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  1. Agreed. Although I think these trains are missing some of their cosmetic additions.
  2. When I went a few Fridays ago, I thought even the front row of Scream was running the square wheels. But to be honest, I had a similar experience to you, in terms of crowds, and I was riding coasters with such frequency that I walked around all day lightheaded (#firstworldproblems), and that could have made Scream feel worse than normal.
  3. The off season is long, and full of terrors... But the 'W' looks weird with vertical lines, rather than angled ones, like in this picture:
  4. Watching that video reminded me that I rode it as Tomb Raider The Ride in June of 2003. I knew it was a Huss Giant Top Spin, but that's okay, because I loved the regular sized ones! The only themeing that I specifically remember is the hold, when it lowers you down into the lava, and then releases you. I'm going back to KI this May for the first time in at least 10 years. I wonder if walking in that building will jog any more memories.
  5. Look at this. Six flags makes nearly as much money from in park stuff as they do from admissions. I think part of the strategy is to get people into the park, and then sell them more stuff while they're there. I'm genuinely curious how much the average season pass is sold for at SFA. Obviously the price increases closer to the start of the season, when buying a pass is in more demand. Technically, the "full price" on a gold pass right now is $175, but it's discounted automatically to $107, or $72, when you buy 4 or more. I got a gold pass last November for this season. I think it was $52, when I got 4 or more - which is cheap af. All that being said, I think SFA could afford to up their prices a little bit, and people would still buy passes at the rates they are now. But SFA isn't even trying to compete with KD or HP, its closest competition. They'll have to, if they want to increase prices past a point. Overall though, Six Flags has been increasing ticket prices, and they've now posted 8 consecutive years of record revenue and net income. And as tacky and tasteless as Six Flags can be, I'm really, really happy about that.
  6. I mean, it's whatever you make of it. But I think your time will be best spent by making it a pit stop. And the only flats there I enjoy is Voodoo Drop, and Rodeo.
  7. I think it's a lot of driving, but since your every day life is miserable, I understand why you want to pack in as much as possible. I don't think it's an impossible amount of driving; just don't underestimate how tired you might be after a day at a park. Except for your drive to SFGadv, and your drive home, it looks like your longest drive is 5-6 hours between BGW and Carowinds. That's a lot, even when your break it up between driving a few hours after a day at BGW. My first piece of advice is to structure your trip so that the absolute bulk of your driving is in the morning, and not after a day at a park. It looks like you've already considered this by not wanting to drive more than 1-2 hours after a day at a park, but I'm just saying. As for where to stay, I'm a huge fan of Airbnb. I never stay in hotels anymore. It's a little more effort, but it's worth it. But I know it's not for everyone. You can usually find a room to crash at for a third of the price of a hotel room, or a nice house or whatever to yourself, for the same price as a hotel room. However, there are good tips for getting affordable hotel rooms, like joining rewards programs. On the day you go to SFA, I recommend knocking out the whole park in 2-3 hours, and then heading to KD for the rest of the day. If you go to SFA on Monday morning, you'll have the park to yourself, and be able to make it down to KD before traffic gets bad. Win-win. As for food at parks, I'm excited for the new mac and cheese place at KD, but no one's actually tried it yet. BGW has some great food. My favorite is the smokehouse - specifically the smoked chicken.
  8. This is awesome. Keep it coming, if you can! I do this kind of stuff with my own coaster count. I'm probably just barely above average in my excel abilities. I can't really imagine working with the entire rcdb database. The over time stuff is really cool, especially.
  9. And in case you were curious, "lift motor and stuff assembly" is absolutely definitely the technical term for it. edit: The comment chain that picture came from is pretty hilarious. CP vs. Busch
  10. Lift motor and stuff assembly. This picture isn't quite as sexy as other picture just posted. Well, I guess it depends who you ask.
  11. Fair. Also "LoopHawk." <- Its neither shameful nor awful. They bought the damn thing, they can market it however they want. Just because they call it a coaster doesn't mean you or any other enthusiasts has to. The fact that it gets nerds so riled up over something that has little to no consequence on their lives makes it more and more awesome imo. In fact, I hope Six Flags buy a second super loop for one of their parks that has one and then market it as dueling coasters just so I can watch some heads explode. Never mind my "shameful" and "awful" hyperbole. It's just my opinion that it's not a coaster, and marketing something that we all (I think) agree isn't a coaster as one for a notable milestone (10th coaster) is, I don't know, a little disappointing. And if Six Flags wants to call their next tilt-a-whirl a coaster, then I can simultaneously hold the position that it's hilarious and terrible. I'm not a nerd who gets so riled up over things that it affects my purchases, etc. Finally, if you actually hope Six Flags buys a second loop thing for one of their parks just to watch people freak out about it, then I'm not the only one being a little hyperbolic. Now back to Mardi Gras Hangover!! Awesome name.
  12. Okay, the part about them marketing it as a coaster is shameful. Calling Bourbon Street Fireball at SFA their 10th coaster is just awful. BUT, Mardi Gras Hangover is an incredible name. I'm in awe. It's original, it pushes boundaries, and most importantly, it's hilarious!!!!
  13. Oh my. Those trains are something new. It'll be like riding an ATV. I like the handlebar.
  14. The only thing I think is especially crazy is people ranking it before they've ridden it, or indeed even seen a video of it actually running! But other than that, I'm HYPED.
  15. I enjoyed Jasper's outside of SFA one of the last times I went. They had the biggest, strongest, most properly made long island iced tea I ever had.
  16. That, and being able to take pictures / timelapse of the sunrise from the top of Valravyn is pretty frickin tempting. I imagine it'll cost a pretty penny though.
  17. Nice pics! Sorry about your wallet I wore incredibly unstylish cargo shorts on one of my visits, and then just left my phone and everything in my car on my other visit, because I'm absolutely terrified of losing stuff on rides. I have to concentrate on making sure everything is in my pockets at all times, and then the ride just becomes about that, and I'm not having fun. I'm going to have to invest in some shorts and pants that both look decent and have strong zipper pockets for this upcoming season. I thought I'd share a couple pictures from my visit last week as well, including one incredibly adorable one, if I do say so myself. Here's me as a much younger lad in March of 2002 in front of what I thought was the best coaster ever. Note the little baby palm tree in the background. And here's me from 2 weeks ago. RR is quite photogenic. I see we both went for this shot, sing. It's a good one. True story: I walked onto Viper with literally a completely empty station. I was the only person on the ride when I rode it. The ride op started with his whole spiel "Welcome riders...." and then just said "ah forget it, it doesn't matter." Cracked me up.
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