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  1. I rode that ride last summer, let me tell you its fun to look at but it sucked. I mean all old corkscrew models are fun to look at and some are nice to ride but this was just well.........sub par would be nice. Its never a good sign when the station is empty and no one, I mean no one wants to re-ride.
  2. Holy crap your awesome! How long did it really take you to do this, I mean its gotta be more then a week. Anyway great job, make sure and put your talent to good use for everyone can enjoy it.
  3. You know guys I just wanted to say that NOT all knott's employee's are rude............. I happen to be one of them (the not rude kind), and I do know the woman your talking about, I have worked with her on boomerang many times, her name is *** (its a 3 letter name figure it out, needless to say she is quitting the job. Its unfortunate that some people dont have a good time, most guests that I chat with usually sound like they are having a good time. For those of you who have not been to the park I would give it a try. You cant really judge until you have been there. Matt - In no way defending that employee's actions, it was rude and un-called for.
  4. say goodbye to the following Ultra Twister - Its a Togo, no one wants it. XLR8R - Arrow suspended might be too much to move. Look for it to be spare parts. =( Texas Cyclone - I dont know but this thing rocked a$$ the last time I rode it, but it does seem that parks are not crazy about moving the older wooden coasters. Batman - yep shockwave has met its end. Matt - I doubt Greezed Lightning will make it out either, remember SF already has a Shuttle Loop that is sitting in a parking lot.
  5. with new ownership this park will not run again, I would imagine that some of the costs to fix things will be too high for a park that last time I checked did not do so well. Matt - This whole New Orleans thing is turning me EMO. Makes me sad all the time.
  6. ^haha I knew Michael Jackson fans would fall in the end! Matt - HAHA Mike fell on his face
  7. This was much better then that mountian biography Touching the Void. Good job! Matt - I agree with everyone else most classic line ever : "Day Four, F**K"
  8. Very Nice photo's and Reports Matt - Thanks for posting, good stuff
  9. ^lol I’m seriously going to track down SF company earnings reports for all of the last 5 years. Most of them use the exact same excuse for having low attendance, do you want to guess what that excuse was? Weather. Not to totally defend CF here but at least they can say they had record rainfall. Not like SF who blamed the weather when there was a drought. Matt - As for SF they cant blame the weather anymore, We can thank Dan Snyder for that.
  10. Well in that regard referring back to the Original post (not the I hate Knotts thread) the CP stock was the best for a long time, "the gold standard" as they say. It will be interesting to see if they try and raise the yield like they do every year, with a profit/loss as they have posted I highly doubt they would. That would have to be the first time in over 10 years (I think this is what I have read) that they would have not raised their yield. Matt - Not a very good sign, even a worse sign is when they blame weather which is EXACTLY was SF does on a regular quarterly basis.
  11. I should have known you would throw in that last bit. Overall they say SF is on a rebound from what I read yesterday but CF seems to be doing quite the oppsite. Matt - The Yeild on CF (FUN) really kicks ass. Might have to buy a few shares when it falls here.
  12. amazing, look at all those wonderful trees for some shade. Matt - Oh wait, its pavement soon to be littered with plenty of trashcans.
  13. ^^I’m embarrassed to have ALMOST the same name as you. Matt - If you dont like the site, dont go.
  14. Much Easier if you just gave us the name of the magizine. Matt - Is this like some sort of ert or what?
  15. the Block in Orange is still one of the OC's best places to go. The Dave and Busters there is one of the better ones around and overall the nightlife is great plus it totally lifted up the area. (Yes across the street there is a JAIL). Glad to see you guys actually went around some of the OC and got out of Buena Park to find that orange is not such a bad place Matt
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