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  1. Don't worry about Guy, if he was upset, you would've heard from him. I'm sure it's fine. -James
  2. MF definately, and I liked Racer at PKI before paramount bought it. Don't have pics, but they had lights along the course, very cool looking. -James
  3. Don't forget Coney Island, Guy. If you don't visit it I'll be very dissapointed in you... -James
  4. ,.:!;? Meet your friendly punctuation marks.... They won't bite.
  5. Well, new coasters don't have to be thrill rides. Take it from someone who lives near paramount's kings island. Our new "Family launch coaster" isn't really very extreme at all, and plus SFMM could always fit in a kiddie type coaster such as a vekoma jr invert or the like. -James
  6. Nice photos, Chuck. Hope you had fun even being sad and pathetic. LMAO @ Hubba Hubba Highway. Has to be the worst name ever. Wonder how long it will be before they get a tornado like every other waterpark in the nation... -James
  7. whatever it is it is surely going to be rather large judging from these pictures. If it is an Aqua Trax, it would be the largest by far judging by the scope of this site, that leads me to believe it's something else. -James
  8. Hey, Just noticing we have the same birthday, Happy birthday, and yeah I'm hoping it isn't an aqua trax, as it just doesn't seem like cedar point's style. -James Dillaman
  9. OMFG, Don, I opened this thread up at work to show my coworkers my pics, and I didn't expect that at all. That's hilarious, I'll save it to my desktop when I get home. Thanks again. -James "Dillamaniac forever" Dillaman
  10. Wow, I'm thinking none of you are picking up on heavy sarcasm here. Thank you, try again.
  11. um.... that track is clearly RED while the aquatrax is clearly WHITE! What more proof do you need? Gosh! -James
  12. ^ That sure doesn't look like AquaTrax now... Just wait and see, but I know what I hope it will be -James Dillaman
  13. Okay here's the pics, no catptions because I'm very tired, still. The thing about me on Goliath is it was my 150th coaster, Viper was my 140th. Hence the pictures of me on it. Hope you enjoy.
  14. Robb, I like the "First riders ever" comment in the video. Very subtle sarcasm. Well done... -James Dillaman p.s. I said I'd post my pics when I woke up, but I'm still tired so I'm going back to bed again. Soon, soon...
  15. the best part about the e-stopped train was seeing all the news reporters RUNNING for their cameras to get the shot, just praying that someone would fall out of their seats.... LOL from the train you could see them scrambling. Hilarious. -james dillaman
  16. Guy and I were in the back row on the e-stopped train. After talking to the media (not saying anything bad of course) someone from six flags said to be sure and NOT talk to the media about the stopped train. Whoops. On a related note, just got home today (friday morning) after a LONG couple days and a two-legged trip home (LAX to Tampa then back to cincinnati finally!) I had a great time, and TPR totally is the best host I've ever experienced at any event. I'm psyched to get all the credits from the park, too. DejaVu running, X, Revolution!!! Wow, I had such a good time, now it's time to go to bed.... -James "will post some pics when he wakes up in a couple days" Dillaman p.s. Why am I in the background of every pic??? lol
  17. well I'm here in LA!! Flight just landed from cincinnati and I'm killing time until the campout. I'll see everybody there! -James Dillaman
  18. et tu, Chuck? Actually I know you were referring to the paint job, but I can't help but stick up for my TOGOs no matter what. -James
  19. Cedar Point hands down, I'd stay away from california, crowds at CP will be much better, plus you won't get shot and/or mugged in downtown Sandusky (If you do, I'll eat my hat!). Cedar Point will have the most coasters at any theme park (Running coasters, SFMM fanboys!!) and I enjoy staying at Sandcastle or even out at Breakers Express. Good value and you get to ride 1 coaster before the park officially opens if you stay there. You can hit up Geauga Lake, too if you fly in/out of Cleveland. -James
  20. Instead of asking the same question on this thread like 4 times, perhaps you should email robb and/or elissa and ask them directly. I think you'll get a much quicker response. -James
  21. Excitement is building, First trip to SFMM, just hope everything goes smoothly with my flights. *crosses fingers*
  22. Well I never check luggage when I non-rev, as it's much wiser to carry-on everything, that way your luggage always stays with you... besides, I have a day or two buffer to get home. It's not bad at all if you plan intelligently. It sure beats paying over $300 for a ticket.... -James "loves non-revving" dillaman
  23. Yeah, I tend to agree, I think they're going to drop hints rather quickly and diverge the entire plans when they announce the ride. Announcing mid-summer gives them much more time to build a large ride, which this must be. Someone posted some footers pics a while back, there were footers poured in a body of water, is that sandusky bay, or a lake inside the park. I'm still confused as to the exact location of these footers. Someone enlighten me, please. -James
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