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  1. Checked the archives... Superman at SFA in 2000 Lightning Racer at HP in 2000 Batwing at SFA in 2001 Hypersonic at KD in 2001 Nitro at SFGradv in 2001 Roller Soaker at HP in 2002 Superman Ultimate Flight at SFoG in 2002 X at SFMM in 2002 Storm Runner at HP in 2004 TTD at CP in 2003 Kinga Ka at SFGradv in 2005 El Toro at SFGradv in 2006 Hydra at Dorney in 2006 Starliner at the then Cypress Gardens in 2007 Sierra Sidewinder at Knott's in 2007 Tatsu at SFMM in 2007 and then nothing until this year, which so far is TT, SV and Tantrum
  2. Made our first trip to Hershey in 9 years, and I just had to share some thoughts on Skyrush. It took a few rides on Skyrush for it to click, and for me to “get it,” and realize its brilliance. Thankfully, I was able to get a lot of rides in, including some stay in my seat night rides. The air time is up there with the best of them. I don’t know if it’s stronger than El Toro or not, but due to the open-air seating, and the way the restraints are, it feels like it’s trying to throw you out to your death, which is hilarious! The first drop in the back seat at night made me giggle in a way that only a Steel Vengeance night ride has this year - for a split second, I really thought I was going to die. Instead of you coming up against a traditional lap bar, which you know will hold you in, you feel yourself sliding out of the restraints; it’s a unique sensation on a coaster. Yes, the restraints are uncomfortable. On my first few rides, they were so uncomfortable, and the sensations were so unfamiliar, it distracted from the ride. But once I learned the layout and could prepare myself properly, I really started enjoying it. Skyrush demands active participation, which not everyone is going to be down for understandably. But I do think it would be better if the lap bar simply came down across your lap, rather than your thighs. Thankfully, while you're sitting on the brake run, the restraints actually pop open about an inch or two, to provide relief before you roll back into the station. The rest of the park was great too. We went on Monday. The weather was beautiful, the park was pretty packed, but the lines weren't bad at all. Lot's of parents with strollers... Stayed the full 12 hours. A few photos:
  3. The forecast will inevitably change between now and then. But KD will run all their coasters in the rain, but not if there's any thunder.
  4. Those three hills may be when the ride is tamest, but the air time is the most sustained during those moments as well. It's a great ride. And every time I leave the park I change my preference changes between I305 and TT. I still notice TT significantly increases in pace as the day goes on, and it gets hotter. Weird. Last week, they said 2 proteins, 4 sauces and unlimited other toppings.
  5. In 6 visits this season, the only ride that's actually enforced a reride rule was Dominator, and it was just 1 reride. Yesterday, the ride ops had zero f*cks to give, and no such rule was enforced on any ride. Yesterday you could have reridden I305 until there was no blood left in your brain.
  6. Was at the park all day yesterday. It rained for half day, and if it wasn't for a couple buses full of kids, the park would have been deserted. The rain was light to moderate between like 11 until 3:30, and KD never shut down any rides. Respect. I wish I had swim goggles for my I305 rides in the ran hah. All the buses were gone by 6 or so, so I got my first marathon session of TT without having to leave my seat or station.
  7. Here's an update from the park's instagram. I can't believe how they late they got started on this. Just kidding, I can believe it.
  8. Yeah, most will be 20-30 minutes even if it's busy. TT and FoF could potentially be over 60 mins though.
  9. https://mypass.sixflags.com/welcomeoffer.aspx News came via the passholder newsletter.
  10. I would go to Twisted Timbers first, and get on one of the first trains of the day. If they're running two trains, you can probably reride a few times. Then I usually walk across the back midway and hit I305 5-8 times. For you, I'd recommend doing Volcano (if it's running) and FoF before I305, as it never really generates a line, even on busy days. While you're in the area, you can hit Backlot as well. Again, if Volcano is running, it's also not a bad idea to go there first, as it's definitely the worst line in the park. Depends if you're getting FL+ or not. I never go on Saturdays, so I'm not sure how busy it gets. But Sundays are without question less crowded. Not free. The loose article policy is this: you can't bring any truly loose items into the line like bags. Glasses with straps are fine. And they will let you put glasses / hats down your shirt, or in your pockets. My suggestion is to wear pants with zipper pockets and don't bring a bag into the park. It's an up charge with regular admission. But it's included with gold and platinum passes. Grizzly! And as long as you're not a snob, it's a great ride. They've got a make your own mac and cheese place this year. I like the crab cake sliders at Outer Hanks too. The burgers at Hippo's and Jukebox aren't bad, and all the sides and toppings are super fresh.
  11. Six Flags members and passholders can now add any of the 5 new parks to their season pass for $20 per park. I believe the converse is true as well; it is for sure if you're a DL passholder.
  12. SV Maverick Raptor MF Gatekeeper TTD Rougaru Valravn Gemini MXL200 Blue Streak The rest... Top 5 are all really close to each other. I could ride any of them 50 times in a row, and be in heaven.
  13. It's been down for about 3 weeks now, but it was operating before that.
  14. I've gone alone to parks more often than not this year. I like it both ways. But there are tons of benefits to going alone, and for me, it's very therapeutic. You can reride to your heart's content, you don't have to worry about food, bathrooms or anybody's preferences. You get to do what you want to do. Plus you can seat hawk, and that'll save you time! Also nobody notices or cares that you're alone; but if you're feeling self conscious about it, don't be afraid to strike up friendly, no pressure conversation with people around you. It's really no big deal.
  15. Well, you're wrong and you're right. KD has a great collection past I305 and TT. Many people would argue it has one of the best collections of coasters in the US. Dominator, Volcano, FoF, and R75 are all awesome too. And personally, I like Anaconda and Grizzly, but that's neither here nor there. BGW is just different. It's fantastic too. I don't think their coaster collection is nearly as good, but their coasters are great. Like I said, it's just different. It's beautiful, it's got some great rides and great beer. Nobody can choose for you. If you can, do both.
  16. Fastlane money is never wasted. If you don't need Fastlane, it becomes beer money. This is some glass half full thinking right there.
  17. I have some fond memories of marathoning SRoS in the rain and getting absolutely soaked.
  18. New (to me) camera angle today. I like this one even better than the close up of SV's drop from the other day. https://www.cedarpoint.com/explore/live-video
  19. The policy applies to I305, FoF and TT only. If you can put it in a pocket that's fine. So phone and keys, etc in your pocket is fine. The main things they are enforcing are bags, hats and glasses without straps as you enter the line. I've seen people put hats in their shirts and they're fine with that. It's nothing like Gadv's policy, where even if you have a phone in a zipper pocket, they'll make you put it in a fb.
  20. You can use one of those GPS spoofing apps - I don't know if they have them for iOS - and then go into the CP app.I've been following the wait times all day because I'm trying to plan for my visit a week and a half from now. It hasn't been perfect, but when combined with the webcam, you can get a pretty good sense of what's going on in the park. I noticed Gatekeeper has shown as down all day, even though it's clearly running haha. Here's where things stand now. It looks like everything has opened today (except maybe iron dragon??), albeit not all at the same time.
  21. They're definitely the gen 1trains. The other way you can tell is by the number of wheels. Gen 2 trains have more.
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