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  1. ...wow. I was expecting there to be more information on the Future World expansion/re-imagining, but there is SO MUCH that came out of left field for me. I mean, a freaking Mary Poppins ride? Spaceship Earth is getting a redo? Guardians of the Galaxy has a REVERSE LAUNCH?!? I mean, this is insane on so many levels, and there's probably still stuff that hasn't been announced. I can't.
  2. Ooh, now that you mention it, I could totally see them ditching the Imagination Institute for something new. It feels like we're experiencing the Disney Parks Second Renaissance and I love it.
  3. 100% love at first sight with the new Epcot concept art. Everything looks stunning! The revamped Future World areas look fantastic, Epcot Forever and the new show definitely seem to be worthy successors to Illuminations, and holy crap the new ride symbols. I'm so happy Epcot is getting this much love, it really deserves it.
  4. Australia is really getting lucky with their Mack megacoasters. Looks fantastic! Love the color scheme, too.
  5. Exactly what I was thinking. La Ronde 2020? If this actually happens I'll lose my sh*t.
  6. If it actually is themed to Poison Ivy, I don't think it would go in the old Splashwater Falls location... I'm thinking the new rides going where the stunt show in Gotham City was. They were in the middle of tearing that down when I was there last weekend, so it would make sense.
  7. ^ I gotta admit that was one of the first thoughts that came to my mind when I saw the vines. I'm not 100% sold on it happening, but good God it would be awesome. Two RMCs at my home park sounds like a dream come true.
  8. ^ Seems to be some sort of promotion with nearby school districts. https://www.wftv.com/community/9-family-connection/fun-spot-america-announces-golden-rule-day-at-florida-parks/978145949
  9. True agony is opening the box containing your new desk you just got from Amazon, only to realize there's no instruction manual.
  10. It's honestly insane to think that every SeaWorld park excluding Sesame Place is getting a new coaster next year. Pantheon at BGW, Mako at SWSD, Gwazi 2.0 at BGT, the Premier launch coaster at SWO, and now this? Blackfish who?
  11. I was randomly browsing through the intrawebs and found an old recording of Animal Collective playing the Fox Theater in Oakland during their Centipede Hz tour in 2012, and it's stupid good. Been playing it for the last hour or so, and I love it. The rendition of Brother Sport on here is god-like.
  12. It could be 70 stories tall, 120mph, and a 15 angle swing. Let's not jump to conclusions here.
  13. I think it depends on the movie it's based on. Disney can build rides from the MCU, and since the new Spider-Man movies (Homecoming and Far From Home) are a part of that series, they should be good. If the ride is based on Spider-Verse, however, I'd imagine that's where the problem would lie. Now I really want a ride themed to Spider-Verse.
  14. ^ I don't think I'm old enough to have that, Bill, but I appreciate the thought.
  15. I'll be honest... even if I experienced Mindbender with some form of airtime, I'd probably forget about it. The positives are the ride's strong suit, IMO.
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