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  1. Yes, I badly need a hug. Is your mom hot?
  2. doesn't holding a camera in your hand and concentrating on keeping it steady kinda take away your ability to enjoy a ride? isn't it better to just sit back and enjoy a coaster instead of filming it?
  3. thank you very much for the clarification.
  4. That coaster tip is kind of creepy. But I could tell that those restraints were too big for that kid. If you were to put him in a B&M flyer I'm SURE he would not be ably to escape. As for my first coaster, Pegasus at Big Chief Carts and Coasters (currently Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park).
  5. What I don't understand is that if everyone is always in their myspaces, what the hell do they have to talk about in myspace? Are they going to talk about updating their myspaces? I just don't get it. Anyone who cares to know how you actually are doing will talk to you in person anyway, so there just isn't a use for myspace.
  6. I've been looking alot lately at the message above the avatars of the people who request for a POV outside of the video request sticky, and the mods have changed the message to, "Can I request a POV of you being banned?" I was wondering if it is against the forum rules to do this. I have looked inside of the general forum rules and at the amateur videographer rules and I am unable to find anything against doing this. All I really want is a clarification of the rules and I will be good to go. Thanks.
  7. Sweet underground inversion on Tornado. I'm really diggin it. Gonna put it as my background. By the way, I'm the guy that is oozing over all of those sweet shots of the track. Square to circle, Square to triangle, oh man, so awesome.
  8. i guess i'm asking someone whose been there if elitch is a good park to go to with some friends and spend the day at. all i really have to go off of so far is that it has a few mediocre coasters. i really dont know much about the park itself.
  9. i've never been to elitch, but i've always heard bad things bout it. your TR pretty much confirms it, i'm never gonna try to get there.
  10. i hate my job. i sit in a 100 degree kitchen scraping the spit off of dishes with my bare hands while making barely minimum wage for 8-9 hours straight. when i'm not doing that i'm stuck in a corner of the kitchen and forced to create pizza, whilst having 430 degrees of heat blowing in my face. i've been doing this for 4 years now, and it sucks worse than anything i've ever experienced.
  11. he likes that. check out his facial expression.
  12. The Jerk, UHF, and The Big Lebowski are amazing movies. Garden State. I that movie! everyone i talk to completely hates me for liking it.
  13. those trainers are pretty awesome. somehow i've never heard of trainers before.
  14. i'd love to see a long shot of the tower as the lightning was hitting it.
  15. "yall ready to ride dejavu?!?!?" i dont really remember what happened for about 2 minutes after he said this. then all i can remember after this was sitting on a bench in front of this green and blue widow-maker and i had a concussion.
  16. i wont share my opinion on whether i feel it should've been canceled or not, but i will say that it was unwise for alton towers to book a day for only one religion. its too much controversy to give one religion or race their own day at the park. best just to avoid such an event in the future.
  17. i didn't quite mean leak, i meant it just spread to everyone who remotely cares about the subject. but it still remains that i dont think anything is going to come of this.
  18. I'd have to say Hades at mt olympus. i've been following the project hardcore since the first footer went in, and i witnessed half of the construction, but due to circumstances out of my control, i have been unable to ride it. i get more depressed every day i'm not able to burn in hell.
  19. nothing is going to happen. somehow it got leaked that one of their options was to sell 6 of their parks, and everybody freaked out that all hell was breaking loose. i bet that they consider selling alot of their parks all the time, its just that this somehow got mainstream.
  20. when i go to the dells next month i'm gonna have to check this place out. i've never been to vegas so i'd like to see what these places are like.
  21. this ride not only looks like a better ride than X, but i like the paint job on it better than the paint on X
  22. haha, somehow thats the one park i missed in the UK trip update.
  23. the first park: amazing park, amazing setting, amazing pictures. what can i say except absolutely amazing? the second park: i dont know if i'm the only one but i can't recall that park in my mind. am i the only one who doesn't know bout it?
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