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  1. Can't believe I forgot to post this, but King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard on Monday night was pure insanity. The reason I don't have pictures is because there was no stopping the moshpit from moving all over the place, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Like, holy crap. The setlist was perfection, too- starting off with two songs from the new LP (Infest The Rat's Nest) was amazing, but then they started playing the first three tracks from Nonagon Infinity. It was here that my voice left me and I never recovered.
  2. Flashback to April when I met Deakin at the Avey Tare show in Tampa. I've been a huge fan of Animal Collective for a while now so this was a huge fanboy moment for me.
  3. (((((wave of enthusiasts enter thread arguing over whether it's a credit or not))))) In all seriousness, this looks aaaaawesome. I'm most likely heading to Pigeon Forge next summer, so I may have to add this place in the itinerary along with all the mountain coasters.
  4. Bump! 1. Alpengeist 2. Montu 3. Dragon Challenge - Chinese Fireball (RIP) 4. Batman clones (the only one I've done is at SFoG but I imagine they're all pretty much the same) 5. Dragon Challenge - Hungarian Horntail (RIP)
  5. 1. Twisted Timbers (#3 overall) 2. Twisted Cyclone (#6 overall) Hopefully riding Lightning Rod and Outlaw Run next season, so this list should look a bit longer next year.
  6. 100% agreed, Griffon is crazy photogenic and it fits into the area beautifully. InvadR, on the other hand, seems to be the sore thumb in BGW's otherwise amazing theming. The bridge coming in from New France is the best example of this; not only can you see InvadR's placement in the barren wasteland that is the train depot, but Le Scoot is perfectly visible and it seems to be above the ride, which just looks awkward IMO. Not a knock to the park at all, but that significant part of the park has always been weird to me.
  7. That has to be the weirdest way I have seen someone refer to fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo.
  8. ^ Bert, I missed you by a day! Glad you had a good time at the park, and I'm super jealous crowds were light that day- Sunday was SLAMMED. We're talking hour+ waits for pretty much everything. Sheesh.
  9. Yay for progress! If the American Dream mall is opening next month, than this'll get built at some point. I have faith.
  10. My trip to Disney got cancelled last weekend because of Hurricane Dorian, which I was fine with... but I'm just now seeing that the parks weren't just open during that weekend, but they were empty. I could've been piloting the Millennium Falcon, but instead I was stuck dealing with the worst crowds ever at SFoG on the Sunday before Labor Day.
  11. Kind of old news, but Good GOD I'm hyped for this ride.
  12. I feel like I’m missing something here... how does this confirm an RMC? Like, I believe you guys, but I’m lost.
  13. Vampire Weekend at the Fox Theater last night, downtown ATL. Fantastic show at a beautiful venue.
  14. Backlot Stunt Coaster - Kings Dominion
  15. I just wanted to say thanks to Robb, Elissa, and all of the other TPR moderators for dealing with all the hate comments and the coaster community's bullsh*t- mine included. This forum has always been one of the most uplifting, positive, and fun online "families" I've been a part of, and it's always really disheartening to see so much negativity on here. I know it sounds kinda stupid, but... thanks for keeping the site around for us to enjoy. I'm forever grateful. And yeah, what's up with all the politics talk? It's a theme park. Y'all need to chill.
  16. ^ I know barely any information has been released yet on the coasters, but I really want to know who the manufacturer is for that. Is it another one of those Golden Horse rides, or is Vekoma revisiting the Tilt Coaster concept?
  17. I was laughing so hard at that Falcon's Flight animation. Imagine hitting 200 mph only to hit an unbanked turn directly after. Um, it's not 200mph.... You do know the difference between Kilometers per hour and Miles per hour right? Or have we not gotten to that class in high school yet? ...oops, genuinely thought it said mph instead of mph. My bad, I didn’t even see that. Do you really have to be rude about it though? So what if someone makes a mistake once in a while?
  18. I was laughing so hard at that Falcon's Flight animation. Imagine hitting 200 mph only to hit an unbanked turn directly after.
  19. I'm sorry, but I just can't take this announcement seriously until actual construction begins to happen. There have been a handful of parks that US companies announced for the Middle East, but almost all of those parks have been metaphorically thrown away- Six Flags Dubai, Shamu Island, and Universal Dubai, to name a few. Don't get me wrong, this looks stupid cool, and if it gets built it'll be an enthusiast's wet dream come true. But for now, I'm skeptical.
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