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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2218 - Wonder Woman Roller Coaster for 2022!

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hopefully they will focus on flat rides going forth as well, and I'm not talking removal of.


Speaking of Mr. Six, here's a bit of coffee table discussion for you. Did you know prior to the creation of Mr. Six, that all of the previous ads designed for Six Flags/Premier occurred about 6 blocks from my current location? They also created ads for the NBA and other high profile clients of which I was able to preview many of the ads in their state of the art stadium seating multiple projection room. The firm, Ackerman Mcqueen was relieved of their duties shortly after the turn of the century. Afterwhich Mr. Six became popular.


You can check out previous advertisements for six flags by using the search feature on their site typing in "six Flags"



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Funny thing, even as recently as earlier this year, during the spiel instructing riders how to board, secure restraints, etc., it still referred to SFMM as "The Xtreme Park!" The whole "Xtreme Park" thing was phased out a few years ago if I recall.


But then, there's still a picture of a troll inside the Sandblasters ride...



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A quick photo-free TR from yesterday's visit:


The very tip-top of Superman's tower sports a classy red color. There's a long way to go before it'll be point-and-shoot camera worthy.


Goliath's midcourse seemed to be biting even harder than its usual slam to a near stop. On one of our two laps we sat parked for a good 5-10 seconds before creeping over the drop into the helix. It was a little colder than it's been, but the train was fully loaded at the time.


There was nothing doing at Batman's extended queue, at least nothing visible from Batman, the adjacent walkway or Riddler's lift.


Squads of junior / peewee cheerleaders choked the entrance plaza at park open. I feared for my sanity, but needn't have worried. The park was as quiet as I'd expected for the Sunday after Halloween. Most rides were station waits. At 2 pm the lineup for X2 started at the split. Trains 2 and 3 were running, with audio a fail on 3.


Discover Card holders were allowed into the park 5 minutes early. Everyone else saluted the nation's veterans while the national anthem played a la Cedar Fair. That was a change since my last visit this summer.

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What's the mode called when they don't use any trims or breaks (unil the end of course) and they put the lift hill at full speed? Now that would be a fun ride on Goliath!


I'm really interested as to what Superman is going to look like when it's all said and done. I've gotten so used to seeing the big gray tower in the sky that it's going to be an interesting change. I'm actually surprised Magic Mountain has started painting it already. I figured they would wait unil next spring.

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Not sure what it's called but it would be brutal on Goliath. I would be there ready to ride it if they ever did it, though.


Long-time lurker here at TPR, but just a quick question. I'm headed out to SFMM this weekend with a bunch of friends and we're trying to figure out which day to go. Thursday is out of the question already. Will Saturday or Sunday be more crowded?


Also just so I know what to expect, anyone have a somewhat updated list what rides will be closed this weekend?

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I'd suggest Sunday.


The parks open an hour later and the crowds won't be nearly as big.


Odd to hear about Goliath coming to a stand still on the block, but from what I've heard they can't keep the ride from going too fast, so maybe it's come down to that. Without the lifthill slowdown and block break on heavily, it is a different ride.


Superman is going to look weird painted red, blue and yellow.

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Further odds & ends from yesterday:


Log Jammer has a sign out front saying it's closed until Spring.


Roaring Rapids is drained, probably for it's annual rehab.


Suzette's Bakery is selling pumpkin spice funnel cakes as the special of the month. Now if only their prices were more consumer-friendly........but with the long lines every day towards closing that probably won't happen soon.


Terminator was experimenting with having the line go straight through the pre-show areas while having the videos playing continuously ("What do you mean you didn't watch the pre-show? Everyone has to watch the pre-show!"). Time-wise it was probably about the same as the old system, just with more of the waiting being indoors. They would, according to one of the ops there, be evaluating this system shortly to determine whether to keep it or not. The up side is that if there's no line, you presumably wouldn't have to watch the pre-show. The down side is if the line is moving slowly or the ride is temporarily down, you'll end up seeing the same video segment repeatedly (I saw the 3rd video 2.5-3 times on one go-through).

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I really need to get out to Magic Mountain when Superman opens. From just watching the videos I've seen of Tower of Terror II at Dreamworld in Australia, this is gonna be really intense. I've never been to Magic Mountain before. Hopefully I can get out there when it opens. Here's a video of the launch on ToTII. Looks awesome!



Can say the launch is great and those worried about the forces have nothing to worry about as it is a smooth comfortable launch. "Front" seat is a must as the rest of the rows don't feel as intense. As for the launch it is going as high for us as it was before the upgrade but I understand it isn't running at 100% so will be interesting to see what happens once the upgrade is complete (they were installing TV screens last time I was there in the queue and I understand are still doing other enhancements). It is a very unique and fun experience (especially with the tunnel) if only the queues weren't over an hour, even with a Q-bot!


Below shows how high it was going up the tower the day I visited.


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