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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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One thing that I had never noticed till today, was for viper, termy, deja vu, batman, scream, and goliath. Right before the train dispatch the ride op comes over the intercom and yells "is everybody ready" with enthusiasm. and everyone in the train cheers back. Personally it made me feel like I was at cedar point.


I was there today too and noticed this. I like it but over time if you're waiting a while it can get pretty annoying. At least thats how I felt.

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Did a quick visit to the park today to get a parking pass, check out Hurricane Harbor construction and more...here are some photos. Also, I casually asked about the "Parent / Child Swap Pass" that Shapiro mentioned on the call yesterday at Guest Relations and they had no idea what I was talking about.


I haven't really paid attention IN the park in some time, so after a ride on Terminator (NO AUDIO ON EITHER TRAIN) I headed up to the Sky Tower to see some pieces that didn't make it onto the ride.


Fire was working which was nice as I know it's had issues lately. Wonder what they're going to do about the audio issues though.


Here you can see the overview of the Construction area at Hurricane Harbor where they have bulldozed the 'tween bucket area' in preparation for Mr. Six's Splash Island.


There was no change or work to the 42'' Height Requirement Kiddie Coaster. You can still see the track sitting where we had our WCB Tour, and the site is just sitting there, no footers or anything.

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It was funny when I rode it yesterday it toke me to after I got off and walked down the stairs to have it cross my mind that there was no audio. I guess it shows how much I pay attention.


Does anyone know why terminator's audio dosen't work alot. Because I have yet to go on X2 with the audio off. Whereas Termy it seems to be off more than half the time.

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Also, I casually asked about the "Parent / Child Swap Pass" that Shapiro mentioned on the call yesterday at Guest Relations and they had no idea what I was talking about.

Not to ask a stupid question but what is this Child pass thing? And as for Terminator's audio it could be that it's a wooden coaster vs. X2's steel.

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The Child Swap at least the way it works at disneyland. Is for parents who are with kids who each want go on big rides without leaving there kids alone. So one will wait in line and go on the ride. Then when they get off the other one gets a fastpass or for this case a flashlane pass and go on the ride rather than both waiting in 2 hour lines each.

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^^The 'Parent Pass' was mentioned on the Mark Shapiro call yesterday. I believe he said something to the effect of "it will be at all parks by tomorrow!" It's just a really good program for allowing child swapping on the bigger rides. SFGAd does an AMAZING job with it, and I never understood why the other Six Flags parks didn't adopt it. I have asked several times for them to implement this program at SFMM and it never was. Hopefully it will be coming in the near future.


For those of you who have no idea what 'child swapping' is, it simply means that one parent waits in line and rides the ride while the other waits with the child who is too short or too scared to go on the ride. When the riding parent gets off the ride, the parent who waited is allowed to go up an exit or flashpass line for immediate boarding instead of having to wait twice. Usually the waiting parent is allowed to bring one other person with them so they don't have to ride alone.

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^Exactly. Disney and Universal have been doing this for a very long time, the other parks are starting to catch on.


Tokyo Disney Resort offers the coolest child swapping EVER!!! I would have a kid just to experience it!


You get to walk through scenery and through secret passages with a Disney Cast Member!!!!

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Just in time for family fun in the sun, our very own amusement park, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, has announced the addition of a new attraction for 2010 - Mr. Six's Splash Island. Named after the company's fun-loving, iconic dancing mascot, the interactive play area will open to the public on Memorial Day weekend.


Mr. Six's Splash Island will boast water slides, rain curtains and squirting effects to keep everyone cool in the hot California sun. Mom and dad can relax in nearby lounge chairs while keeping an eye on the little ones as they explore a variety of water play platforms and fountains throughout the structure.


"Mr. Six is a very popular figure at Six Flags and we are excited to have Mr. Six's Splash Island in Hurricane Harbor. This area compliments our new coaster, Mr. Six's DanceCoaster, opening the same weekend next door at the theme park," said Jay Thomas, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor Park President. "Hurricane Harbor is a huge draw throughout the Southern California area and with the addition of Mr. Six's Splash Island, we are continuing our commitment to providing a wide array of affordable family entertainment."


Mr. Six's Splash Island will join a host of thrilling attractions in Hurricane Harbor including Tornado, a six-story funnel of fun, over 23 unique water slides, wave pool and lazy river. Bigger, better and wetter than ever, Hurricane Harbor is ready to keep Southern Californian's cool all summer long.




Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, the water park located next to Six Flags Magic Mountain, will add a new water play area in time for Memorial Day weekend.


Mr. Six’s Splash Island, themed to the frenetically dancing senior citizen who serves as a spokes-character for the amusement park chain, will be aimed at young children and their parents.


The interactive water play structure will boast a series of kid-sized water slides, squirting fountains and a giant dump-bucket rain curtain amid a shallow wading pool.


Splash Island will be the second new attraction named for Mr. Six this summer at the Valencia amusement park, with the transplanted Mr. Six DanceCoaster (from the defunct Six Flags New Orleans) becoming the 17th roller coaster at Magic Mountain.


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I was at the park on Sunday and Monday and it was pretty good. Sunday was busier than Monday, but no rediculous waits with plenty of re-rides and walk-ons for the taking. Deja Vu was closed all day Sunday (we did see a test and miscatch sometime in the afternoon), but was open for business on Monday. Overall, ops were great with limited amounts of stacking.


I noticed this new high-five thing going on at all the rides when exiting. I guess its nice to have enthusiastic employees and what not, but I'm not big on the touching. Big props for them keeping up on their speils and the clapping while returning to the station. And I chuckle everytime I hear "Revolution, the one loop wonder"


Some other things I noticed...

They have torn out the pond that used to sit below Revolution's final spiral. The ground has been flattened and covered in fertilizer, I assume some kind of flowers will be going in there.


They have started prepping the concrete to put in holders for extended queue poles near the entrance of X2. This will definately be a much classier approach than a couple of trash cans with rope strung between them.


X2's audio on train 2 was on the fritz Sunday. It would start playing the lift portion of the soundtrack while in the station, but then cut out when it got to the part when you drop. It seemed to be fine on Monday.

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I don't mind the enthusiastic people at the ride control panels, but a few of them have voices that are quite annoying---one particular one at Goliath comes to mind. She almost sounds like the "Allison" who makes the in-park announcements, only SCREAMING!


The high-fives on the way out are cool and I don't mind doing that. Even Mr. Six has high-fived me a couple of times during my travels around the park.


I'm not sure what to think about the suggestion to try "fill-in-the-blank" attraction. Most people are capable of figuring out what they want to ride...


As for the above-mentioned, gum-popping "Allison," I find her to be quite annoying. To me, she sounds like a 16-year-old baby sitter. Her spiel might as well say something like, "Hi everyone, it's me, Allison! *POP!* I just got the kids down for a nap and had a few minutes to tell you something..." Honestly, I'd like to hear these announcements made by the same guy who makes the announcements at the loading platforms. (The guy who says, "An attendant will be by to check you momentarily...") To me, he has a soothing, straightforward, easy to understand voice.



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^Isn't that the same voice they used to use for the park annoucements? I agree I would much prefer that. Its always interesting that the ops always suggest something thats always on the other side of the park. AND, I still find it strange they suggest orange chicken and funnel cakes...REALLY?


Now that I think about it, there are few other things I noticed this trip that I didnt notice when I was there in January (nor any of my trips last year)...


The National Anthem now plays at park opening. How long has that been there? At least its better than the lil shows they used to have out there. Its probably a lot more cost effective for them as well.


The pre-recorded speil on Batman. I like!


Perhaps it was just the lead who was running the ride, but on Deja Vu, they were blasting the horn as you fly backwards through the station. Pretty cool stuff. Just wish they'd add some station/queue music as its really quiet back there between cycles.

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Allison, the hostess with the mostest? And then something about trying the donuts at the Cyber Cafe?

I hear her spiel whenever I take the O. Express up the hill.


I wish the Tatsu ops, which we've mentioned many, many times, along with the aforementioned Goliath op, wouldn't repeat "Is everybody in?" a la the X2 recorded spiel so many times. I rode Tatsu 3 times during morning ERT and they used it each time.

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^ They were saying that today. I've heard it on most of my visits in the last few years.


I was at the park today too. I like the new spiel they have on Batman. Today was the first time I have heard it and also the first time I have heard them play the National Anthem. I agree that "Allison" is annoying and I have never heard any ride ops on any other rides use the "is everybody in" line. They were blasting the horn on Deja Vu today which I like and I also enjoy the clapping and high fiving.


The repaint of Colossus has begun. There was a painting crew off to the right side of the lift hill painting what I assume are new pieces of wood which are going to be used on the coaster since they were being painted white.


Panda Express is now offering two new combos. Orange Chicken/Sweetfire Chicken and Broccoli Beef/Sweetfire Chicken. They now have 5 combos available. I am happy about this since Orange Chicken and Sweetfire Chicken are two of my favorites items.


The park was deserted today. I got on 46 total rides which is the second highest total I've ever had and the highest total I've ever had on a day the park closed at 6:00.


Here are my totals. All of them were walk ons except my very first ride on X2 right when the park opened in which I waited 10 minutes.


X2: 3 times. Two more times later in the day. The first ride was great but the other two were very rough which is why I only rode 3 times even with no line. On the third ride I slammed my head into the back of the seat. First time that has happened to me. Hopefully it doesn't happen again since I've never had a problem on X2 before and it is my #1 coaster overall.


Viper: 3 times in a row without exiting the train.


Revolution: 3 times. Once then two more times later. Only had to switch rows. The three smoothest rides on Revolution I have had with the OTSR's. Still not as good as it was without them but riding with no headbanging today was a very welcome experience.


Tatsu: 5 times. Twice in the morning. Three more later. Rode twice in a row two separate time and only had to change seats both times. Somebody barfed while I was waiting for the 5th ride but it was only delayed about 2-3 more minutes by the time I got there.


Superman: 2 times. Both walk ons but had to exit and come back since there were barely enough people in line to fill one train.


Deja Vu: 6 times. Three sets of two each. First time stayed in my seat. Second and third time only had to switch seats.


Terminator Salvation: 6 times. 4 times without exiting the train and two times later without exiting.


Gold Rusher: 2 times in a row. Only had to change rows.


Riddler's Revenge: 5 times. Three times without exiting and my last two rides of the day, both in the front row without exiting. A ride op recognized me. This is starting to happen a lot.


Batman: 2 times. Walk ons but had two exit and come back. Barely enough people in line to fill one train.


Colossus: 2 times without exiting the train.


Scream: 3 times in a row. Only had to switch rows.


Goliath: 4 times in a row. Only had to switch rows. I was wearing my Goliath t-shirt which I bought on ebay a couple weeks ago for 99 cents too.


Also I met a TPR member while riding Terminator Salvation today who was at WCB. I enjoyed talking to you. Sorry I didn't get a chance to get your name. If you see this message feel free to say it was you if you want to.

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Lol, Elissa, i hope the Terminator in the sky tower was okay. I went up there for the first time at WCB and was documenting the place on my cell phone camera. I totally tripped over the gun like piece in your picture due to lack of paying attention.. I looked around and it seemed ok, and there was an employee up there who asked if it was okay and said he sees it all the time. I swear the tower swayed when I hit the ground, but overall it was pretty funny. And I got a good view of the rather small wooden coaster that pushed its way into my number one wooden spot that very morning, so I was happy. Damn, I am posting from my bed right now, wishing it was a comfortable as a Millennium Flyer Train, those Timberliners had better be great, cause the GCI trains are damn awesome! So are their rides IMO!

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They were blasting the horn on Deja Vu today which I like and I also enjoy the clapping and high fiving.

If you don't mind me asking (anybody can answer) what is this horn? Also good to hear Colossus is getting painted everything should be nice and spiffy for the Anniversary next year.


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^Its the airhorn they use to signal the start of the ride. Similar to the one on Scream.


Also, audio was hit or miss on Terminator Sunday and Monday. Sometimes it would play, sometimes it wouldnt. Or you would get some audio on the lift, but none again till you hit the brake run.

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