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  1. I'm not sure if it's been mentioned, but has anyone noticed how "flat rides" usually, and most likely, involve some sort of an elevation change? This is something I always think of.
  2. Ouch... Tennis Ball or Golf Ball Size? Haha, nothing really huge, but it was hail none the less, and hail down that first drop was NOT fun.
  3. Reel Big Fish at the Alumni Theatre at Marquette University, Milwaukee Wisconsin. Best show of my life.
  4. Getting stuck on the lift hill of Zeus at Big Chief Carts and Coasters (currently Mt. Olympus). Right after we left the station massive hail started falling from the sky.
  5. Steel Dragon 2000 will never die!
  6. Even when the shows use different footage, they're all pretty much the same thing. It's like, "What drags thrill seekers to the scream machines time and time again? We did a study to find out." And thats pretty much how they all are. Nothing new. The same show over and over again.
  7. For guitar hero 2, do you think we'll be able to use the guitar hero 1 guitar? Is this how it's done for DDR(sorry, I've never played it)? I would really love to just pick the game up for $40 or less and be able to use my same guitar.
  8. I'm only 17, but I've known that credit cards are bad for years. I just don't understand the concept of paying for things with money that simply doesn't exist. I will get a credit card to build up my credit score, but only for purchases in the $50-$200 range. Below I'll just pay in cash and above I'm going to have the money in my coffers before I even consider how I'm going to purchase it.
  9. Hmm, Shakira. Absolutely amazing, and I'm not talking bout her music. I'm actually pretty into "Hips Don't Lie" though.
  10. Its just a shame that such an awesome ride like Hades is being ran by people who just don't care about keeping it in good shape. I can just see coffee spilling all over the control panel, amongst other things.
  11. I remember those two ride ops sitting on that bench in front of Hades. They did absolutely nothing all day and they make more money than I make at my job. They could tie up a rope with a sign that says "this ride is closed" and they could help on Zeus and Cyclops but that would be too much work so no.
  12. I was there on Monday and Hades closed down about 10 minutes after I got a ride in. One of the ride ops said, "questionable to be open later today, DEFINITELY open for all of tomorrow. I decided to hit up Avalanche at Timber Falls later that night and there was the kid wearing an orange shirt that was gonna ride till he got kicked off (one of you guys?!?!). I was able to get 15 rides on Avalanche in the last hour in which I was there, plus some rides on the flume. I was at Mt Olympus yesterday too, and Hades finally opened up round 6 and I was able to get three rides in. This was my first time back to Mt Olympus since it became Mt Olympus, and let me tell u, the ride ops there sucked worse than a cheap vaccum cleaner. I just couldn't believe the lack of caring each one had for their jobs. There was only one ride op for Pegasus, Cyclops, and Zeus. The guy operating Pegasus was even wearing his headphones! The op on Zeus would frequently forget to hit the brake button and train loads would run through for another circuit. My first ride on Hades after highly anticipating it for 2.5 years, and all I can say is that they should've put in a second train.
  13. hmm, funny pics ryan. i love how much samuel jackson's bald head is reflecting the light in the second picture. this movie has thrill ride written all over it. I can't wait to ride Snakes on a Plane!
  14. I found this pretty funny thing on The Onions website(www.theonion.com) at the beginning of summer, and it's been sitting in My Pictures for three months. Well, it's time to present it to you guys.
  15. Dude, this thing is absolutely amazing. I never want to see you take it apart and build something else, this is absolutely awesome.
  16. Riding in the backseat of that thing must be pretty frickin amazing.
  17. That episode of Drawn Together where Ling Ling gets the glasses where he no longer sees like an asian when driving is frickin amazing.
  18. This needs to stop. All this awesome talk of Moosejaws and the dells makes the time leading up to Monday a nightmare. I absolutely can't wait to get to the Dells.
  19. ok, finally found it on that thread. yeah, pretty funny stuff.
  20. I would've ran out there and grabbed a penguin. Kept it as a pet. In all seriousness I feel bad for the penguins that died. "A penguin wreck?" Is that the best way that guy could've described what happened?
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