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  1. What did people do with FoF before? There couldn't have been bins. I guess the new policy is just that you can't have any "loose articles" on the ride, right?
  2. It's weird, because when I rode Roar in December during HitP, I thought it was riding amazingly well. It was so much fun! Maybe it was running a tad slower due to the freezing temps, and that made it fun, or maybe it was something else. But I rode it again last Thursday, and I had the same experience as you. It was really quite rough. I dunno, it's not that bad. I always ride it once when I go, and I don't regret it. Glad you enjoyed the park though! You can have a great time, if you set your expectations appropriately.
  3. Interestingly, today some, but not all, of the gate attendants were not letting people leave their hats and bags on the fence by the entrance. I walked up and the kids in front of me went to hang their bag on the fence right in front the attendant, and there were already tons of bags hanging there, but the attendant gave them a very stern "No!" as if they were a "bad dog," and pointed them to the lockers.
  4. My bad, edited for clarity. It is up today with 1 train running. Green train is covered with a tarp.
  5. It's running! Edit: drop tower is now g2g as well. First time I've seen it running this season.
  6. "Six Flags: We give exactly one f*ck now, which is precisely one more than we gave a decade ago. Maybe in another decade we'll give two f*cks. Come to our parks and find out!"
  7. I'm just ranking the top 50, because anything after that is just impossible for me, or my memory of the ride has faded. However, I'm not grouping anything, nor are there any ties.
  8. Well, I can tell you that operations are already in mid season form. Five minute dispatches and 1 train ops. But seriously. It is what it is, and will always be. I don't have any specific recommendations re. food. The lines get long quickly, and stay long all day, so keep that in mind. Nevertheless, you can do absolutely everything worth doing in 2-3 hours, sometimes less. Here are some other random tips: 1. Voodoo Drop packs a punch. It's worth it. 2. I'm a big fan of Rodeo. 3. When you ride Wild One, don't sit on a wheel seat, it will greatly improve your experience. 4. Do the 10-15 minute walk to the back of the park where Batwing is first, and then work your way back.
  9. the fork is dead. Long live the spork Something something world's tallest hybrid.
  10. That's hysterical. But it's also awesome that he's giving an opportunity to people that don't have audience, but either do, or have to potential to produce great content. ...And there is no Steel Vengeance.
  11. That's what they said about Twisted Timbers until people actually rode it haha. I'm sure SV isn't slow and sluggish. I just don't see that being remotely possible. No you're wrong. And TT was slow and awful too. Avoid!
  12. More POV teaser... Looks slow and sluggish to me. Definitely an overhyped ride. I definitely wouldn't go to the park the 3rd week of May, if I were you.
  13. It depends if they're running one train or two. If it's one train, expect ~1 hour lines for TT. Crowds have been low though, through the first three days. Everything else has had a 5 min wait or less. Don't forget Sunday the 1st is Easter; I'm not sure what that'll do for attendance, although I imagine it'll be really light for the first few hours.
  14. I'm not 100% sure, but I think they I think they did the first drop this off season, and you can see a ton of new wood there as well. Nevertheless, the ride on both sides is smoother than it has any business being. It's quite amazing. And there's tons of air in the back. It's actually a really surprisingly fantastic coaster. It's waaaay smoother than the last time I rode it ~8 years ago. Totally agree. One of the better wild mice out there - especially since the restraints are minimal, compared to the awful restraints of the KBF one. Only wild mice better are the spinning ones. Couldn't agree more. The only thing I'll say is that it's definitely a back seat ride right now. But it's really f**king awesome towards the back. Me too! However, this is the only place I'll disagree. These two coasters have very different layouts, so they're difficult to compare. But they're both RMCs, and they're quirky compared to all other rides, and that makes them similar to each other. I think TC has an intensity that TT doesn't have yet. And I think TC is incredible in the front seat, and beyond belief in the back seat. I think TT is pretty damn good in the front seat, and incredible in the back seat. And for that reason, I give TC a very, very slight edge. But ranking is ultimately stupid, and nobody cares about my opinion.
  15. Ugh. You said exactly what I was thinking SO much more elegantly than I could have. Bravo.
  16. Thought I'd add some photos before I pass out... The line before the line. They actually removed the blue train, so it was only running 1 train all day. Twisted air time Love the grove. Really nice landscaping here. Little hill. Big air time! Love how you can see where the wheels don't touch the top of the track. This crazy turn is the only time the wheels actually squeak a bit too. I like this picture even though the train is blurry. It was actually much darker than it appears, and my camera left the shutter open for a while. Love the way you feel like you get yanked through this first drop. Especially when you're sitting in the back.
  17. Just got off a back seat ride at 930pm. It was hauling. Ridiculous air time. It's gonna be insane when it gets faster than this.
  18. Loved my first rides on TT. Every single hill popped me out of my seat. Yeah it's got some traditional air time hills, but it's also got that RMC flair with the all the crazy direction changes. And I know it's opening day, but it was the smoothest coaster I've ever been on. Glossy is an understatement. It's also really quiet as the trains rolls along the track, for whatever that's worth.
  19. I don't even think it looks sluggish. The first drop looks great, the 3 airtime hills look incredible, the cutback looks awesome, and the second half looks really, really strong. And yeah, the trains were frickin empty in the vid! I'm excited to ride, and I think it'll only get better as the season progresses.
  20. Probably for the same reason Six Flags will often use photos in promotional material that isn't even from the park that material is promoting.
  21. Loud! I noticed even the Wonder Woman lift hill was loud in the other thread.
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