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  1. any ride is worth riding once, I think if you ask most people in this communnity, they'll agree. Kumba, IMO is actually worth a few rides.
  2. ^hahaha, yeah, if it's someone's first coaster, I wouldn't take them on a Vekoma. Once they regain consciousness, they may never want to get on another coaster... -James
  3. Do you think they might add another coaster to the park in the new 15 acre expansion? That'd be nice, wouldn't it?
  4. Nice looking coaster, Jeff. I was one of the lucky few who got to ride the Kentucky Rumbler and get the guided tour with you guys. GCII's are amazing and I hope you build a ton more so I can go ride them all! -James
  5. Everybody who wants to meet up that I know about, I have PM'ed my cell number to. If anyone else can make it this Saturday (April 22nd) to King's Dominion, let me know and we can meet up. The more the merrier, as Julia has never been to PKD, and it's been years since I have. -James Dillaman
  6. It is easily the best flume I've been on, we came off soaked head to toe. The concrete trough had a bunch of little hills in it, so you'd hit a wall of water, one of these walls of water is what the boat's hitting in the picture. -James
  7. I have a bunch, but I already spent 3 hours tracking down lesourdsville lake pics, but if you need any of a certain ride or different angles, let me know and I'll go through them all.... I'm thinking people have it covered, though.
  8. Here's some of the best I have, sorry most have me and my brother in them, but I tried to include the most ride-oriented ones I could find (my dad was the one with the camera, not me, I didn't start taking pictures until 2002. These are from August of 2001, at Screech Fest, Regional ACE event. -james The crack the Whip ride I believe this was called the Serpent or something like that, fun little coaster You got soaked on their Log Flume, but man, was it ever fun the Station at night Screechin Eagle The Belle of LeSourdsville and the Lake in the middle of the park
  9. Robb, I have some photos, I'll go dig them out right now. I also have some Stricker's Grove photos, if you'd like them, too? If you want, where should I post those? -James[/i]
  10. In response to them not having a dry-run day: I'm only holding them up to standards other parks seem to have no problem keeping, besides, I went on Sunday, the park had already been open 2 days before. Any problems that are minor should have been weeded out. I know all the rides had been cycling before hand, because I talked with people who work there that I know who were there for training weeks ago. If they maintained there rides properly during the offseason, I doubt so many would not be working. Don't get me wrong, I love King's Island, just not the way Paramount has been running it. I hope they sell soon... then I'll get a season pass again with no hesitation. Great Bear Lodge seems to be coming along nicely No Line.... wait, it's closed, too. Action Zone only had Top Gun and Drop Zone runnning.... It was probably for the best... Look out, Jules! Top Gun's Coming! And it's squeaking horribly for some reason... ??? no comment Delirium wasn't running.... Sad, sad, sad SOB from the lift hill of Adventure Express I still miss King Cobra... The footers are still there My favorite mine train by far... WHAT?!? I knew pricing was bad, but after $10 for parking I thought we could at least eat for less than $20... oh well Finally time for lunch, we each had chicken fingers and a drink, nothing special or much I don't know derek, but he seems to like vertical loops, so here you go Vortex, Arrow Goodness at last Sad Me standing where the Flying Eagles once stood.... have to get down to Carowinds get my snaps now. The vehicle is completely different, though The layout of the track seems exactly like survivor at PGA The new nick universe was very nice. All the Hanna Barbera rides were re-themed into stuff children would understand now, and Avatar was awesome. Julia and Me at the obligatory front gate photo area, at least they used our camera... Any park with a giant phallus can't be that bad, right?
  11. At least you got on delirium, it wasn't running sunday. Neither was face/off and of course SOB
  12. Adventure Express! I always ride that one at least once when I go to PKI (less and less often these days, someone buy the parks from Paramount PLEASE!) Any TOGO standup is awesome. Loved King Cobra and Shockwave. Better than any B&M I totally agree! but my number one guilty pleasure is..... (drumroll please) Iron Dragon. I like going through the lagoon and good views of TTD and mantis. When the mister is on it's a good cool-down ride, too. Never a long line, either! -James
  13. My gf Julia and I hit this park on Easter Sunday. I took a bunch of pictures, maybe I'll post them if anyone wants to see. The new ride - Avatar is very fun. Different than what we expected. As for park operations... PKI is the worst park I've been to in a long time... come to think of it, I wish six flags would take over!! wow, can't believe i just said that. Son of Beast had a sign in front saying it might open LATE spring, Delirium was closed the entire day, There was a 10 minute wait for Italian Job, and the crew wouldn't even let us wait 1 cycle for a front seat ride!! Wow, even Cedar point lets you wait for the front seat now on MF and TTD. Take a hint, PKI! When we finally got on it, the show sequence wasn't working for us, no fire, no gunshots, no nothing. The helicopter, we noticed later, is stopped in the up position, no popping up from behind the wall anymore. To top it all off, even Face-Off was closed. 1-cycle waits on Drop Zone and re-rides on Top Gun and Backwards Racer made the day. Adventure express is still good, and you get a nice view of the giant paperweight SOB from the lift hill. Julia wasn't too dissapointed she couldn't ride SOB, quote "My ovaries are thankful we didn't ride." Also for 2 chicken fingers baskets w/fries and drinks - $24.03 WOW! I have pictures as I said, I may post them. Some good shots of Avatar. -James
  14. Beast - theres so much better out there, and now that it's so braked even the helix is tame to me. Some other commetns: Raven - If you've never had a night ride, don't even talk about raven, as that's the only time it's good IMO Coney Island Cyclone - You have to consider when a ride was built... Shivering timbers - If you wanted turns, why would you ride an out and back at all, it's a layout they wanted, they weren't building a terrain coaster... The airtime is good, especially at the end of the day and at night Just my opinions. I respect yours, but may not agree
  15. Elissa, could you put "Flight of James: Ride of Steel the Revenge" Thanks.
  16. I'd really like to have an opinon in this thread, but I've never ridden Hulk, never saw the movie, read the comic books, or had a brain tumor, so I guess my thoughts are best kept to myself... On the other hand, whatever Wes says is probably true, so I'll agree.
  17. could be worse, when son of beast "opened" they kept closing it down, not to reset it, but to RETRACK the entire turn after the first drop. plus if kept valleying at the end of the ride as there was an uphill approache to the brake run.... Every ride has problems the first season. It sounds like this is little stuff, though. I'm confidant thorpe park will work all the kinks and little quirks out by next season.
  18. I think sheer attendance numbers may have something to do with it. There are many more people each year at disney parks than at Six Flags or Paramount or Cedar Fair parks. It's Disney! The themepark juggernaut! More people = more chances for accidents. The 4-year old IMO is just an unfortunate accident. We had a lady die after riding top gun at PKI. She had a heart attack. Very very sad, her daughter rode with her, but it's an accident. Unfortunate, yes, but you can't prevent every death in the world. To sum up, sh$t happens.
  19. I'd be worried about SFKK, the setup is much like this one from whatI gather, the land is leased as it is the site of the Fair in Kentucky. I'm not sure if it's the State fairgrounds or county, but they haven't had a new coaster in quite a while, and I'm not sure the parking lot is operated by Six Flags, either (shades of astroworld). Does anyone in Louisville know more? Is the parking operated by Six Flags, or is the land owned by the Chain or just leased? -James
  20. I know, I just sort of feel like I should say SOMETHING as I have quite a few friends in the club, and I first joined because I was invited by the group of people that I came to enjoy hanging out with, and I was glad I joined. I take everything with a grain of salt, but I felt the poster of this topic, who just joined, and was concerned about whether joining any coaster club was worth it, might not see any sarcasm in the posts, so I felt I should at least stick up for my acers. That being said, I can attack a buffet "take no prisoners" style and am damn proud of it
  21. well when you work for an airline and fly for free, it's more worth it to me than driving As long as Delta's pilots don't strike this tuesday I'll be set. -James "fingers crossed" dillaman
  22. I knew it was coming, but whatever, if it makes everybody feel better about themselves by making fun of ace, have at it. Hope you sleep better at night
  23. How far is MBP from the airport (MYR)? If it's not too far I can get down there sometime on my day off before it closes. btw... 100th post
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