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  1. *watches the video* Eh, it's a huge step up from the same old Larson Loops and StarFlyers popping up everywhere.
  2. ^Good. Then if it's two nice days and one rainy day, I'll just make it two days at CW and spend the rainy day in Toronto. Got the Cedar Fair Platinum Pass, so I'm good there. Having rushed SFoG due to Amtrak delays, I don't want to repeat that experience.
  3. Based on this thread, I think I'll squeeze Niagara Falls and Marineland into my Toronto trip if weather permits / dictates. I have all of US Memorial Day weekend (in Friday evening, out Tuesday morning). But if I only get two days of good weather, should I rush Canada's Wonderland to be able to do this?
  4. 1991: Only rode Anaconda (Kings Dominion). Janky, but I can find enjoyment most times I ride it (unlike, say, Mind Eraser). Going to Canada's Wonderland in less than two weeks for Vortex, and as an Arrow Suspended fanboy, I have high hopes. Since we seem to be counting Phantom's Revenge as 1991, I'll throw that in after my 2019 trip.
  5. Canada's Wonderland is now my first big trip of the year. Plane tickets, hotel reservation, rental car, all ready for Memorial Day Weekend.
  6. I consider Verbolten as aggressive as Loch Ness Monster if not more so. I guess some would call it family, I sure wouldn't. InvadR's intensity is appropriate for a lower minimum height, though. And that brings me to... 48" is par for most GCIs, Joris en de Draak is the equivalent of 42"/44", though. BGW should get with GCI and make whatever modifications necessary to get that minimum height down. Probably wouldn't cost as much as a large new ride for this minimum height. On top of that, KD had an eight-year gap between I305 and TT.
  7. Bring BGT's beer sample program over here, and they could probably pull that off.
  8. Hey, Stinger was Dorney's third inverted and second shuttle coaster when it was relocated to them.
  9. I experienced the holding brake on Valleyfair's impulse, and thought much more of it than of Dorney's (which wasn't running it when I rode it) because of it.
  10. Tempesto? It's a large ride that's indisputably thrill. Man, how could I forget? But it probably wasn't as big an investment and impact as even InvadR...
  11. BGW is certainly the kind of park that can take more time between major additions (especially if the beer samples in Tampa are successful and they bring it here). It's just that KD has added Dominator, I305, and Twisted Timbers since BGW added Griffon, their last major ride that is indisputably thrill. I'd be all for that, if they can guarantee a minimum <=42" and the 315-foot attraction remains a coaster. Would hate to see them build another expensive and only moderately intense ride with a higher minimum height as the 90-foot, and be forced to scrap the plans or cheap out on the 315-foot.
  12. Best case: 315 foot attraction is a new major coaster, and 90 foot attraction is an intense flat. BGW needs both of those. Worst case: 315 foot attraction is a silly tower thing, and 90 foot attraction is another not-quite-family coaster.
  13. On April 28th, I saw it running two trains and loading both stations, only for it to break down shortly afterwards. I prefer Batwing over Superman Gadv. Superman OG at least has the landscaping on its side. Batwing felt much more like Superman than Nighthawk in terms of smoothness.
  14. Tell that to Valleyfair! As a bonus, their previous addition was a StarFlyer like Six Flags parks get, not a WindSeeker like Cedar Fair parks used to get.
  15. Really? How could batwing be worse than Mind Eraser in the same park? For me personally, Batwing's actually one of my favorite rides at SFA, and I look forward to riding it every visit, however I respect your opinion. Yep, Mind Eraser gave me a godawful ride last time I went. I dare say, worse than Green Lantern SFMM. I actually like the layout, but that train shook me badly. (Batwing, on the other hand, loaded both stations and promptly broke down. Never made it on that day.)
  16. Since it looks like Project Madrid at BGW will be a 2020 thing, this is the best thing they can add for 2019, and would more than soften the blow of an underwhelming Project Madrid.
  17. I hope they don't actually call an adventure park "Six Flags Adventure". We already have Six Flags America, Great America, and Great Adventure.
  18. At least the rumored Sky Rocket II would be lap bar only. RMC would certainly be in the house as well Between a lap bar Sky Rocket II and RMC Gwazi, and the animals, the hypothetical Six Flags Tampa would be a better Discovery Kingdom. Kumba / Montu / Cheetah Hunt easily beats Medusa / Kong / V2.
  19. Tempesto, at least every time I've ridden it, had the second-longest wait next to InvadR. The comfort collars on the SWP&E installations really slow down loading.
  20. If it really swings, then between this and the first CCI ever built, I could squeeze this place into my next return to Pennsylvania.
  21. I'm scratching my head at how Bat KI beat Vortex CW that badly. Aren't they clones, and doesn't Vortex have the landscaping to its advantage?
  22. I didn't find Stinger that bad, I preferred it over Flying Cobras and Mind Eraser (SFA, crappy old trains).
  23. I'd think the typo would have given it away as a joke. "Ariel" would invite a Disney lawsuit.
  24. RCDB's intensity scale is off. Most classic woodies qualify as "extreme" on their scale. The sub-48" minimum on a modern coaster cements this as a family coaster, and an excellent one at that. Apollo's runs better in warmer weather. I went last April and last August. The rides it gave in April were as you described. The rides it gave in August gave me solid ejector at moments.
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