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  1. Now I really must protest, as I do not like lentil soup at all, my user title must be changed, or I may get accused of liking it... My vote goes for coke, as everyone knows it's better than pepsi. "Full Fledged Coke Enthusiast" I like the sound of that. Maybe you could even get some corporate support from them, a little selling out never hurt anybody. -James
  2. All you need to know is ride it in the back seat -James Dillaman
  3. Whatever the reason I'm now a drywall enthusiast, hoping that can get me some lucretive construction jobs... -James "All about the lucretives" Dillaman
  4. Is that the "Diablo Falls" Spinning raft ride from astroworld? That thing was messed up. It just spun, not anything too special if you ask me. -James
  5. ^lol, if anyone from B&M reads this, tell them to feel free to build as many batman clones as they want near me, they can even put one in my neighbor's and my backyard! Never get enough!! -James "Doesn't care the coasters are similar, coasters are coasters!" Dillaman
  6. I would love to thank him for re-opening the park in 2002, as that allowed me to ride the flats and the amazing Screechin' Eagle for the first time. I can only hope it won't be the last time. I know I'm not alone in saying that I would pay money just to ride that coaster even if the rest of the rides are gone. heck, I payed 12.50 for Mannhattan Express, and it isn't NEARLY as good! My uncle is in the market for a new RV, if I convince him to buy from Couch, maybe he'll let me one more ride? Thanks also for the memories... -James
  7. Tatsu made me go wow, it was so high off the ground... But that's just me.
  8. From someone who was at SRM2003, I don't think that comment was very cool, but yeah...
  9. Well, Paramount used the same names at all of the parks, for example: Top Gun, Vortex, Scooby Doo Ghoster Coaster, Grizzly, FoF, Tomb Raider. Just saying that as someone said CF used the same names at their parks, but I think there's much more unique names at the CF parks than the paramount parks. As for FoF, paramount already got rid of the outer limits theming a couple years ago, so now it's just generically themed to a ufo ride, so there should be no problem with keeping them the same for Cedar Fair. -James
  10. Guy I am jealous That you just went to broadway To see Spamalot -James "must listen to the cast recording" Dillaman
  11. I can't remember Tatsu's giant pretzel loop I must have blacked out Haiku is so much fun! -James
  12. This is so much fun I can't wait for Guy to see That this thread is back
  13. Bump This thread right now So I can have more haiku To read late at night -James[/b]
  14. If there is one, count me in, I've never been but always looking for an excuse to go -James dillaman
  15. darn you, jahan, lol "I'm the juggernaut, bi&%*!" http://www.wimp.com/juggernaut/ (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE!) -James "okay, okay, I just like Holiday World" Dillaman
  16. Not to mention this belongs in the rant thread!
  17. Theme park, imo, just meant that instead of a bunch of different rides, the rides were all tied together by a common thread a "theme" if you will, such as a Christmas theme, or a Disney theme, etc. I just also like to think that a little family owned park was first before the disney juggernaut.... it makes me feel better about humanity, lol. -james
  18. I agree that cedar point is a 48" and up park... lol but PKI has a great childrens area, and with a couple good coasters, it could be an incredible park, also Six Flags Ohio, when it still had the wildlife (old seaworld) area, of course saw more attendance than when that side was closed down.
  19. No hard feelings, I actualy enjoyed reading your insights about the workings of the coasters undercarriage. I worked on the beast crew here at PKI for about a season and a half, but all I did basically was press buttons and find excuses to test ride the coaster every hour, lol. -James
  20. PKI is a great family park.... if by "family" you mean "children only!". PKI has not had a decent thrilling ride put in since FoF. I would never argue that their children's area is the best in the country maybe, but as a coaster lover I haven't had a reason to visit except for the occasional beast ride for nostalgia's sake and some airtime on backwards racer (don't worry, I love vortex in the back seat, too, pkifanboys). I've actually had a cedar fair pass for the past two years, and not a paramount pass, even though I live withing biking distance from PKI. I think we will have to wait and see what cedar fair does with the parks, but I don't foresee them changing any as you call "family" areas (such as the newly-painted and re-themed kids area at PKI) as this is what they want at these parks. The only thing PKI NEEDS is a new THRILL ride, and the last thing it needs is another "family" coaster. (i.e. IJ:ST) Additionally, CF has poured a BUNCH of money into fixing up GL with a decent waterpark, and putting it on the old Seaworld side of the lake, which I think is a good idea, then they can add more rides where the old waterpark was. If you think the park looks bad now, you should have gone when it was Six Flags... -James
  21. Wow, I'm sorry guys, I thought I remedied any hard feelings my post may have created with the bit at the end, but maybe not. I apologize if my sense of humor isn't the norm, but hey, was raised on BBC comedies and South Park, so I blame the media!!! -James "Thanks others for realizing my post was more jovial than serious" Dillaman
  22. Some random PKI pics: -james Face/Off Top Gun delirium SOB King Cobra.... lol Vortex Vortex Avatar
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