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  1. You're welcome to stay here when you go to PKI, as long as you don't mind crashing on 3 couches, I do have 1 spare bed. Just an offer
  2. no. Did you actually watch any of the final four games?
  3. Any ideas on the location of the ride? I've often wondered when Dollywood is going to take the step of actually making a complete circle pathway, as opposed to thunderhead gap and the tennessee tornado being so far away, maybe the new coaster will go at the back of the park, near the water park? Can anybody enlighten me on this?
  4. The worst moment I've had at a theme park happened at holiday world at SRM 2003, everyone knows why, but apart from that the rest of my time there was awsome. And to be fair, I had a great time, but whenever you have an accident like that, with Mrs. Koch crying as she's addressing the crowd. We left in morose silence. That was a looooong 3 hour drive home for me.
  5. if you are willing to stay the extra day, you could do SFGAm and on the way back hit indiana beach. How many of you are going? if it's only a few perhaps I can offer a place to stay 5 minutes from Kings Island if you'd like. I'm always up on hanging out with coaster lovers and helping to cut costs on any trips if you're down my way. -James
  6. I like being an ACEr. Sure some of the members are a little weird, and some are more than a little big (broke the flying scooters at Screech Fest regional ace event we had a few years ago @ LeSourdsville Lake), but all in all I think it's very much worth it. There's the discounted tickets, the events which are usually very good, the magazine has some awsome pictures and some good articles about coasters in trouble. Speaking of coasters in trouble, the ACE preservation fund is a great idea and I'm happy that the organization is concerned about keeping the older rollercoasters from being torn down to build a new Old Navy Store or some crap like that. Say what you will about ACErs in jest, but anyone who says that the orginazation itself is bad should bite their tongue. The people in ace have the same interests as the people here at TPR. We should be glad that there are so many coaster clubs out there now, and for those of you in ace, bravo for putting up with all the wisecracks!
  7. Whatever it is, let's hope it's more reliable than wicked twister and TTD
  8. well how about a kennywood trip with a stop at geauga lake. I'm sure there's train service to cleveland and to pittsburg, and coming from michigan you'd probably even go through cleveland either on the way to pittsburgh or on the way back. Geauga Lake's free with your cedar fair pass (My gf and I got in with our michigan's adventure pass last season) and kennywood is an awsome park, especially if you haven't been there. You'll love it.
  9. wow, I wouldn't put my kid on a ride that was operated by that person. That's pretty dimwitted
  10. well if you wanted to stay in the midwest, you could always have your mother rent a car, and you could get fairly easily to ohio, indiana, pennsylvania. If you were going farther than that, I'd fly, but you'll still probably have to rent a car when you get there, so if it's close by, save your money and just drive the rental there.
  11. If you'd like to pick me up from the airport sometime, I'd be glad to spend the day at cliff's with you
  12. Indiana Beach has a deal on their all day ride session for ace members, and if you're going that way, I'd check out holiday world, too. Ace members get in cheaply there, also. Between those two parks I'd think you'd have a great little trip. You'll definately get your fill of CCI goodness with a (not so) little GG thrown in for good measure;) Also, Cedar Point and Geauga Lake make a good duo of parks to visit for cedar fair pass holders. -James
  13. just to put my 2 cents in: Magnum is awsome today just as it was in '93 when I rode it the first time. Vortex hasn't aged well at all, I rode it the year it opened (I think '87) and it was very smooth for a steel coaster. Now I can take it but my girlfriend can't ride it more than once due to the splitting headache she gets . I think the best aged coaster I've been on by far is the coney island cyclone. It's still crazy and fun after all these years!
  14. do whatever you want with your count. I count dueling coasters (like gwazi) as two rides, but racers (like gemini) that are basically the same ride count as one.
  15. anything dollywood has done lately or is doing in the future is awsome if you ask me. I can't wait to ride timber tower and get back on Thunderhead. Bow down to dolly, this park rules.
  16. holida world gets my vote, love what they've done to it since raven, and can't wait to get on voyage!
  17. Manhattan Express was very bad (not to mention vegas expensive without being vegas good!) King Cobra at King's Island was actually a great ride, on which I didn't find rough at all (my younger brother and I once rode it 60+ times in a row with no pain). My vote, however goes to Son of Beast. Not only is it an unbelievably rough ride, but Paramount had to spend way too much money building it. i.e. when the structure blew over in high winds and when they had to retrack the the part after the first drop like for the first 2 years the ride was open... Think of all the great improvements to the park that money could have bought. That's why it gets my vote.
  18. Are you crazy, this ride was awesome. Only got to go to this park once during Screech Fest (The ride is Screechin' Eagle, BTW, not Screaming), and the airtime is incredible. Any John Miller woodie should def. NOT be on a worst coaster list IMO. -James
  19. I'll agree on the food as well, I always left dollywood happy with the rides and the food, and you get big portions for the cost, not like paying $7 for a burger that doesn't even taste like beef at some parks!
  20. all I can say about standups is I loved King Cobra @ PKI. Every year before they took it out, there was always the rumor it was getting taken down, so we always rode it like 100 times the last week the park opened. I liked it better than any B&M standup I've been on, (granted I've only been on 3).
  21. This goes against the grain of my thinking, but in my experience, dollywood's park staff was much friendlier than holiday world's has been in the past couple years. I think holiday world may be getting bigger so it's less personable, but to further illustrate my point, when I went back to dollywood, 80% of the thunderhead ride crew from the year before were still there, and they remembered me! One guy (the crew knew him as "sharpie") even remembered my name!! When I worked as a ride op on the beast @ PKI, I tried to be really into the ride, but my supervisor didn't like it when there was a lot of talking over the intercom, so he didn't let me drive much. PKI wasn't concerned as much about the ride ops being into the ride, it is rather dissapointing.
  22. Just so you all know, I have never been to SFMM...so I'm especially excited. Hopefully a few of you can show me around the park, as I have no idea what to do. I've seen shows on X of course, and Deja-Vu, but I've heard many stories of rides not running, which would annoy me greatly if I lived there. I'm just so happy to get to go to the park for free, even if I don't get on Tatsu!
  23. I listed on my flights, here's to hoping they don't fill up with all the people flying in for this and I can get there... (crosses fingers) Still 50+ seats on each flight, tho, so hope to see you all there!
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