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  1. What type of sax do you have? I'm assuming it's an alto or maybe a tenor judging by the case. Just wondering being a sax player myself. (I have a Selmer Series III alto and a Yanagasawa Soprano) -James "Jazz Sax Major" Dillaman
  2. You mean Holiday World has a THIRD winner on their hands, now. The other 2 coasters are good in their own rite. -James "Holiday World Fan Boy since Raven" Dillaman
  3. Top Thrill Dragster rocks my socks. There, I said it, who wants to fight?
  4. why would they build a flyer or floorless when they have both right next door at geauga lake. They're trying to boost attendance there, too, so I doubt they would 1-up their other park like that. If they build a B&M I think it will be a dive machine or dueling something, but another wooden coaster would be very nice. Beating Son of Beasts record would be ludacris on Cedar Fair's part, though. Son of Beast has the title of tallest and fastest woodie, yet many, many people don't like it. Plus wooden coasters take up far more real estate than steel. They have a lot more structure, and space is something cedar point doesn't have as a luxury. As with anything, we'll just have to wait for more hints to come out on the blog, but I'd just be happy with any full-circiut traditional coaster, as TTD and WT left me wanting a chain lift... It's been a long time, CP... -James
  5. I don't think Wildcat will be gone anytime soon. It's just too cheap and easy to move it if they need to, and the footprint isn't very large. They've already moved it at least once, as it used to be on the beach side of the park. Also, Cedar Point wants to hold the title of the park with the most (operating) coasters, why would they remove any coasters? If any coaster was taken out, they'd be forfeiting that title.
  6. Even though I agree about Beast, you should always ride beast when you go to PKI, just out of respect. The thing that worries me is what you said about avatar having problems homing. Not another Tomb Raider. Not another Delirium! It's too bad these rides seem to have such problems. I hope they can fix the bugs in Avatar quickly. -James
  7. With SOB it's a day to day thing, there's never any sceduled "rehab" but if it's anything like the last couple seasons from time to time it just goes down so they can try to retrack it to make it smoother. The problem is the design, though, the super banked turns which didn't work on meanstreak (surprise) also cause problems on SOB. But yeah, we'll pop up there to hang out with you a little bit, let us know when it gets closer. -James and Julia
  8. themeing is overated if you ask me, look at Italian Job at PKI, great themeing sure, but so-so coaster. I'd rather have good rides with no themeing than average rides with great themeing. -James
  9. I wonder if you got every member of the coaster clubs, ECC, ACE, TPR, coasterzombie, westcoaster, everyone to send in $20, how much would that raise. I couldn't do it, but if people could get the word out, I know I would gladly send in some money to save a great coaster. -James
  10. Don, when will you be at PKI? Julz and I live 5 minutes away, and the only reason we ever go to kings island is to meet up with people (def. don't go for the awsome coasters) -James (and Julia)
  11. This is why I like doing regional ACE events much more than national ACE events. The old Stark Raven Mad at holiday world was great before anybody else knew about it, it just kept getting bigger and bigger. I'll probably still be attending Holiwood Nights this Memorial Day, but I'm not going expecting lots of ERT. If I can get 1 night ride in on each of the coasters it will be worth it, as Holiday World isn't open very late usually. You're best bet to ride coasters with shorter lines is to go on a day when it is usually less busy, such as the middle of the week in May or in September. Steer clear of Fridays and Saturdays in the Summer. Another thing I'd add is that events aren't just about the ERT. Many times there are contests or auctions where you can win/bid on lots of cool stuff, there is usually a catered meal of some kind, and sometimes an opportunity to walk behind the scenes a bit to get pictures you normally wouldn't be able to get of some coasters and other rides. Each event is different, but I'm sure anyone who's been to one will tell you they are usually fun. Even if the lines are long, there's something special about riding a coaster with a train full of enthusiasts, so much more fun than riding with the general public many times. Well there's my two cents. -James
  12. Vortex only has airtime really down the first drop, not anything like a hyper coaster such as magnum...
  13. Or sometimes certain parks have huge events (such as say Holiwood nights this year at Holiday World) where there will be much more people at the park for the event than there would ever be during a normal day at holiday world. This can also make ERT lines longer.
  14. The magnetic launch systems work quite well, and the hydraulic launch would work better if there was more room for error, AKA 3 mph difference won't make the train not complete it's course.
  15. haha, we still HAVE a vortex, just not the standup, we have the arrow-looper version. Everyone knows what you mean, though. Some people are just too caught up on tiny details. Hey Chuck, if you ever want to come up to go to PKI, Holiday World, SFKK, Beech Bend Park, Cedar Point, or even Kennywood, let me know and I might be able to meet you there. You can even crash at my place (5 minutes to PKI, 90 minutes to SFKK, 3 hours to HW, 3 1/2 hours to CP, 4 hours to KW, 4 hours to BBP) We're kinda in the center of them all. Indiana Beach is only 4 hours or so from us, too. Julia and I had a great time. We're going to Holiday World on May 7th (I know, we're missing opening day, but I have to work saturday afternoon ) -James
  16. Whoa, I was being sarcastic but I think someone may have taken me seriously...
  17. ^ HW and DW are BOTH great parks. My 2 favorite run parks to be exact.
  18. Without a doubt Raging Bull is my most intense B&M. Wow!
  19. I vaguely remember time shaft (I think) Did they play the Rocky Horror Picture Show song "Time Warp" in the line or something like that?
  20. Julie, you didnt get airtime down the entire first drop from the back seat? I love that drop. Just wondering, -James
  21. ^ That's funny, that's the same year I visited my one and only time, and we (My girlfriend and I) just went there last weekend. I recommend going back, a lot has changed in 10 years! -James
  22. At the construction tour, Beech Bend Park said all enthusiasts were invited to their media day. It wasn't just for members of the media. They treat it as their "dry run" day for the employees and everything, too.
  23. This may be me being dumb, but isn't this basically the same as the overrated coaster thread?
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