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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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I have ridden Aera 19 during the daytime and it was alright. They just theme the queue to be like Aera 51. And the on-board audio is different, during the actually ride part the play Let the Bodies hit the Floor by Drowning Pool, which I think fits the ride better than Beastie Boys. They might have other stuff at night.

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Being that I've gone to SFMM a bajillion times, it seems to me that no matter how many people are in the park the best way to skip the lines is to pick one (or two if theres not a long line yet) of the coasters at the front (I usually hit X2 and Tatsu if I can), then just hit all the coasters in the back of the park in order from Deja to Goliath. Most of the crowds go straight for the coasters they see when they walk in, and don't know about the ones at the back. Also, it is always a great idea to ask for single rider. It's not always open, but especially on rides like Riddler where the line gets backed up in a sweaty room for no reason, it's the best way to get on the ride aside from a Flash Pass. Also, for those that don't know the park, you can walk directly into the exit of Revolution and follow it all the way to the top of the hill if you wan't to skip walking around X2 and Viper. Hope this helped somebody!


EDIT: DO NOT ask the Ride-op's about empty seats, it is annoying to them

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^ I agree with this. Though, I tend to skip X2 and go to Tatsu first then get multiple rides of Deja Vu and Termy.


But I just laugh at the thought of people waiting 10-30 minutes for Revolution and Viper.


Every time I go to Six Flags and make an observation, people ride these rides first.... what a complete waste of time, I think. You can catch them as walk ons later on in the day..... goes to show that many people go for the ride they see first.

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All I'm saying is, that as a coaster enthusiast, you should not use your knowledge to pester busy ride ops. If there is a single rider line, use it. We should be the least of the ride operators concerns, not the ones coming up the exit acting like were entitled to skipping the line without purchasing a pass that allows us to do so. I know if I was a ride operator, it would annoy the poop out of me, especially if they were rocking any coaster related clothing.


We need to respect each other by respecting the parks and their employees. If you are not happy with the status or lack of a single rider line, stop by guest relations and let them know!

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All I'm saying is, that as a coaster enthusiast, you should not use your knowledge to pester busy ride ops. If there is a single rider line, use it.

I couldn't agree more. If you're one of those people who goes up the exit and points out empty seats to the ride ops after they tell you the single rider line is closed, then you are ANNOYING THE RIDE OPERATORS!!!


I speak from experience on this. You should always, always, ALWAYS respect what the ride ops says. You are NOT above them.





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Last night was probably the most crowded I have ever seen the park. They were parking people in front of the toll booths and on the whole road to the parking lot. Overflow was completely full and the line of cars went nearly all the way to X2's final raven turn. But regardless, I had a great time at the park yesterday, and Fright Fest is certainly a step up from years previous.


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^ I agree completely! Unless it's a slow cloudy day on the off season, or a TPR event, I just don't go to SFMM without planning to add a Flashpass.


They may be expensive, but totally worth it on crowded days. And I will NEVER ride Green Lantern without a Flashpass in my hand!

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Went to SFMM today. Overall, the Fright Fest special features were much less than expected. X2's soundtrack was pretty cool, but its retheme left much to be desired. Thumper Bumpers was no where near the quality of a techno party ride that SFGAm puts on with Terror Twister. And the coasters in the dark kind of failed because the coasters that were supposed to be dark were lit up. I finally got to ride Colossus Backwards too! It mayyyyy have reached my pain threshold, but it was definitely an interesting experience. Still though, it was a fun day at Magic Mountain. Lines were pretty much nonexistent until the afternoon, but once Fright Fest started up at 7, all of the lines died. Also, as far as operations at SFMM go, they were pretty on it today. Most of the rides weren't really stacking, and if they were, it wasn't for too long. Certainly, they're no Disney, but they're definitely not lessening my park experience with operations. I didn't do any of the scare zones or mazes cause I'm a poosay, Also, you'll be happy about this, Robb, I saw some guy walking around with a Club TPR shirt on. So a shout out to you, Mr. Club TPR Shirt Guy.


I kinda found it ridiculous how the Snickers Fright Fest is sponsored by Party City....but it keeps the park in business.


This was about as extensive as X2 Area 19's theming got. Save for the one little flying saucer that they had next to the lift hill.


For you painting nerds...you're not gonna have to wait too much longer.


The weather today was less than desirable too!!! Although it made for a cool and creepy setting. Perfect for Fright Fest.


My camera is crap, but you can kind of see the "light show" put on for Thumper Bumpers.

So while SFMM didn't really put on that great of a Halloween experience from what I personally saw, I have to say that I do like what they're trying. Area 19 and Thumper Bumpers are both really good ideas executed poorly. SFMM needs to retheme X2's queue and station a little more to give it a full re theme feel, and they need to take a page out of SFGAm's book in theming Thumper Bumpers. I also feel like they should work to make their "dark" rides darker. I understand that they need to keep some lights like the lift hill ones at all times, but Viper's turn around was illuminated, and if they're going to advertise it as a pitch black ride, they should really turn their flood lights off on it.


Still though, looking at SFMM through a non-haunt oriented POV, they're still doing awesome. I saw a lot of management walking around, lots of really friendly employees, and the place is just all around fun.

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Hello I just got home from my to MM for FF had a blast. My friends and I went from Friday till Sunday, did rides friday night, mazes saturday night and rode some rides sun morning before heading back home. To point out I also saw the TPR shirt guy on mu sunday trip so heres another shout out to you MR.


This was the best thing at area 19


I thought this sign looked awsome at night never had really paid attention to it


Me just having fun


Shot close to termy as you go down the hill from tatsu





I love these tombstones i think they are really funny


and another


and I had to take some awsome X2 flamethrower pics as i left the park



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