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  1. On April 28th, I saw it running two trains and loading both stations, only for it to break down shortly afterwards. I prefer Batwing over Superman Gadv. Superman OG at least has the landscaping on its side. Batwing felt much more like Superman than Nighthawk in terms of smoothness. I was at the park for a few hours yesterday morning, and they were running two trains and both stations, which I've rarely seen. I was marathoning Superman when I realized it was running both stations, so I walked over to check it out and it broke down. I stood there for ~15mins while maintenance came over and fixed it, and not a single soul joined me in line for the whole 15 minutes. Then I rode it all by myself lol
  2. I keep getting distracted by Magnum, and then wondering if I missed it.
  3. Me too. It boggles my mind. I doubt we'll ever find out exactly how this happened, but I really want to know. That's good news.
  4. I don't know anything. But how would that not be detected during testing?! Again, I don't know anything. But during testing they should be cycling three fully loaded trains for 12 hour straight. They should remove and add trains from the transfer track. They should simulate a July 4th-esque day. They wouldn't need to do nearly that much to realize the "programming" was incorrect too.
  5. It would boggle my mind that IF during testing they weren't cycling three fully loaded trains non stop. How could they not?! That's how this ride will operate all season long! I'm going to be there that same Tuesday, and I feel the same way.
  6. https://coasterpoll.com/u/robbalvey/rankings You can change the name between the u and rankings to see other members rankings too!
  7. Nice. Anyway, looks like a neat little ride, can't wait to get on it. Actually, I'm going to start counting down the days: T-Minus 27 days!
  8. I recall seeing a picture from the top of I305s lift hill looking down into the station, and you could see how much the track bowed and flexed. Although I'm sure this part of the design, and there's nothing wrong with it. I doubt this decision has anything to do with it. Maybe it's a different track type, maybe there's different costs associated with it.
  9. It's like a scaled up, steel El Toro. It definitely looks like it wants to kill you in the best possible way.
  10. It's between Hershey and KD, although I voted for KD because I haven't been to Hershey in many years, and haven't been on Fahrenheit or Skyrush yet. Sorry you had a bad time at KD last time you went. I think they'll most likely make up for if you go back!
  11. I was at the park today for a few hours, and it was the first time of 4 times I've been so far this season that they were actually running 2 trains on TT. I saw that reddit post as well, and I can confirm that they've slowed down the lift speed at the very top to the slowest possible speed as it crests the hill. I don't buy that the the trains are going too fast as they come into the brake run, but maybe there is some kind of issue with the sensors / ride systems. I'm sure they'll work it out. It froze overnight last night, but once TT warms up for an hour or two, it still f**king hauls.
  12. I know. They should have called it Steel Vengeance: Unchained.
  13. I enjoyed watching the web cams yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. It looked cold and rainy, but everything was cycling trains. If you don't mind getting wet, it looked like a great day at the park.
  14. I love the feeling on RMCs where neither my butt or feet are touching the seat/floor at all, and I'm purely being held in by the restraint. The seat belt gives me all the mental comfort I need. Air time is the best.
  15. I'm really impressed with the second half speed, and the speed that it goes through the rolls. It flies through those rolls when compared to TT's last inversion. I'm sure the airtime was outrageous, but Tony and Jason seemed to be stapled in pretty good haha, so it was hard to tell from watching them.
  16. The Mac Bowl was pretty good. I've had it once so far. You get to choose between white and orange (cheddar?) cheese, and then you can add unlimited toppings - there's at least 15 toppings or so. I think I got white cheese mac and cheese, bacon, spinach and buffalo sauce. The meals at Outer Hanks are new this year. So far I've had the crab cake sliders, which I enjoyed. There wasn't too much crab meat, but I wasn't expecting a lot either. At the two burger places, Hungry Hippo and Jukebox Diner, I was super impressed at how fresh all the burger toppings were. The burgers were meh though; they reminded me of something a high school cafeteria would serve. At the very front of the park, Border Burrito is good for a decent burrito or burrito bowl. Finally, yes, I intend to get my money's worth out of my dining plan this season.
  17. ^ This. Then the supporting cast is so good too, it's not like Carowinds or CW, where everything else kinda falls off after the top 2-3. It's just a really excellent park, and I'm glad I live so close.
  18. I know RMC will recommend colors that wear better, and last longer, but will ultimately go with whatever the park decides. I don't know what colors those are, or if that was the case here.
  19. I was at the park that day too, and it was a great day at KD! It was almost perfect, with the exception of the slow TT operations - nevertheless, I was still able to get several rides in. Plus Drop Tower, The Crypt, and the Eiffel Tower were all open, which were not open the previous weekend. I strongly disagree with you about Dominator. I enjoy it better in the back, even if there is a slight rattle. The front is really smooth though; you probably would have enjoyed it more there. The only thing this ride is missing is a zero-g roll. But I love the inversions, I love the way it meanders to add length, and I especially love the airtime after the MCBR.
  20. I did just see that today! And I'm going to be at the park on May 22nd, so I really lucked out there. It'll be awesome to get a genuine night ride on this beast.
  21. What about support from Poland's government, rather than the EU? I just don't understand how they afford all this, or how it's sustainable.
  22. Right?!?!?!?!? It's f**king eerie! I got there right right before 5PM on the 23rd, and I was minding my business, strutting towards the opening gates, when I noticed everyone was stopped in the tracks, staring at the flag. I slowed my gait, until I eventually felt like a big enough asshole, and awkwardly stopped until the song was over.
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