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  1. Hit Dare Devil Dive first thing at opening, then make your way over to Twisted Cyclone. Dare Devil Dive has an awful capacity, so seemingly short lines can take 30+ minutes. Twisted Cyclone on the other hand has a good capacity, but will work up lines due to its New Hotness status. Goliath doesn’t build up a line until midday, when the GP have finished their faffing with the l*ckers at the ride entry— but when they finish, the line will be LONG. By midday, Twisted Cyclone, Goliath and Dare Devil Dive all had waits of at least 90 minutes. Mind Bender doesn’t have very long lines generally, longest I’ve ever waited for it was probably 20 minutes on a weekend in September. Superman will have long lines due to the agonizing loading process, but those can most likely be avoided by hitting it in the morning. I already assumed we should hit Dare Devil first but I'll add Superman to the mix as well. Thanks for the advice! Fingers crossed for early entry but I'm not counting on it. I'm still on the fence about Flash Pass though. I'll be going with my parents and three sisters, six people in total, but only four of us are able to do the 54" requirement rides. I'm planning to get the Platinum membership pass, so that does give me a one-time line skip. Would the Season Flash Pass be worth it in the long run? I'll be visiting the park pretty frequently in the near future, but the price tag is pretty steep, even with the park opening sale going on.
  2. Will be heading to the park for the first time either this weekend or the next. Would Flash Pass be necessary to hit up all the main coasters- Goliath, TwiCy, Dare Devil, Superman, Batman, and Mindbender are musts for me. I know the park is only open weekends this early in the season, does that make crowds heavier or is it manageable without FP? Thanks in advance!
  3. I knew this was gonna be a monster, but dang that's way taller than I was expecting. This is gonna be crazy.
  4. Any King Gizz fans on here? Bit the bullet and got tickets to see them in Atlanta in September, so hyped. Crazy excited for the new album, too. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  5. One of the main advertised attractions isn't going to be ready for the opening? That's... really weird, actually. I'd honestly rather Disney wait to open the land with both rides. Why open a land without the ride with the better capacity?
  6. I'm actually really excited for this, looks fantastic. Insane improvement over Happy Harbor.
  7. It's really fun! When I think about what coaster I have had the most fun on, it's that one. So it's #1. I generally tend to rate coasters based on intensity. But it’s not always that, which is why Fury 325, Millennium Force and Phoenix— coasters that are not necessarily very forceful— are actually in my top 20. If I was rating coasters purely based on fun, Swamp Fox, Kumba, Phoenix and Fury 325 would be at the top most likely.
  8. Looks great! Apollo did look pretty faded when I visited the park in June, good to see the park giving it some love.
  9. Okay, I think I'm breathing again. Let me just say a few things. This is probably the most amazing news ever. Gwazi was my ride back in the day, I probably rode it more times than most could tolerate. It was my first "big" coaster, so seeing the ride close almost half a decade ago (!!!) was very bittersweet. On one hand, I knew the ride wasn't very popular despite the recent addition of the new trains. On the other hand, yeah, it was time for a change. Whatever went in that spot, I'd be pretty happy. This... is beyond what I expected. Like, miles above. Even when the park confirmed they were "re-doing" Gwazi, I thought it would be a pretty basic conversion; y'know, take the track out, keep some of the support (or rebuild what's unsalvageable, what with the ride sitting dormant for that long), add a few inversions, good to go! Even if it wasn't the best RMC, it'd still probably be my favorite in the park. But this... this is incredible. I mean, it's a hyper coaster with a beyond-vertical drop. What even. I'm so excited for this, 2020 can't come soon enough.
  10. Never thought I'd actually want to go to a Six Flags park specifically for a concert, yet here we are.
  11. Alright, it's been a while since I posted here. Listened to a lot more stuff since then, and updated my list a ton. Here's a chart! Keep in mind that I haven't listened to a lot of stuff still, so feel free to recommend things. Also, the site I used to make the chart is right here if you wanna make your own.
  12. So, uh... anyone here dropping two grand on this puppy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7r_UgNcJtzQ
  13. Awesome! Good to hear that they finally opened the new show. Now bring back KaTonga.
  14. Hasn't this thing been abandoned for like three years now, give or take? Wonder why they're finally biting the bullet now.
  15. Awesome report! Looks like a great weekend, love seeing all the Halloween decorations in both parks. Great pics, despite the severe lack of a certain yellow coaster with interlocking loops.
  16. Was at the park yesterday for a brief afternoon. I expected a bit of a hefty crowd with it being President's Day and all, but it was actually not too bad. Longest I waited for anything was about 40 for Cheetah Hunt, and that's more than fine. Some other thoughts/observations; -Kumba is actually being repainted! I actually wasn't aware of this. I thought that they were just doing routine maintenance, but holy cow what a welcome improvement. They've made a lot of progress on it, I thing the most they had done was the dive loop and the dive into the final tunnel. It's more of a bright blue than a green this time around, and it honestly looks fantastic. Nice to see the ol' thing get some love. -Tigris looks fantastic inside the park. So much cooler to look at than Tidal Wave. The color scheme is fantastic, and it just looks perfect for the ride's skyline. People are gonna eat this thing up, and honestly my only concern is where Tempesto's gonna go in my rankings once this opens. -They're working on Gwazi crazy fast. Half of the Tiger side's old lift hill is pretty much gone, and from what I could see, the track on basically all of the second half of one side is no more. So excited for the white truck to pull into the park. Praise Alan Schilke.
  17. The only wait I can think will be of any length is Cheetah Hunt and Cobra's Curse, and even then they'll never reach half an hour. The B&Ms are always a walk-on on weekdays. Have fun!
  18. Been listening to this nonstop for like a week. When this song hits the 2:30 mark, it's just musical euphoria.
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