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  1. ^ I don't know how I've never seen that concept art but it looks like what dreams are made of. I love DisneySea.
  2. Wow, Twisted Timbers is way higher than I was expecting. I'm not complaining, but seventh best in the world? That's awesome.
  3. Nice report! Finnegan's Flyer looks great, and it's nice to see some Nessie love. I, too, enjoy that coaster way more than I should.
  4. I'm just saying... if anyone spoils the movie for me on here, I'm reporting you to Robb and company. That is all.
  5. In all seriousness, this looks awesome. Really cool to see that they're building on both the Nick Universe parks rather than focusing on just the one. It's quite the investment, but it looks really promising and I'm super excited.
  6. Nice report! Funny thing about Busch being pack, I was at SeaWorld on the same Saturday and longest I waited was around 45 minutes for Mako's front seat. I love that park, no matter when you go crowds are always less than what you expected. On a separate note, I'm with you on the comfort collars. They don't take away from the ride experience in any way, they just kinda hang there... but good God, the loading/unloading process. Yikes.
  7. This isn't good. https://www.businessinsider.com/samsung-response-to-galaxy-fold-review-units-breaking-2019-4
  8. That sounds incredible. I'm gonna live like four hours away from Carowinds soon, so I may snag a Platinum Pass while I'm at it. Thanks for the tip! You're telling me.
  9. Honestly I don't even understand why he could ever be considered a troll in the first place. "I don't agree with this person on something trivial, so he can't be trusted! BLOCKED!"
  10. Oh yikes, you're right... I guess Friday would make the most sense then. That's set in stone now I guess. Probably the middle of the day till closing. Ballpark guess is I'll get there around 3:00 ish, so that gives me about six hours. Also yeah, I've heard horror stories about Dragster's downtime. It's pretty far up on my bucket list, but it won't be the end of the world if I don't get on then. I think the 100% need-to-do-or-I'm-gonna-be-sad is SV, Millennium, and Maverick. That seems reasonable, right? I'm definitely doing Fast Lane Plus, but I'm also curious about the single rider policy... could that be beneficial?
  11. Alright, so exciting news! I'm on my school rowing team, and there's a regatta in about a month that's in Ohio... and about two hours from the Promised Land. Guess who plans to make that drive at some point. I'm stupid excited, but I need advice. I plan to hit all the big boy coasters- most notable Steel Vengeance, TTD, Maverick, Millennium, Gatekeeper, Raptor, Rougarou, Valravn, and Magnum. Hopefully I'll get on the rest of the coasters, but those are the must-rides for me. I'll probably be there for only a half day either on May 24 or 26 (Friday or Sunday). It's possible to hit all those in that time, right? I'm not expecting to get every credit, but I'll definitely buy Fast Lane if I have to.
  12. Got my one ride on Tigris last night, first row of the last car. It's what I expected, but it's still fantastic. It's a clone, but the location is fantastic and the ride is crazy intense despite it's length. I love these rides, they're probably my favorite clone model and even with the comfort collars this is still a huge win for the park. Now to wait until next spring.
  13. I'm really excited for this, the slides look great and it should be a cool addition to the Orlando area. But those slide names...
  14. There's a good chance I'll be down there on the final day to pay my respects. I'm really stoked for both new shows, but this is still a huge gut-punch in the nostalgia for me.
  15. I went for 2018, since we're counting new-for-2018 rides but not new-for-2019 rides. We're counting rides in the 2018 season, not the 2019 season. Seems like the 2019 option is gonna be the winner, but just thought I'd put my opinion in here.
  16. I'm surprised we've gone this far without mentioning boats.
  17. ^ This is your brain on fandoms. Not even once, kids.
  18. ^ Great report! Nice to hear some Anaconda love, glad I'm not the only one that really likes it. Join the cult, people. On a much sadder note, it really sucks to hear about the mountain coming down. I kinda expected it, but I was really hopeful that they could keep the structure and fill the space with another ride. RIP Smurf-cano. You shall be missed.
  19. Boy oh boy, time to over-analyze! These are all great options and I honestly can't choose just one. A B&M hyper is an obvious choice, plus with the rocky setting of the park we could get a terrain hyper, which would be incredible. Like, imagine the setting of Boulder Dash but instead of a CCI it's a B&M hyper. Want. A Mack spinning coaster a la Time Traveler would probably be the most plausible, seems like Mack and Herschend are on good terms after TT, and from what I've seen on the boards everyone and their pet rock freaking loves that thing. I could see another one of those kind of rides popping up, and that would be excellent. Unrelated, but I gotta get to SDC at some point. The indoor coaster could go so many ways, but it sounds like they'd go crazy with the theming if it happened. If that's the case, big yes. Something along the lines of Rock n Roller Coaster or Flight of Fear in terms of layout? Combine that with some kind of haunted forest sort of theme like what Verbolten has and I'd be 100% on board. You can't go wrong with any of these choices, really, and from what I've been seeing from Dollywood, they've got a really bright future ahead of them. You locals are hella lucky. In less than six years you get a god-tier RMC, a crazy cool drop tower plus a new junior coaster, a brand new family area WITH a next-gen Vekoma with a pretty sick layout for a family coaster, and another new coaster in the near future. That's, what, four new creds? Y'all are spoiled.
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