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  1. yeah, i was throwing in a bit of sarcasm, just a touch for added drama to this thread.
  2. How about a 500 foot elevator lift (Like LoCoSuMo), more-than-verticle drop, 10 inversions, then a boomerang like spike, and while the car is held on that spike, there's a track switch much like EE at animal kingdom, and the train goes backwards through airtime filled bunny hops before splashing down in the bay of sandusky (it IS an aquatrax after all...) Yeah, I'd ride it... -James
  3. ^ Well, it IS B&M, I mean, if you want a smooth ride, better go ride an intamin...
  4. Sidewindin' may refer in fact to the intamin shuffling of the trains as it goes through certain elements...
  5. a lot more than you think, but it's not about the number, it's about the quality of riding after dark, a rare occurance at this park. -James
  6. Disneyland refers to itself as the origional theme park? Why doesn't holiday world claim those rights? Isn't Santa Claus Land a theme? As in Chritsmas? Just wondering, other than that, awsome photos, I wish sky tower had been open the campout day that I was there. Although I was so tired I don't think my pictures would have been nearly as good. -James
  7. Hopefully enough to get the trash off of the midway at PKI...
  8. Wow, is it? Oh yeah, it IS good, and it IS very smooth, and it IS fast, it must be an intamin. Thank god (or whatever deity of your choice) for intamin!
  9. Cedar Fair isn't in the small park business, they have their market, HW and others like it have theirs... Plus Will Koch would never sell, no matter what the price, there's too much family pride in that park. CF can't buy any parks that aren't for sale.
  10. ^ key words being "the year it opened". By now, the maintenece staff is well aware of MF's workings and I'm sure as soon as they get the part it will be up and running. I have faith in them.
  11. 1) only a small amount of track is on site. So you can't assume it's all triangular. Well of course. But from all of the pictures that I've seen, I still haven't seen 1 piece of rectangular track. Yes, I have been to Cedar Point. A lot of footers mean nothing. However, the area by the previous large log flume and swan boats, wasn't considerably big when you look at the size of other Cedar Point coaster lands. It seems pretty large to me for an aquatrax... oh well, I know nothing compared to someone with a roman numeral in their TPR handle...
  12. I'm shocked no one has realized that maybe this was all to hype up the park. Maybe it was a staged incident, all the people on the train were actors or paid stunt people... Like it's said, bad publicity is still publicity. James "Sorry for the weird smartass mood" Dillaman (Just so you don't think I'm uncaring, I do feel for the people who were on the ride, if that happened to me I'd be really shaken up. I'm glad no one was seriously injured *JD*)
  13. how about early closing? Many times I've been to PKI early in the season and there's scattered thunderstorms. The sign when I bought my ticket clearly states "The Park will Close at 9:00 tonight" or something similar. Then after the rain has already CLEARED UP(!!!!) the loudspeaker says due to inclimate weather the park will be closing at 6 today. LAME! -James Dillaman
  14. BURN!!! And on top of that, ride Magnum. Even more airtime, never a long wait and higher than Blue Streak! um... yeah, hence my avatar <----- Magnum is amazing, but not terribly close to millenium's line entrance. I was thinking more in terms of that. About the ejector seat, Insane!!! Definitely a seat 1.3 ride, although I like every seat on the best (non-looping) coaster. -James "just my opinion" Dillaman
  15. Wow, weird timing. My thoughts are with his family. -James Dillaman
  16. I'm guessing the half-price admission to all the Paramount parks will go away once Cedar Fair takes over officially next season? Just wondering. -James Dillaman
  17. ^ I know, Robb, I think your site is awsome as is, but the only reason I pay the outrageous fees for ace is the half-price admission to Paramount and the Indiana parks, although I'm assuming half-price admission at the paramount parks is going away with the paramount part of it, huh? Never thought about that, think I'll go post in the other thread and leave Holiwood nights alone as I'm WAY off topic -James Dillaman
  18. The only fear I have on Mountain Slidewinder is the fear that my clothes will NEVER dry after riding... -James "Too much water for me" Dillaman
  19. I would love to go, but think I'll have to pass. My question is why hasn't Robb gotten with Paula about getting TPR on the list of clubs with half-price admission. Cards could be included with a DVD/shirt purchase. They could have your name, screen name, and date joined. I think it would be a good idea. I'm seriously considering ditching ACE this year (loyal member for 8 years) because of the rate increase. Maybe I'll join the GOCC, though. Who knows? On topic, though, at SRM 2003 the best part of the event was the morning waterpark ERT. The waterpark really fills up once it opens, and the lines for the coasters think out once everyone goes to the waterpark. -James Dillaman
  20. 7) Son of Beast will be gone in about 5 years. Promise?? but seriously, pinky swear! -James
  21. I concur completely. I'm ready to see how cedar fair will run this park, a love of mine for years, home of my first coaster (the Beast), and a park I enjoyed working at for a season and a half (at the end of this the direction the park was going was sad). I will pay for a pass next year with pleasure, and be able to go back to my "home" park of Kings Island, and who knows, maybe say with pride that it is my home park once again. -James
  22. Bunny Hills!!! Esp. on Magnum!! Airtime you can actually feel (in your bruised thighs!!) Yes. -James
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