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  1. I guess I've become the resident Verbolten hater, beyond just "it replaced the Big Bad Wolf". The queue/station/vehicles make a great impression at first, but the show building is cheesy, and everything after the show building just feels out of place on an ostensibly family coaster. The ending will forever draw comparisons to the Big Bad Wolf's ending, and never measure up. Only coaster to make me throw up. After that, and factoring how much of a downgrade it was from its predecessor, I consider it the worst major coaster in the Mid-Atlantic. Would rather take a beating from Green Lantern, Apocalypse, Mind Eraser, or Anaconda any day. This is the only coaster I dislike that seems to be well-regarded.
  2. I vote Intamin. Aside from Intamin claiming my top wood and steel spots, I personally think most B&M trains look dorky and their track looks clunky unless the coaster is big enough.
  3. Out of the Six Flags parks I have visited this season, Great Adventure ops were excellent (visited in May), Magic Mountain ops were good (visited in July), and Over Georgia (visited in July) and America (multiple visits) ops were okay.
  4. I'm thinking the 42" minimum is a selling point in today's industry when 48" seems to be standard for "family" rides.
  5. Nailed it. If this would have been at SFGAdv, they probably would have called in police back-up if you tried to get on the Sky Screamer with your camera as they bring loose article/camera policies to an entirely new level at that park. You could have a zippered camera carrier strapped/looped through your belt and you can better believe your A$$ that you're still going to be told to take it off and put it into a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo before you get on a ride on SFGAdv. From SFA's website: Wow. I'm thankful Gadv didn't bust me for taking pictures on their skyride. I had assumed it was okay since BGW's skyride allowed photography. Just to be safe, I deleted the Gadv skyride pics when I found out about the policy. Re: PTC, don't PTCs have more momentum? That's what puts Roar above Wildcat for me.
  6. Best: Silver Bullet: graceful rolls into a tight helix. The ultimate expression of the inverted coaster. Phoenix: a series of relentless bunny hops leaving me easily six inches out of my seat. Griffon: a splash brake leaving rainbows for those watching if the sun's in the right place. Steel Venom: The holding brake makes it the best impulse. Worst: Verbolten: A bad cover version of the Big Bad Wolf's ending. The drop now only serves to simultaneously deliver intensity uncalled for on a family coaster and kill the pacing by having to launch all the way up into it, then being too big for those turns. The Big Bad Wolf had that drop trimmed for a reason. They should have just eased outside and then done (a gentler) launch straight into those turns. Volcano: a dive into the brake run. Couldn't they have done another lap around the structure or something?
  7. Thinking about it, the lack of swinging might be a good thing with this hypothetical floored invert. Clearances could be even tighter. Honestly, anything with a sub-48" minimum is what the industry needs. An invert with smooth transitions (as opposed to the whipping B&M has always preferred ) may be the next best thing to the swinging suspended coaster. Silver Bullet felt like a suspended coaster with its maneuvers compared to most B&M inverts. While on the topic of Knott's, I take back my secret hopes of Xcelerator's demise and the return of Soap Box Derby Racers. Knott's is pretty biased towards family coasters already.
  8. Thirding the desire for the return of the swinging suspended coaster. I became a suspended fanboy after riding Ninja at Magic Mountain. I just want a suspended coaster in the Mid-Atlantic again, don't care which park gets it. My ultimate fanboy dream would be BGW trashing Verbolten to bring back the Big Bad Wolf. Second would be that Merlin's Mayhem swings so I can justify a return to Central PA. In the meantime, I am seriously considering flying out to Toronto or London for 2018 just for Vortex or Vampire respectively. Back to the Steeplechase, I'm secretly hoping Xcelerator is deemed irreparable so that Knott's can bring back Soap Box Derby Racers. That would get me flying back to LA.
  9. Most of the coaster trains at BGW. Can't go wrong with the look of classic Arrow trains, and Loch Ness Monster's trains are lovingly maintained. Alpengeist is the ultimate expression of the inverted coaster, the skis push it over the top. Apollo's Chariot has the best-looking B&M hyper trains, that design on the zero car is just so classy. For all of the faults Verbolten has, the trains are not one. Working headlights set it apart. InvadR's trains are the best fate for the old Gwazi trains.
  10. It would have to be between Aquitaine (BGW) and the Boardwalk (Knott's). Both have an atmosphere that resonates with me, and both are anchored by especially handsome coasters (Griffon and Xcelerator respectively). Though with HangTime due for next year, the Boardwalk will pull ahead.
  11. BGW was also where I puked after rides for the first time. Had fries and a beer after Griffon. They lasted through Verbolten and a reride on Apollo's. I was staggering my way to Nessie, and thankfully made it to a trash can. The heat, followed by Verbolten, were the two biggest factors in making me puke.
  12. Batwing would be greatly improved by a tunnel on the lift hill. And while I'm at it, Superman: Ride of Steel would be greatly improved by putting those rings along the straightaways like the New England counterpart has a little of.
  13. Does Six Flags announce their new restaurants in advance? Almost all lazy rivers I have ridden use steps. Schlitterbahn NB, Dorney, KD, etc. Can't say I remember KD's entry steps being as narrow as SFA's.
  14. DC seems to be their primary market. They're closer to DC, and their Twitter username is "SixFlagsDC", not "SixFlagsMD". It's the conflict of potential vs. outcome vs. locals. The area is jam packed with people (people with lots of money) so one would think that the potential for the area to have several VERY big (Orlando or LA magnitude) parks would be high, yet (and while I agree Busch Gardens is a very high caliber park adding high caliber attractions), Kings Dominion and SFA seem to be becoming second or third (or possibly even lower) their parks in their respective chains. And when a big park chain does come along looking to build something amazing (which has happened a couple times now), the local "Not In My Back Yard" people come out in force to drive away any new builds (as you probably know, Disney has tried to build in the area before and even Marriott was looking to build a third park here around the time they were building the other two Great America parks [the ones that eventually became SFGAm and CGA]). It's quite frustrating... I wouldn't call KD low tier at Cedar Fair, when VF/Dorney/WoF and maybe CGA still have a lot of catching up to do. I'm guessing the gap between I305 and TT may have skewed perceptions. As for another possible reason why DC/VA doesn't have Orlando/LA quality attractions, our winters are worse than those two and pretty much prevent year-round operations. But if SFA and BGW can run holiday events...
  15. If nothing else, passes here are cheaper than the other parks and still work at said other parks. This was only my first year here after having Kings Dominion as my home park for my entire life. Does it measure up to KD? Heck no, but it makes a good complement, providing the things KD doesn't: a hyper with good airtime moments, and stand-up, flying, and spinning coasters. The wooden coasters here seem to be in better shape than KD's. And, as I said on the previous page, SFA's water park looks better than KD's. (I did not have the chance to go to the water park this season) Going to be renewing my pass this year - if only the link for the renewal offer worked. It says "Do You Have a 2017 Season Pass? We have a very special one-time offer for current (2017) Season Pass Holders.", and then the link goes to the countdown page.
  16. The reverse cobra roll looks amazing. You get a barrel roll drop without losing a regular first drop. The automotive-themed trains make sense. Texas Giant and Georgia Cyclone both opened in 1990, and now their RMC reincarnations are siblings again. Re: ride time, In addition to the drop-to-brake time, there's also the pre-lift. Shouldn't feel too short. Already planning my return in 2018. Taking an extra day off to ensure Amtrak delays don't cut my trip short again.
  17. Somewhat relieved Roar isn't getting RMC'd just after they put in the effort and got it running really well this year. With this addition to the water park, it looks like Hurricane Harbor here is pulling ahead of Soak City at Kings Dominion.
  18. I have yet to ride the Berserker at Kings Dominion or the Bourbon Street Fireball at Six Flags America. Berserker is a higher priority for me, it looks to be a dying breed of ride, while Larson Super Loops continue to spread.
  19. Hopefully Kings Island during Halloween Haunt, Friday/Saturday. Night rides on the Beast and Mystic Timbers! Sadly a bunch of clones there too, but clones I can tolerate, and they'll get me to a final total of over 140 credits, so I can celebrate credit 150 at Cedar Point next year.
  20. 26/100. The list was a joke. Scream made it over its original, Bizarro at Gadv? Intimidator made it over Fury at Carowinds?
  21. I'd agree with that. It's almost a break from your typical force focused coasters. I like it a lot, but I would probably ride it less than what we normaly do during our visits if it wasn't Emily's favorite coaster in the park. I can definitely say that I'm not a fan of how packed the station gets. It seems like it takes quite a while to board a train. I actually think my favorite ride overall is Le Scoot. We rode it four times without getting off near the end of the day during our last visit, in July. Eh, I wouldn't call Verbolten less forceful. The ending is pretty slamming.
  22. I'm right there with you, it definitely rattles, though it isn't a deal breaker. A couple weekends ago when I was there all of the TV's were working, even though it was a station wait. You may have caught an "off" day. It's certainly not my favorite in the park, probably 5th for me. I like the B&M's and InvadR better. But that's just because of how good those are, not a not on Verbolten. As for rattle, Apollo's Chariot is a little more noticeable in the section low over the water. I have to rank Verbolten 6th behind the B&Ms, InvadR, and Nessie. Comparing to the nearby competitor, it's roughly on par with Flight of Fear and Backlot Stunt Coaster, though I will ride it more because it moves its line faster than those two. Capacity is excellent for a launch. Hmm, but wasn't Europe in the Air their take on Soarin'? And isn't the former Europe in the Air already being turned into VR Thing 2018?
  23. 1. Nitro I can find very little fault. Everything I liked about Apollo's Chariot, Nitro does more of. 2. Skyrush More intense than anything else in its height class. The best ejector airtime around. Dinged for the absolute most painful restraints. 3. Apollo's Chariot My rides on it during the spring were plodding and forceless. My rides on it recently were powerful with ejector airtime in the back. Great use of terrain. 4. Intimidator Came in expecting an overtrimmed dud. Trims weren't really hitting so hard when I rode it. Though it has no terrain to work with, it makes up for it with its maneuvers, the hammerhead turn being the big highlight. I also like the staggered seating, it allows a longer train than the 4-across seating does. 5. Goliath (SFOG) Excellent use of terrain. and soaring over the road as cars drive into the parking lot is a highlight. Dinged for severe rattle at the bottom of every hill. Without the rattle, it would be 3rd. 6. Superman: Ride of Steel Great moments of airtime, both floater and ejector, but the helixes are just dead space in comparison. Also very rattly. 7. Wild Thing Intensity is pretty much nothing. Great sustained floater airtime, though, and the figure 8 turnaround is also better than the helix on Steel Force. 8. Goliath (SFMM) Did absolutely nothing for me, save for the blackout helix. 9. Steel Force Did absolutely nothing for me. Oh well, at least it looks good.
  24. Got it. Looking at the layout, the Big Bad Wolf really was rather basic compared to later suspended coasters. The landscaping was what made that simple layout work. Verbolten does have a better layout for the first half, so I can forgive the indoor section being nowhere near as good with its scenery. The ending outdoor section on Verbolten feels like a bad cover version of the Big Bad Wolf. Without the swinging and with much more speed going into those turns, the ending is nothing special - just slamming laterals, out of place on a family coaster. defrocker was talking about not using proven manufacturers, and Mach Tower is far worse in that regard.
  25. I'm still trying to understand what that sentence is supposed to mean. Can you elaborate? Same, Verbolten is a great ride and a worthy replacement for BBW. I have to disagree. It's a big jump up in intensity, if the Big Bad Wolf was comparable to Ninja at Magic Mountain which I rode for comparison. If Verbolten is a family coaster, then so is the Loch Ness Monster.
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