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  1. Right?!?!? I was thinking the same thing. Long live Apple Zapple!!!!
  2. Fantastic report! Would read again. I give it a 9.7 out of 10 due to that overexposed photo. I thought your comment about Tatsu being "awesome and unsettling" to be on the nose, and I agree with your rating and ranking of Manta. I'm also glad to hear Kraken is still glassy smooth! It's been a good 8 years since I've been there. I need to go back. Mako sounds like a good excuse to go see the grandparents!
  3. Ten+ years ago I used to keep track of the number for the sake of the number, but now I don't care about that much anymore. I definitely do care a little bit though; I'm gonna hit 300 this season. But I would never go out of my way to ride a kiddie coaster like I used to. But I do love working on my excel sheet. It sounds like mine is very similar to yours. I just keep thinking of more things to track, and fun ways to manipulate the data. I also use it as an excuse to teach myself some more advanced excel skills.
  4. So true. But sometimes it's fun to talk about things that could happen, as in it's physically possible, and there's precedent for it, even though we know it'll never happen.
  5. Yeah, the weather this week can go f**k right off. 3-5 inches of snow on Wednesday?! Can't it be spring already?! Although Thursday and Friday look okay as of now, so I guess they just want an extra day to prepare.
  6. This is stupid impressive. I love it! I like how you can see the whole structure bend and flex as the car flies through.
  7. Not even sit down or floorless trains would save it. The only way Apocalypse would be good IMO, is if it had lap bars.
  8. Genuinely interested in the results. I've submitted mine... but I'll continue to tinker until the 31st. Robb, are you planning on releasing the demographics with the results as well?
  9. Earlier than 3 would be even better. I can't overstate how miserable traffic can be in that stretch.
  10. I feel similarly! Although, I think once I ride more RMCs, it's gonna push some of these Intamins down, but we'll see! Current top 5: Twisted Colossus Maverick Superman the Ride I305 The Voyage
  11. Whoa!! Looks incredible. The back seat looks like the place to be for a super intense ride. First drop, and first airtime hill look insane. I also love how it kinda hangs upside down for a moment on the last inversion.
  12. Don't forget Apple Zapple! One could get a whole marathon done in 30mins!!
  13. I'm definitely going to go on the 23rd, TT or not, although I think it'll be ready. Would be nice to say hi to some of you guys.
  14. I live in the DC area and I got my platinum pass at Knott's about a month ago. Having a platinum pass is like having a gold pass at every park, except even better, because the Knott's gold pass doesn't even include parking. And then once you have a platinum pass, if you add drinks or dining, etc., you also get that at every park.
  15. What's the origin of fluffy bunny, etc etc anyway? Ever since I've been going to amusement parks, it's always been about efficiency for me. I put it out of my mind to bring anything I can't put in my pockets. And I've traditionally worn cargo shorts - fashion be damned!
  16. This is also the most recent coaster on my count. I didn't hate it either, but it might have had something to do with all the Martinis I had beforehand...
  17. Try a different browser, or try clearing your cache/cookies. I'm seeing the more recent view in mine as well!
  18. I saw the exact same footage, and went through the exact same thought process. I'll err on the safe side there. Plus that guy has tons of footage flying directly over the park, and claims he was previously banned. I was under the impression that Cedar Fair did not allow any drone flying directly over their parks period. But anyway, the footage from the referenced video did get me super hyped. Those 3 air time hills in a row are gonna eject serious ass.
  19. Not even RCDB keeps stats on number of direction changes, and the direction of the change. But now I need an answer!
  20. It's a really interesting observation, and I've been thinking about that lately too. I wouldn't dare make any predictions, and I don't even know what all the factors are (when considering removing a coaster) beyond maintenance costs, etc. But when I think about a coaster like Magnum - it would be unthinkable to remove it now; but there will be a day when it, like all things, just isn't financially feasible to keep around, and the number of people that will riot in the streets upon its removal, will be minimal.
  21. SV looks so stupid good. I literally won't tire of looking at pictures of it either! It looks so good in those pictures, and it's such a dreary (albeit normal for this time of year) looking day. I love the sections that have 3 track sections side by side. Those positive camber air time hills too - ugggghhhhhhhh. Is it May yet?!?!??!
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