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  1. Thanks for the ideas, I'll check how much it would cost to rent a car, as for once in my life I could get in to SFMM free, I think I can spend a little more getting there.
  2. I like the huss giant frisbee and almost all drop rides (except green power tower, not enough force to the drop for me, red's okay) Zippers are also fun, but hard to find around my parts, but I'm shocked nobody has mentioned the ferris wheel. Sure it's not that thrilling, but on the old ones when you could rock the cars and take your date up high in the air, getting an awsome view of the park... gets my vote for nostalgia if nothing else.
  3. This only cements in my mind that dollywood is awsome. Everyone around here still thinks that it's a stupid bluegrass-music filled shrine to dolly parton. Hopefully as they add more rides people won't pass on it while visiting pigeon forge and gatlinburg. They'll make it a point to go there. On an unrelated note, my first trip to dollywood was simply great. I rode Thunderhead 35 there!) After buying a thunderhead t-shirt, the entire thunderhead ride crew all signed it for me, and on my way out I just mentioned to somebody that it was the most fun I've ever had at any theme park, which I'd been to a few, btw. They took down my address, and I completely forgot about it. About a month later I opened my mailbox to find a hand-written letter from the park operations team thanking me for my visit and my kind comments, along with a free dollywood windbreaker. This park is incredible!
  4. If anyone could get me transportation from LAX to the park, I might actually go. I'd have to fly in wednesday morning/noontime and leave thursday night. Doable for me but I don't want to pay any outrageous cab fares. Any ideas? (Renting a car's too expensive as I'm only 23)
  5. Living less than 5 minutes from PKI, you'd think I'd be there, but I don't think so. I only went once last year, to ride IJ, and wasn't really impressed. Someday they might build a new ride actually worth going the 5 minutes from my house to ride, but until then, I'll have to pass. Beast is still good, even though the magnetic brakes ruined rainy day speed rides, and if there's less than 3/4 of the train filled, your ride will be very slooooooowww. Vortex is good in the back seat, and I like racer backwards, but nothing really special is at this park IMO. If anyone from PKI happens to read this...: If I wanted Disney, I'd go to Disney, now quit wasting money on themeing of sub-par rides and build a good coaster. You don't need theming if the ride itself is good! Who am I kidding, I'll probably go this summer, if anything my girlfriend needs the IJ credit. probably the only person to continue a trip to Kings Island as a credit whore trip, huh?
  6. I'm been on all but Gwazi, and I like Thunderhead the best, Kentucky Rumbler is in second, though, and might be able to move up depending on how it runs once it gets warmer and humid.
  7. I like Cedar Point and all, but Dollywood is way better as far as where the park is. Mountain parks are just great.
  8. I think many of your ideas are worth mentioning to Discovery networks, parent of the Travel Channel. I had already sent a comment to this affect to their page, and encouraged many of my friends to do so here: http://extweb.discovery.com/viewerrelations but be aware, they took the "Best of Amusement Parks 2006" show out of their list for shows, so I'm searching for another way to contact them. You could aways just put a different show in there and if enough people keep sending them correspondence, maybe we'll see a show that includes more coasters from other countries as well as different steel coasters. The other problem with this show is it's based on the golden ticket awards, so if many enthusiasts express disagreements with the golden tickets to amusement today, maybe they will change their voting practices. It's a long shot, but some companies listen, so why shouldn't we try it? -James
  9. I've often wondered that myself, but to be honest, I've always enjoyed Zinga more than the other tornados, and I have no idea why. Perhaps because it was the first, or maybe there's really something to it. (I've been on 5 tornados so far).
  10. hopefully when it airs in the usa i'll be able to catch it. hey Liz, will this show be available on DVD like others from the discovery channel?
  11. Just so everyone who isn't aware of it already can know, the Best of theme parks 2006 show will air on the Travel Channel @ 8:00 pm Eastern time. The show is basically the golden ticket awards mixed with some new coasters opening this year from what i understand. Catch it!
  12. Donkey from shrek, because everybody loves a smartass
  13. The Beast is definately up there, but there's nothing really in the tunnels except for the helix at the end (which was added after the ride was built), so I'd vote for Hades.
  14. I ran into something I didn't expect after I landed my dream job operating The Beast at PKI: ride boredom. The Beast used to be one of my favorite wooden coasters, but after testriding it many times a day, and riding it again and again on all my off days (heck, just BEING at the park every day), I have only gone back to PKI once in the past 2 years, and that was just for the Italian Job credit. Be careful if you work on a ride you love, as beast has slipped out of my top ten.
  15. this is height restriction related, I heard Geauga Lake and Michigan Adventure both have county imposed height restrictions on them. Does anyone know if this is true? If so, you'd think Cedar Fair might try to get that changed?
  16. nice photo, does disney know you're posting this? I hear they're pretty controlling about using their images, lol.
  17. Why did they have to add the Kenny G soundtrack to Splash Mountain?!?
  18. ^ lives in the bluegrass state < just posting because there's nothing else to do in loveland, OH!
  19. MF is the obvious answer, but I gotta vote Magnum XL-200, it's just got soo... much.... air....
  20. The beastie last I drove by was still operating @ PKI, Scooby's Ghoster Coaster was taken out, though.
  21. King Cobra, PKI High Roller, Stratusphere Shockwave, SFGAmerica Corkscrew, Geauga Lake Ghoster Coaster, PKI Texas Cyclone, SFAW (RIP) If Joker's Jinx is closed @ Fiesta Texas, then that, too, although i don't know if it is still operating, it was closed the last time I was there a couple years ago. -James
  22. Chang all the way, either not many people have been on it, or this coaster is not getting the respect at least I feel it deserves...
  23. I still like Raptor. Liked it in 96 when I first rode it and still enjoy it today. Haven't been on dueling dragons or patriot, though, but nostalgia will probably leave me liking raptor best... guess I'll have to wait and see what the summer holds
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