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  1. I'd have to say skydiving in arizona... oh wait, not really a ride is it... darnit! gosh!
  2. You also don't HAVE to be a member of a coaster club, you can go as someone's guest who is. Just saying... There's a lot of mebers in the cincy area (I'm one of them) who are definitely going to Holiwood Nights and Rumblerfest the next evening.
  3. just saying this, because no one else has said it: you don't have to be fat to join ACE! 95% of my ACE friends are actually very thin. The perks are great for living in the midwest: Half-price at Paramounts, Half-price at HW, cheap all day ride bracelet @ Indiana Beach. Not to mention the events (like we rode Kentucky Rumbler in March, more than a month before anyone else can ride it!). Don't be so quick to jump on the ACE-hating bandwagon, because about the only thing lacking about ACE I've found is the sub-par newsletter and magazine. ECC's is way better. Besides that, I'm an ACE member and membership has saved me a lot of money over the years, as well as gotten me in to some awsome events and construction tours. -James "about to get blasted for being an acer" Dillaman
  4. I'm not gay, but I believe that if ohio won't let gays marry, the least they can enjoy is a day to themselves at cedar point...
  5. If that's all true it came as a shock to CCI's bank, because I heard there's no way they could have owed MILLIONS without the bank knowing what was up. All companies operate with loans, especially one involved with building such huge projects as coasters. The company may have went under before paying off one such loan, but personal attacks on Denise without citing sources I tend to take with a grain of salt. As I stated before, I spent a lot of time in the CCI offices, and I think they made great rides. I also know she keeps in touch with ride message boards, and I think you should be careful what you say. This forum IMO is not about personal feelings towards anyone, it's about coasters, and you can't tell me Raven, Legend, Cornball... (I could go on, but we'll leave it in indiana) are great coasters we all enjoy riding. That's the bottom line.
  6. I was wondering, (as i'm going to PKD in 2 weeks on April 22nd) how is Hypersonic running? I've never been on it, is it like an intamin ride in that it's relatively smooth? I heard it has rubber, air-filled tires instead of running on steel coaster wheels, any more info on that, or a close up picture perhaps?
  7. I just asked my father for some more info, he went into a slight rant about privacy statements and banks and crap like that, but after bugging him he told me CCI really didn't have any problems financially, it was just a very messy divorce. Not like Arrow's downfall...
  8. You are probably referring to "Tower Johnny". Back in the mid-80's, when the park hosted much rowdier (and more tolerant or drunken behavior) Grad Nights in May, a kid fell to his death on the Eiffel Tower. The story is that he was high or suicidal or something, and back in those days you could actually take the stairs all the way up to the top of the tower. Well, up near the top "Johnny" climbed out into the elevator's path (actually the counter weight) and got whacked in the head, falling and landing on top of the elevator coming up the shaft. The PKI legend is that he still roams the park, particularly out by the graveyard (north parking lot) and in the woods near the Beast. When I used to work there, stories about TJ would always kick into high gear around Halloween, but I don't think there's ever been an official "sighting" of Johnny! LOL Shari -being close to some of the park staff from the year it happened,this is what I've gathered: Tower Johnny actually was a park staff member. No one really knows if he was suicidal or not, but stories I've heard from people say he had seen his girlfriend with another guy going around the park. He worked on the eifel tower and was working in the shaft for the elevator. There was alcohol in his system and he was caught in the path of the elevator counterweight, falling several stories and dying. He's said to haunt the tower and also the beast woods, specifically the cables lying in the woods back by the second tunnel. These are the old cables from the elevators that were on the tower back in johnny's day. They're rusting there even now. I've confirmed this with several Beast crewmembers, and I've seen them myself. -James
  9. They didn't fail, there was a divorce and the company had to be liquidated to divide the assets. I only know because my father's bank did all of CCI's loans and finance work. They were based very near Cincinnati, and I spent many days going around their offices.
  10. After Julia (my gf) is done with classes friday, we're driving down to Falls Church, VA where we're staying the night at my Uncle's house. Saturday morning we do the (fun) drive down I-95 to PKD, where we plan on staying from open-close. We'll head back to Falls Church for the night, and drive back to cincinnati on Sunday. Anyone wishing to meet up for the day can reach us via cell phone. I'll PM anybody who's interested with the number when the date gets closer.
  11. Great, SES! We're hoping to meet up with some TPR members we've never met. Also, Does PKD have an ACE walkback to a coaster in the morning like PKI does? It would be great to get a ride in before the park opens with no wait.
  12. Hey, My girlfriend and I will be going to PKD on Saturday the 22nd. We would love to meet up with anyone from here who happens to be at the park that day. PM me or leave a reply on here if you think you'd like to meet up for some (hopefully) good times. I haven't been to PKD since Hurler was the new atraction (I know, been a while...) and my girlfriend has never been, so we're both looking forward to some credits. Volcano here we come! -James Dillaman
  13. My girlfriend Julia and I will be heading to PKD on April 22nd. If anyone's in the area who would like to hang out, PM me.
  14. Cedar Fair is the company that owns cedar point, as well as other parks, like geauga lake, michigan adventure, knotts berry farm, valleyfair, among others.
  15. funny, PKI always uses PKD or PGA footage, you'd think the two parks could just trade.
  16. a couple years ago, in an ad for paramount's king's island, there was a ride that was clearly the B&M version of Top Gun, not the arrow suspended we have here. I've often noticed this in park's ads that are owned by chains. I think they do it to save on costs of filming new footage, and they think most people won't notice.
  17. I know I'm probably way off, as there would be far more footers, but a good wooden coaster has always been something lacking at cedar point. There best woody is blue streak. Just think how great CP would be with a new, airtime-filled woody.... I can dream, can't I?
  18. My ex girlfriend wasn't really into coasters, but when I finally got her on them, all she does is giggle the entire time. I can't explain it, but it always made me laugh. She'd get mad thinking I was making fun of her, but she always did it as she couldn't help but do it on every coaster. Thankfully I have a girlfriend who loves coasters now
  19. the last three times I've been there, WT has been closed, so I didn't know that, I guess I have bad luck, but it wasn't even closed for short term, either. The sign out front said Wicked Twister won't be operating today. I'm hoping to get on it this year, as my gf still doesn't have the credit (in 5 times going there) because it wasn't running. BTW, I've never had trouble getting on TTD, even when it's been closed for me, it's always opened up later in the day.
  20. I know, that's why I'm hoping they will continue the path around, because it's annoying to have to walk so far between the two coasters
  21. The most amazing thing about florida's TOT is there actually is NO track during the fifth dimension part. The ride vehicle's have a sensor that passes over electrical transmitters embedded in the floor of the ride, this controls the ride vehicles and guides them through the journey to the drop tower itself. Then in the drop tower, every ride can be different, as it is randomly generated. This is an awsome ride, no doubt.
  22. I've always liked the florida version myself, although I haven't been on it for a couple years
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