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  1. I looked it up, and I couldn't find exactly what you're looking for. But Starflyers have 8 chains instead of 4, and they also have a backup cable. I'm also sure they are rated for waaaaaaaaay more weight than you'd put on them. I'm 100% sure they're totally and completely safe, but your point is well taken. If you have any fear of heights the idea of these things can be scary!
  2. I think if you really, really, really temper your expectations, there's quite a bit to be pleased about. The investments and improvements have been steady and positive. While the additions have been extremely conservative, I think the park is on the rise. A 24% increase in rides given is impressive, and I'd bet that there's a positive correlation to increased margins. I also think the seasonal events are a good, cheap way to increase revenue. Anecdotally, HitP seemed like a huge hit! I'll be interested to see the park's financials when the 2017 report comes out. Maybe if they keep this up, we'll see a new coaster within 5 years. But I doubt we'll ever see a path connecting Coyote Creek and Gotham City. A bathroom and some trees over by SRoS and Batwing would be amazing though. edit: I also liked these 2 slides
  3. Don't forget the Adventuredome and the Big Apple Coaster in Vegas! I've actually never been to either, but I'm going to be out there for work in just under 3 weeks and will check them out. If you're starting/ending your trip in Vegas, then why not? If you can extend the trip, the drive up and/or down the PCH is an absolute must do. It's sooo beautiful. When I drove it a few years ago, I took my sweet time driving north, and then blasted down the 5 on the way back.
  4. I never really played RCT3 at all, so I don't have anything to compare it to. But I do have a simple formula for making realistic looking stations in rct2 that I haven't yet mastered in PC.
  5. I finally picked up PC when it was on sale for like $11. I've got 38 hours invested in it so far, and I'm really enjoying it. I started by playing the career mode. The first couple levels are pretty easy and incredibly boring. But it was a good way to learn the basic controls and get just fool around with the game, and maybe that's the point of them. And I guess without the career mode, it would just be a sandbox game, and that's not fun for everyone. It's clearly not a park management game, but I'm glad they did include the park management aspects that they did. My next objective was coaster building, which is super fun, and it will continue to be fun for a long time. Now, for the bulk of those 38 hours, I've been working on a semi sort of realistic sandbox park. I'm having a lot of trouble with constructing buildings. I really don't even care to build my own buildings. I'm happy to use the workshop, but I want to build basic Six Flags or Cedar Fair style coaster stations by myself. There's a million pieces and I don't see how they play together. My brain just doesn't work the way that it's set up. Maybe there's some controls I'm missing when you're building on something and the grid appears. Also the game's logic sometimes makes sense and sometimes makes 0 sense when it snaps pieces together. edit: Random question. Can you select multiple objects and duplicate them like when you're in building mode for building stuff like fences? Putting fence pieces up one by one is super tedious!
  6. By my count, I'm at 43 U.S. B&M's. There are 1, maybe 2 relocations included in there. After next season I should get past 50. I haven't been on any of the hypers or gigas or wings (except Wild Eagle) built in the last 10 years. Looking forward to Intimidator, Fury, Diamondback, Banshee, Leviathan, Behemoth, Valravyn, and Gatekeeper this summer!!!!
  7. Matterhorn at Disneyland for me as well. I know that was my first park, and one of my first coasters ever. I'm racking my brain to think of the second though. I'm going to have to ask someone the order of my first parks. There's a very good chance the second was either Runaway Mine Train or GASM at SFGadv.
  8. Those are incredible. They're all incredible. But the red sky in the last two make me feel something. Wow.
  9. Just saw this thread, and remembered this shot from October this year.
  10. Very cool stuff. What's up with the super slow runs? Also that shot from below the first drop as the train passed over was awesome!
  11. Thanks guys, appreciate it! The official website is pretty clear on this point, but I think it could be even more clear. And every website (KD vs CP for example) words the benefits of the platinum pass a little differently. For example, the KD website says "...at all Cedar Fair Parks across the country..." but I know CW is included too. I guess they don't expect people to travel around to most Cedar Fair parks, and I plan on going to 5 this season.
  12. Quick platinum pass question: Does it matter what park you purchase your pass / get it processed at? Is there any difference between a KI platinum pass and a CP platinum pass, or is it just a cedar fair platinum pass, and the benefits apply universally?
  13. Saw this posted on reddit a little earlier today: https://twitter.com/canardiain/status/939954442216067072 A few of the supports have dents in them. I don't know if they buckled, or they were dented during transports\, or if it was something else entirely. But it is an interesting development.
  14. I absolutely share your enthusiasm. It's so great to see Holiday in the Park on the east coast succeeding for so many reasons. It's just a win win win win win. The parks are crowded and lively, and even the worst line isn't bad at all. Hopefully they'll continue to invest in and expand this event. Obviously, riding coasters in the cold and dark is an awesome experience.
  15. 1. Superman (SFNE) 2. Nitro 3. Superman (SFA) 4. Phantom's Revenge 5. Raging Bull 6. Apollo's Chariot 7. Magnum XL200 8. Steel Force 9. Goliath (SFMM) Not including any of the gigas in this list, but they'd be close to the top if I did. My list is more of a personal one, and includes nostalgia, that's why the SFA Superman is so high. But even though the layout is a bit silly, the ride really does deliver.
  16. The polls and posts DO show up on my "subscriber" tab on my android Youtube app; they show up in a regular chronological timeline with everything else. However, on my PC, it's not obvious. You have to click on your channel, and then click on community to find it.
  17. Went to HitP today, and I agree with everything that's been said about it. It's a fun time, and you barely notice that Gotham City isn't open. The park's open for 7 hours, and for a majority of those hours, it's really dark. That combined with the relative cold makes for a unique experience. The park was crowded and lively, but the waits for rides were negligible. Today was the first time I roar Roar in 10 years, and it's running so great. Every bit as good, if not better, than it was in 2007. Wild One is running pretty well, but a few of my rides had some very uncomfortable bumps. Mind Eraser is better than Apocalypse, and that's insane. Voodoo drop packs a punch, and runs so quickly. The larson loop is a bit nauseating, probably won't ride again. And finally, RC was very fun, but only rode it once because it consistently had the longest line. Might head back before the year is up to get some more night rides on Roar. Here's some pictures mostly of the lights, which were great.
  18. 1. Alpengeist - I love the height, speed, terrain and themeing 2. Afterburn 3. Montu 4. Talon 5. Silver Bullet -- 6. Great Bear 7. Raptor 8. Dueling Dragons 9. BTRs - Every time I queue up for these, I think they're awesome, even though they're everywhere. Then I ride it once, and that's plenty. They are awesome, but too intense for me.
  19. Fifty eight dollars for a gold pass, and free parking at all six flags parks now... It's crazy. I used to buy the season parking pass at SFA, but you still had to pay for parking at other Six Flags parks. I'm going to check out HITP next Sunday, and I'm looking forward to it.
  20. I think I will, especially after all the good things I've read about it here. I'll also probably pick up a season pass, which will pay for itself pretty quickly.
  21. Okay. I have a bunch of random thoughts and I can't think of anywhere better than here to put them. Between 2000 and 2006 (maybe 07), I attended SFA well over 50 times. It was and still is my home park; I only live about 30mins away. I always enjoyed my time at SFA, even if I only went for an hour. But I always had some major jealousy whenever I attended most other major parks. Back in the day, I'm pretty sure the forums I frequented the most were the ThrillNetwork ones, but I also was on every SFA fan site there was. Well, I just spent a few hours catching up on several years worth of posts in this thread, and it's so funny (and depressing) that the rumors leading up to the annual announcements, and disappointment that follows when it's just something trivial, is nearly identical now to what it was 10+ years ago. A few pages back someone mentioned adding a path between Batwing and Roar or Mind Eraser. God, I vividly remember discussing that crazy idea (that's not actually crazy) back in 2003. I did actually go back to SFA for the first time in October for FF. It was interesting seeing all the little changes all at once. But it was essentially the same park, but with slightly rougher rides and faded paints. Batwing, SRoS, JJ, WW, and the RODEO (love that thing) still brought a smile to my face though. This next part isn't SFA related, but I feel like throwing it out there. In the early 2000s I was privileged enough to get to travel around and ride coasters across the us; I got my count pretty close to 300. It felt like it was my life. I don't know exactly when, I think sometime when I went off to college, the hobby almost completely faded away. Well, something flipped in my head like a week ago and it's all rushing back. I am as completely immersed and obsessed as I used to be. I just hate that its happening right as the season is ending!
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