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  1. actually, noahs ark built the "black anaconda" which is a watercoaster the same as the master blaster. if your looking for an indoor waterpark though, go to the kalahari.
  2. of course go to mt. olympus, but dont hit up the family land water park. it will be much worth the extra money to spend one day at the big chief theme park and another day at noahs ark water park. noahs ark was known for miles around long before CCI first built cyclops at big chief. most importantly, of course, there are alot of hot chicks there. DON'T pass them up.
  3. i've never been to magic mountain during any of those times, but i would assume that the saturday and sunday would be terrible. i would say go on thursday and friday.
  4. do not worry at all about the raging bull line. if they're running all three trains(which they most likely will do in the middle of summer) i only have to wait a max of 20 minutes at any point in the day. get on S:UF nice and early, cause sometimes even near closing the line for it can still b full. but dejavu takes priority. if u c it running tests from the parking lot, RUN TO IT. it will fill up fast and will suck up alot of the day if u wait in the line. the eagle is kinda iffy. if u c them running the train running forwards AND the train running backwords, the line will b short. if only one is running than it could go either way. i will tell u now that the eagle backwords sucks and u will not leave with a good impression of this awesome ride if u first ride it backwords. V^2 is always short, i sometimes walk by in the middle of the day, see a train flying up one of the spikes, and walk in line and make it in the next load. sprinkle sometime during the day the wizzer and viper, be sure to not miss those two.
  5. u think there would b sweet martial art shows featuring bruce lee there?
  6. I'm going to be at Mt. Olympus in the Wisconsin Dells on the 14th and 15th of August. If anyone's gonna b there on either of those dates let me know.
  7. main street looks amazing. u can build such a better park than me. how long did it take to create this map(not including the coaster)?
  8. i got this gateway that i hate more than anything in the world. what i really want is a macbook pro.
  9. young children may come to this site! i'm ashamed! but really, u guys use porn for background noise when u have company over? i have to say, i'm impressed.
  10. pretty good advertisement. it was a "holy crap" moment at the end. didn't see it coming.
  11. umm, from star wars episode tres?
  12. Valerie - Reel Big Fish -next- Jaqueline - Franz Ferdinand
  13. both those things made me laugh so hard. pretty good stuff. wish i had some more of that.
  14. In order to answer this, u have to think of the six flags corporation in general. why would the six flags corporation build the tallest and fastest coaster in the world at one park, and then the next year built YET ANOTHER world class roller coaster at the SAME PARK. there are lots of other parks that are next in the lineup for a new coaster and this park is not the one anyone has in mind.
  15. actually, its 4i Leap the Dips what is your "second" favorite roller coaster?
  16. they're not. we are made to think that they are. what is your favorite coaster park?
  17. i blame the parents, but i really do feel their pain right now.
  18. 8:54 PM how many coaster credits do you have?
  19. A 95 degree drop?!?! You would think they would stop at 90, next think you know there will be a drop that completly goes into itself and vertical loops where you ride on the outside of the loop.
  20. Two weeks of European roller coasters. Wish I could go. Hope you guys have some nice weather.
  21. Wonderwall-Oasis next) Cassandra Gemini-The Mars Volta
  22. That's an awesome idea. You could put a floorless or standup on the top, and on the bottom an inverted floorless. Two roller coasters on the exact same train!
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