the result. I actually think now that if my idea of a mis-aligned brake/knife blade caused this, the brake unit(s) themselves would have alot of damage also, but the pics are not able to show much either way.

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Am I the only person who thinks Valleyfair needs a new spokesman? Check out the newest video at WWW.KSTP.COM. That guy doesn't really seem at ease speaking in front of the camera, does he?


I also love how the reporter repeatedly quotes "an expert", but doesn't ever say who it is or what his or her credentials are. Don't you love how the American media can just invent things and spread it to the masses?

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^ You have just made your point regarding the "American" media...lol

I clicked on the link and it says the site is under repair. Hmm.

There was a thread going (I believe Rob started it) about how the media (in America) is not the best in terms of ethics and honest journalism. I cannot find the link at the moment.

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Thanks for the video. I was wondering what exactly went wrong, instead of a broad explanation. Plus that video from that cell phone makes the image in my head all different now.


I guess it will be that The Wild Thing will be down for Memorial weekend (of course). I'm just hoping that it opens when we go on our last day of school (June 9th). But the trip is on the line of "it depends". So I guess we'll have to see what happens.

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^^Ok that link worked well, thanks!


One thing that bothered me in the report is that the newslady stated that it has "happened before across the country (problems with 'these' brackets)". What isn't clear is if it is only prone to Morgan-rides or other mfg. coasters affected as well.

Even so, I wonder if Morgan has even put out a Service Bulletin (TSB) on the part(s). There is a manufacturers site where they list updated TSB items/problems and none of them has Morgan listed in any coaster item(s). The only one I have seen in the past 6 months is Disney's CA. (Ca-Screamin') a exhaust port/valve modification to their brake system (which caused the crash of 2 trains awhile back).


In my years of working maintenance on coasters (mostly Arrow), I have NEVER heard that a mounting bracket was to "function" or perform a duty during a ride cycle..lol I actually never seen a malfunctioning bracket EVER. It is a general part of the daily maintenance routine to check the clearance of those brackets/brakes/proximity switches/track deformations and so on. Arrow and Morgan (caliper brake runs) use very similar brake brackets.

If it is a braking bracket, it simply just holds the brake unit along the track (and hopefully it supports the braking pad/unit on the track). Maybe it got misaligned during a ride cycle and the next train actually hit it. Or the bolts simply were rusted out. Strange indeed.


Thanks for the Vid link Mr. Morgan!

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Am I crazy or is a bracket failing a lot better than maybe a Morgan wide coach problem? Because isn't a bracket failure a maitenence oops? I don't really know, but this seems like something that can be quickly fixed and easily prevented from happening again.


It's a lot better than a Morgan randomly chucking a wheel into a swimming pool!

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Any updates on other Morgan coasters being down (for inspection or possible upgrades)?


I've heard Phantom's Revenge has been running one train, but that was due to issues with their magnetic braking system. But, I'm wondering if they are having any inspections on their bracket-system also.

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Sorry for the double post, but there may be mis-information stated on the PR@Kennywood. The proposed reason for the 1 train operation now is possibly due to a lift motor error/malfunctioning e-stop error and perhaps 2 train operation is causing the lift to keep shutting down. Maybe a brake issue is part of it also, but the report changes daily now it seems. Anyone from/around the park can confirm that (1 train operation on Phantom's Revenge)?

Maybe its not related to the Valleyfair incident, but I would assume that ride (PR) would be inspected if the mfg. is related.

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